AN: This won't be Harem. I wrote this story to show how there can be a Harem-constellation without Haremstyled Romance. So expect friendship, a bit Bromance for the eyes, some fights and whatever I stick in here.

„Why do these exams have to be so goddamn strenuous?!"
My head met the desk with a smack, only cushioned by the many papers strewn all across the surface.

"Deal with it you big baby." With that my brother walked to the fridge to scrabble for something to eat.

"Easier said than done! I have to learn all the things we had in class for the last two years!"
A whining sound escaped my lips.
"I don't wanna study…" Another whining sound could be heard. "…Brooooooooo?"

His head appeared above the fridge door. "What?" He directs a sceptical look at me.

"Wanna play some Call of Duty?" I turned my head enough to let him see my pouty face with the puppy eyes.

He raised an eyebrow. "You've been putting off studying for heaven knows how long. If you delay it any more mom is gonna get angry." And with that he went back to raiding the refrigirator.

'Damn it.' Another whining sound made it's way out of my mouth.

My gaze cought the window, or rather the cat sitting on some logs in our garden.

"Seems to be nice outside…"
And indeed the sun was shining with the first rays of upcoming summer.

"Then get some fresh air and find some motivation", my brother replied casually.

Slowly I moved out of my chair and walked barefooted towards the back door to get into the back yard. The cat reacted to the opening sound of it, looked expectantly at me and mewed.
"I know, I know. Dogs have Owners and Cats have Staff." Muttering that I tip-toed through moms flower-beds towards the fluffball.

Standing in front of the cat and petting it, it started to rub it's head against my side.
"Don't get cuddled enough or what?" She didn't stop purring afterwards that damn kitty.

"You know… Sometimes I have the feeling you get off of that…." Another purr answered that assessment for me.

Suddenly a cold breeze sprang up and a chill went over my spine.
'Seems a bit too cold in a thin pyjama-jacket.' I continued stroking the purring mess beneath my hand.

Suddenly a deep voice called my name. "Marduk Prisca" Caught off guard I flinched. The cat got surprised by my sudden movement and hopped down the logs and pranced some feet away.

'Did Mom get some Sulfur hexafluoride or what?'
After nothing happened a moment later I was undecisive if I was just hearing things, or mom was really calling me. So I called, "What do you want?" ,and looked aroung for the owner of the weird voice/mom. Instead I discovered that some bush was glowing blue.

'The heck?! Is someone playing a prank on me or what?!'

"Marduk Prisca"

Wanting to investigate this phenomen of the blue-bush and expecting a speaker or something, I walked to the other side of the garden and found out that the light came from some glowing sword lying there.

'…I feel kinda ripped off.'

As this seemed to be some good planned prank, I wanted to grab the overgrown glowstick and put it in the trash can. Couldn't have junk lying about and soil the flower-beds.
Only problem was when I touched that supposed plastic sword, it began floating and the shine grew brighter and brighter, until I couldn't look at it anymore without burning my retinas.

'The fuck is this?'

I held my arms in front of my face to protect my eyes and after that I knew no more.