If anyone decides to read this,I hope you enjoy it and I hope you feel as if I got the characters right..so yeah,this is my first fanfic and I just hope it is enjoyable!

It was the next morning. The morning after the mayhem. We still couldn't believe what happened. All our friends were gone. It was only us. Seth,James,Jonah,Craig,Jay and myself. I'm Emma,I'm 31 and I live next door to Seth Rogen. Well,I did..before last night. I guess I'm stuck here with these guys until we get rescued now.

After everything happened last night most of us slept downstairs together. Everyone but James. I was sandwiched between Seth and Jonah. To be honest I had a great sleep.

I woke up to the sound of James shouting as he darted across the room "DANNY'S ALIVE AND HE'S EATEN ALL THE FUCKING FOOD!"

I sat up and looked over at Danny as everyone ran over to him. A smile began to grow on my face as I saw him. His smug little face. I got up and stretched. I was only in one of James' big t-shirts he let me sleep in.

"Calm the fuck down guys! I made this delicious breakfast for you all" Danny said as he laughed and looked around the room.

"Danny! That's all the food we have!" Seth said as he looked at Danny.

"That's supposed to last us until we get rescued!" Craig stated.

I laughed as I walked over to the table.

"Good to see you Daniel" I said as I smirked.

"hello you" Danny said as he looked me up and down and bit his lip.

"Don't look at her in that way" Seth said as he looked at Danny.

Danny chose to ignore Seth.

"You're looking good Emma..as always..when are we gonna fuck?" Danny sniggered.

I laughed as I said "I was thinking right now? On this table"

"Come here then" Danny said as he opened his arms.

"Oh shut up Danny!" James barked at Danny.

"She just came on to me!" Danny laughed.

"I was kidding.." I said as I smirked.

"You're only kidding yourself baby" Danny said as he winked at me.

"Oh god..don't me vomit" I laugh.

Danny shoved some more bacon down his throat.

"DANNY STOP!" Craig shouted as he grabbed Danny's cheeks.

"ALRIGHT!" Danny shouted as he spat out the bacon all over everyone.

"Alright! Alright!" Danny looked around at everyone.

"Do you not know what's going on?" James asked Danny.

"Everyone is gone.." Jonah said as he looked at Danny.

"Okay..I know what happened..you dropped acid didn't you? Franco,you've got white stuff around your mouth,you probably sucked some guys dick-" Danny didn't finish as I interrupted

"Danny,shut the fuck up! Seriously..we didn't drop acid-" Danny interrupted me

"I like it when she's feisty" He bit his lip as he stared at me.

"This isn't a joke Danny" Craig said.

A bang comes from the door and we all swiftly turn around and look at the door.

I look over at Seth and grip his arm tightly.

"Come here Em" Seth said as he pulled me in to a hug.

"What the fuck?" Danny looked at the door in confusion.

"You've got to help me! Did you not hear me knocking? Things have gotten crazy out here!" A man said as he poked his head through the hole he made in the door.

Danny mimicked his voice as he laughed "This guy fucking sucks" He laughed as he pointed at the door.

"Guys..I don't think we should let him in" James said to us all quietly.

"What? What?..you can't just leave him out there..to die" Jay tried to reason with him.

"We don't know him..he could be a rapist..or a tittie fucker!" James argued.

"Are you gonna tittie fuck us?" Seth asked as I laughed to myself.

"If you want me to tittie fuck you I will oh so good oh you'll love it" the man pleaded as I began to laugh quietly to myself.

"Even if he is a rapist he couldn't rape all of us" Jonah pleaded.

"He'd just rape Emma" Danny said

"Well we can't let him in then" James stated.

"I'm not gonna rape anyone! I just want to live!" The man said before having his head chopped off right in front of us,just as Danny got up to let him in.

"THIS IS REAL! THIS IS FUCKING REAL!" Danny shouted as he kicked the head across the floor and we all began to play soccer with a mans head.

"Guys guys! Stop! This man was alive a few seconds ago! We can't play soccer with his head!" Jonah said.

"Pick it up Jonah.." James said as Jonah picked up the head.

