Once upon a time there was a king .He fought the evil that was plaguing his country. His people trusted him with all their hearts but the fight was too long. And their faith in the future was growing thin. Eventually, when death, loneliness and sadness were too much to bear the king wished… In one night as the sky and the Mystic Moon shone brightly. He wished for a chance to stop the endless fight. That was when she came, the Winged Goddess. She brought her light and blessing upon the king and together they destroyed the evil.

When the country was recovered and the people have celebrated and welcomed the peaceful time the Goddess said that was time for her departure but the king have fallen in love with her. It was something that neither of them expected.

"How did this happen?" asked the king sadly.

"I don't know…. But I don't regret it either." She looked at him kindly and loving.

"I want you my Goddess. Without you I'm no longer myself. You hold my world and my soul."

"You hold my heart too my valiant king and I will be lonely again without you…" she looked at him with teary eyes.

"Then don't leave me. Be with me forever."

And in that moment the Goddess knew what called her to that world. It wasn't only his clamor for help. The destiny itself brought her to meet her future and her love.

When an intense light emerge from her the king blindly waited for the inevitable. He would be apart from his lover, his soul…

But what greeted him was her beautiful face, tears falling down her cheeks as she smiled.

"I will be with you my lover, forever"

And they lived happily ever after.

And with a smile a kind old woman looked at all the children around her and said: "Even thought the history has other versions in each country this is the legend of the Winged Goddess and the Dragon King of Fanelia."

Hello my friends! It's been while! I know, I know I have a fiction still to complete but this was in my mind for far too long! And I wanted to write it soon too but you all know how life can be complicated and much stuff happened . Anyway here is my new fiction! I hope you all like it!

Thanks for read it! .!