As the sparkling light faded, I suddenly stood in a corridor in front of a huge-ass wooden door.

...I got teleported again.

"Enter, Marduc Prisca."

As I was willing to finally find out something, ANYTHING, I opened the door with a creak, and found myself in some kind of unlighted throne-room with someone (the owner of the damn annoying voice?) sitting on it.

"Thank you for coming, Marduk Prisca.
I've been waiting for you."

'Aaand hello mister kidnapper!'
I rejoiced innerly. I would finally get some answers!

Slowly walking into his direction, I stated rather than asked: "So you're the one who brought the others and me here?"


It seemed the guy was very talkative...

I sighed.

"Who are you?"

Right now I was only about a couple of steps away from him and could finally see something of the guy when he stood up.

'Is he holding a golden staff?'

"My name is Zeus."
*insert melodramtic pause*
"I am the god who rules the heavens."

I stopped walking, crossed my arms and observed the guy.

Male, middle-aged, long blond hair and blond beard, fine clothes and according to his words I judged him slightly deranged.
Must be the age or something.
I raised a brow.

"Zeus? As in greek father of the gods?"
'The one who slept around like nothing.' I added in my mind.

"Indeed. Even the most ignorant humans have heard my name."
He smiled in a self-absorbed way.

'... Now I know where the expression "god complex" comes from."
My brow went even higher if that was possible.

After he came back to earth (and wasn't that thought ironic, looking back), he must have noticed my sceptical expression.

"Do you not believe me, human?" He chuckled a bit.

"Well,... I hate to say it, but... no."
I shaked my head for emphasis.

As response he just raised his staff and started to glow. and shrink.

'And why the heck is every-mother-fucking- Thing glowing today?'
As the glowiness subsided, a miniature version of mister kidnapper stood before me.

I had to controll my face-muscles for a bit to not look stupid.
I hated it if I didn't have the upper hand in a conversation.

"Changing my form is a simple matter."
A much darker voice than I had anticipated came out of the blond boys mouth.
"Well?" He pointed his staff at me.
"Shall I call down thunder next?" Again that arrogant and self-confident smile.
At his words his staff began to release slight waves of electricity.

A wealthy guy who had enough money to spend it for intimidating electro-shockers mixed with a huge screw loose.
Not the kind of person I wanted a disagrement with.
"Nah, it's alright. I believe you."
With my right Hand I tried to wave my earlier sceptism aside.
I tried to move the conversation from possibly electro-shocking me.
"...Sooooo, you're a god. Zeus so to speak."

"Yes." This time he was the one to raise a brow.
"And you are Marduc Prisca."

'I know that, crazy.'

H continued without even looking at my reaction. "I summoned you here to play a part in my plan."

A weird noise escaped my lips. Something between a grunt and a question sound.

Treating my like air, he walked around his throne, all the while posing like an actor on a film set.
He started a little monolog.
"Since ancient times, gods have been beings, that must both love humanity and be worshipped by them.
However the Connection between the heavens, ruled by gods, and the human realm has grown lamentably weak."
All of it sounded like an intimately memorized script especially made for mister kidnapper to seem like a misterious supernatural being.
At the last words the kid-version of him wandered behind a column and out came the adult-one.
"At this rate, a terrible future is inevitable."

When he spoke his back was turned to me, so I used the chance to take a quick look behind the column to find the hidden door he had installed. As I found nothing, I quickly returned to my place, right in time for his dramatical turning around.
"This is why I have brought together the gods who struggle the most with their connection to humanity, to educate them."
This guy really likes to hear himself talk, does he?

"So there are other guys like you?", I blurted out. I managed to hold my exasperated sigh in.
'A whole bunch of crazy old guys with electro-shockers. I could feel my life-span going down by at least seven years.

"You've already met five of them." He continued without my tone of voice getting him distracted. With a flourishing gesture he waved towards three screens floating right in the air.
'..and where the hell did those come from?!"

On the right one were the fierce red-head and the snow-white-guy.

'Zeus' saw where my gaze wandered to and said: "Those are the norse gods Loki and Baldr."
'..wasn't Loki the norse trickster god and Baldr the guy he caused the death of?!'

Pointing at the middle screen he continued; "the japanese gods Tsukuyomi and Susanoo."
At first my mind wandered to the attacks of the Uchiha-clan from Naruto, and then I remembered something from my short japanese classes last year about 'Tsuki' meaning 'moon'. So the moon god and another guy.

As we moved on to the left screen my mind turned sour. The stand-offish mud-puddle-hair guy.
I made a face when 'Zeus' looked at the screen.
"And this is the greek good Hades."

"Your brother?" Damn, I should stop blurting everything out. This will kill me one day.
A slight look of surprise crossed his face but ended the next second.

"Yes. But the question is:
What are humans?
What is love?
By making them understand These things, a terrible future can be avoided.
That is why I created this school.
Yes, this academy of the gods."

That guy kinda liked monologues I think. But I didn't dare interrupt him. 'Cause you DO NOT interrupt the crazy, unpredictable man who has an electro-shocker at hand.

Suddenly his staff was right in my face and startled I gracefully landed on my butt.

"You will learn alongside them and teach them about humanity."

I leapt up and snapped.

"Are you serious?! First you kidnap me and who-knows how many people, then you want me to go back to school!
And now you tell me to educate 'gods'!" I added the quotation mark using my fingers.

"You do not decide. I do." My fists balled themselves.

"You can't imprison me forever. you would have to put me in shackles to do that!" I nearly growled at him. A little part of me screamed for me to not give that guy any ideas, while the other, bigger part was mesmerized at the audacity of that guy.

The guy just laughed in a condescending way and simply stated: "I shall not release you from this world until you have fulfilled my plan."

I had enough. I couldn't reason with that guy. God/human/crazy, whatever he was.
"Bye ."
I turned around and walked off when he didn't threathen to roast me or really put me into shackles.
Leaving the huge doors behind me, I walked back into the direction of the garden.

It was time to show that shithead 'Zeus' that he can't keep me here against my will. Maybe I could even convince one of the weird-hair dudes to join me in my 'revolt'.