Blood leaked out of the head as Jonah threw it back on the floor.

"It blinked at me! It blinked at me!" Jonah wined as he moved away.

Craig shrieked quietly as he covered the mans head with a blanket and pushes it away.

"Someone should look through the hole" Seth said quietly.

"I'm not looking through that hole! Last person to look through that hole got his head chopped off!" Craig said in a high pitch voice.

"Let's go look out the window upstairs.." James said to us all and he lead us all upstairs.

We looked out of the window to see fire everywhere,smoke,ashes and one big hole. No sign of life or

"Seriously? What the fuck is this? We need to..stay inside..board this place up and take inventory of all the food and shit we have" Danny stuttered.

"We did that already! You ate it all!" Craig stated.

"Mm hm..dead weight" James muttered.

"I'm dead weight?" Danny questioned.

"Yeah you're dead weight because you waisted all the water and the fucking food!" James argued.

"Look who's being petty..Tom petty.." Danny muttered.

"Guys..can we stop arguing?" I interrupted.

"Emma's right..we all need to start getting along" Seth said.

"I'm trying to get along with everyone..I made breakfast trying to make amends with you" Danny said.

"You need to stop being an asshole Danny" I stated.

"Holy shit,she's hot when she's feisty" Danny said as he bit his lip.

"Fuck off" I rolled my eyes.

"She is hot when she's feisty but-" Craig said but was interrupted by Seth

"She's not a piece of meat guys! And she's stood right here"

"Emma is an angel,can we all just stop disrespecting her" Jonah said softly.

"It's only Danny and Craig.." Jay said.

"Um..Jay,don't make this any harder okay?" Jonah replied.

"Look,we're not getting anywhere just standing here arguing" Seth said firmly.

"Exactly" James said,in support of Seth.

"So why don't we all just try and get along? Okay?" Seth carried on.

Everyone agreed with Seth as they looked around and nodded at each other.

"I'm sorry guys" Danny apologised.

"Thank you Danny" Seth added.

We went downstairs and cleaned up the head that was on James' floor. After that we all sat around and watched a movie.

As they sat around I snook upstairs and laid in bed for a while. I just stared at the ceiling,alone in my own thoughts.

I jolted up as Danny came in.

"Hey.." Danny said as he walked over to the bed.

"Um..what are you doing in here?" I asked.

"Well I wanted to see you..I came to this party and I haven't even had a chance to be alone with you" He said calmly as he sat on the bed.

"Um..well..I didn't know you wanted to see me?" I laughed.

"Course I wanted to see you..you're so sexy"

"Oh..um..thanks?" I said as I widened my eyes.

"So.." Danny moved closer to me as he put his hand on my bare thigh.


"I'm just gonna tell you..you're hot..and I want you" He began stroking my thigh.

"I'm very flattered Danny" I laughed "But I'm not interested in you..in that way.."

"Oh baby,course you are" He said as he moved his hand further up my thigh.

My breathing got a little heavier and butterflies grew in my stomach. I wanted Danny. I knew if I did anything with him he'd make it awkward for me and he was my best friend. I didn't want to complicate anything with sex.

"Danny.." I put my hand on his, "don't.."

"You want this" He looked at my lips as he started to rub the outside of my underwear.

"Danny!" I quickly grabbed his hand. "what the fuck do you think you're doing? Are you a fucking idiot!?" I tried to move away but he gripped my waist.

He whispered "Don't struggle"

My breathing got heavier.

"Danny! Stop! I don't wanna fuck you! Seriously..get off me" I gripped his hand.

"We both want this" He started to slip down my underwear.

"Danny! Don't!" I tried to pull away as Jay came in.

"Hey are you? Danny! What the fuck are you doing?" Jay ran over to me.

"What? Nothing?.." Danny bit his lip.

"I um.." I quickly stood up and grasped Jays arm.

"Did you just try it on with her?" Jay asked as he grew angrier.

"What? No! God..I was just comforting her" Danny argued.

"I have to um..go.." Before I left I whispered in Jays ear "Thank you.." I ran downstairs.