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The rite of dragon slaying

Van entered a dense forest following the tracks of the dragons that inhab the surroundings. He was tense but attentive to everything around him. He knew that one small mistake could cost his life but he had in mind that he would be victorious. He left the castle with the determination of a true samurai of Fanelia.

Advancing slowly, He was sure to have heard a growl, something very strange and frightening to the most unsuspecting. That clearly said that he was not welcomed.

With each step he felt his heart race, a wildly pace that made him sweat more than he should and he was sure that dragons around him could feel his fear. Using all the teachings of Balgus, he tried to control his emotions. It was true that a dragon was a formidable opponent but he was ready, his training was hard with one of the most renowned samurai of Gaea. He wouldn't fail.

His steps were slow but firm and soon he caght sight of his prey. Would he be the victor or the dragon? He thought but soon shook his head in sign of negation .He wouldn't let the doubts afflict him not now when the fate of his people depended on it. And boldly he drew his sword almost inaldible noise but it was enough to the beast and it's turned its head towards him. Forthwith he attacked.

A few kilometers away ...

A girl with fair and smooth skin, emerald eyes and blond hair walked hastily in the forest. She knew the dangers she was in and part of her mind reproached. How could she think of walking through the woods at night without someone? Of course she knew how to protect helself but she didn't like to hurt people but if one of those perverts who Yukari always spoke appeared?

But she didn't know what to think, if not for a feeling deep in her soul, something visceral that told her to go. That pointed to her the way. She wouldn't even contemplated the idea to enter this forest at night. The dragons didn't frightened her in fact, her biggest fear were other creatures like lizards-tiger with their roted mouths that could kill you with one bite, poisonous snakes and all sorts of creature with paralyzing venom and some dangerous traveler who might be fleeing, you never know.

Her thoughts started to become neurotics and she was sure that half the fear she felt was for no reason. The shadows wouldn't pooped out and attack her , would they? She looked around quickly, it was already starting to get ridiculous.

She should go back if she was to be so scared but she knew she couldn't, or rather felt she couldn't. Something very important would happen and she should be present, only the gods would know why but her presence was needed. And with that she reaffirmed her belief and continued to stride into the unknown.

Van was panting and tired. He knew that this fight couldn't last much longer. But damn it if he would surrender! Determined more than ever to get the dragon-energist that he so desperately needed.

He continued to analyze his opponent the adversary did the same . The world seemed quieter as if it were viewers of the show that he was providing. He waited until he saw an opportunity. He would cut that stupid dragon in half!

When out of nowhere a voice shouted: - "Beware ! From above " was all he heard but enough for him to see the syrup reptile and its sharp tip toward him. He turned and tried his best to get out the way but still felt how his clothes were cut off and his skin was torn. He gritted his teeth to not scream and took the opportunity.

Dragon's tail was stuck to the ground and Van made short work of killing him. He withdrew its dragon-energist. He held it close to him looking at it with detriment to then pass out.

Hitomi continued walking until she heard ominous noises to her right, walking cautiously she was approaching the place slowly. It was when she saw a young dark-haired man fighting a land-dragon. How unfortunate, she thought. From all kinds of dragon this is the fiercest. If it was anyone else she could have helped but with this kind she couldn't do much.
Just then a vision hit her as strong as a carriage at full gallop. She saw the same scene but this time she saw how the boy would be impaled by the dragon. When the vision ended she was dizzy and half dazed without thinking she shouted: - "Beware ! Up! "She would have used better words but in her state and with little time was all she could say.

She closed her eyes tightly she didn't want to see the same scene again. She leaned against a tree as she heard the sharp, clear sound of something being cut. Tears began to form in the corner of her eye, she didnt want to see, didn't want... But she should make sure if that the boy survived or not. Then slowly she got closer when she saw the blood, lots of blood around the figure lying on the floor.

- " And now? What should I do? " She was afraid to see if he was dead or not.
She checked his pulse and to her surprise he was alive breathing hard and was very hurt. If she wanted to save him she would have to act fast and without delay she cast a spell and called her friend Touda.

After two days taking care of the strange injuries, Hitomi was sure he would survive. She was happy to have followed her instincts and being able to help him. She was still worried that the boy didn't wake up but didn't let it discouraged her. Soon he would be hungry, right? He would have to wake up to eat.

And in the afternoon was when Van woke up, bewildered and not knowing where he was he tried to rise when a soft, delicate hand stopped him.

"Don't get up, you're still hurt." Hitomi said.
"Where am I? Who are you? "and with a glimpse he remembered the dragon-energist and in one quick motion grabbed the girl's arm and said authoritatively," Where is my dragon-energist? "
Hitomi frowned.

Doesn't he have even a word of thanks? This goat ! He thinks I stole his things? !

"It's there" she said pointing to the other side of the bed near the cave wall.

"All I found with you I left there" Van began to move when she said: "Wait!"
and she was quickly to catch the energist he wanted.

After Van ensure that it was a energist and that his things were in fact all there, he turned to the girl and said: "What's your name and where am I?" He wasn't very happy with the place it was dark, lit only by the fire in which the girl was cooking something that by the way should be very good for the smell that emanated or was his hunger that made it smell so delicious and it made him remember something. "How long I was asleep?".

Hitomi was trying to stay calm, certainly unconscious for two days, fighting a dragon and have an experience of near death affects the mental ability of someone but this guy was out of line. Not a word of thanks, not one - Hi, how are you? Nothing, who does he think he is?

Then she said sarcastically: "Oh, hello how are you? I'm fine, thank you and you are welcome for save your life and take care of you. "

Van frowned but said: "Thank you, it was my lack of education to not thank you first. And my name is Van, very pleased. "And he made a small bow.
He omitted his last name he couldn't trust this child. She was youg and fairly trustfull but everything could happen and althought she didnt seem to hurt him in his state he should be carefully and knowing his last name could turn the tables in one gesture.

Hitomi sighed and said: "My name is Hitomi, nice to meet you too though I would rather it had been in other conditions."

And handed a good portion of soup that she made to Van who had stubbornly ignored her warnings and stood up while sitting on the makeshift bed.

Van quietly ate all the soup and watched the place. Tthere was nothing but the fire, the bed and some of the girl's belongings. The place looked clean however and his hostess was quiet elsewhere in the cave near the entrance, the place was small so even if he couldn't see the outside environment he could still see how the moonlight played with the tone for her skin it was captivating.
Her skin seemed to glow and her distant gaze made her look like some of the muses that were used as inspiration for the paintings he had seen hanging from some salons.

Realizing that his thoughts were very strange he shook his head and went back to bed.
For the time being he was out of danger and didn't care so much about the place he was. He should regain his strength as fast as possible to get back to Fanelia.

Hitomi was thoughtful soon Toada would return. She didn't liked to have to make her friend go away but thogut it was necessary. She knew that after what happened to this strange person he would be so happy with her friends presence. It was difficult in normal situations and after he had almost been killed by a dragon she already imagine it would be almost impossible that the two get along and she didn't want to see Touda being attacked. The little dragon was a friend of Hitomi for more than a year she still could remembered how cute he was when he was small and it made her smile despite the situation.

But the problem nonetheless was its dragon's nature. How would she be able to approach these two without conflict? Maybe she should expect the boy to recover and only after this let the two meet but the dragon was the one who was protecting them and who brought the meat which she used in soup. She knew how to deal with the dragons in the forest but with the presence of Touda it was much easier. She didn't have to cast any spells to hide their presence and Touda's marks around the cave left them free of unwanted visitors.

But she didn't want to use her friend that way and it wasn't fair that she took credit for all without the strange boy knowing who was really helping him. She didn't like to hide things even when it was something small. Yukari always blamed her saying she was too uptight, maybe she was right.

Her thoughts revolved around this issue trying to find a solution and she could receive telepathic messages from Touda when he was near saying to her that he wouldn't be surprised and didn't mind the boy but he would like to stay close to her. After he grew a bit they couldn't keep as much contact he needed to hunt for food and she couldn't venture into the forests that hes was.
At the end she decided to try anyway she doubted that the rude boy could move a lot and she was sure Touda wouldn't hurt him.

"Hunf! As if I like to eat human flesh! " said him but she could see some happiness in his voice. The prospectus to be near her made him happy even though he would never admitted it.

"Huh, huh ... Van? Was it? "

And Van that was lost in his own thoughts looked at her, "Yes, something wrong?" He said looking around trying to see if there was some kind of danger.

Hitomi then quickly said, "Oh! Nothing, only that my friend Touda is coming. He helped me carry you, you know? You're heavy. " said Hitomi and frowned remembering how hard it was to carry him.

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