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Tris POV

I'm sorry I just can't do this right now I'm happy for you truly, you worked very hard and your amazing but I just can't do this.

He walked away just like that….

Tris OMG! We made Dauntless! (Christina squeals in my ear, I just plaster on a fake smile and turn to face her)

Christina said we have to go get ready she picked out the perfect outfit for me to wear at the party tonight. Well by now I know not to be completely shocked by what she can pick when I am presented with a blood red dress that looks all to revealing but I figure I'm facing fears now and I am dauntless so what the hell why not.

Even Chris was amazed I didn't fight her on the choice of clothing she picked and I pretty much gave her free reign over my look for tonight, my mind was still on four I know there was something behind his reason for not wanting to be with me, at least I hoped it was a good reason but at the same time I couldn't help but wonder did he not want it to be known that he liked someone like me I wasn't pretty, had no curves compare to others I just didn't look like a girl that belonged on his arm I was short, to thin, and plain. But tonight Christina made me feel like a woman and not just a women but a beautiful one at that. I stepped out and Christina just gaped at me she couldn't help but gasp and her smile was so bright it could blind you. She said I looked drop dead sexy but I hadn't seen what I looked like so I went to see myself in the mirror. When I looked I was stunned my hair was done in an elegant high ponytail that first started as a braided headband on my head, and then my makeup was simple yet amazing I had a cat eye with shimmery eye shadow that made my eyes standout like the moon against the midnight sky, easy blush and a nude shine lip but the real eye catcher was the small tube dress I wore, it was a blood red color, sweetheart neck line that was so tight against my chest I gave the illusion of me actually having breast and the dress stopped barely right under my bottom so if I bent or walked the wrong way I may just end up giving a show but Christina of course made sure I had amazing under garments on so that wouldn't be an issue. We make our way to the party and everyone is there the smell of alcohol everywhere and people have a great time.

Then out of the corner of my eye I see him with his friends and they all are gaping at me along with most everyone in the pitt who are now staring at me like they just saw the sun for the first time its somewhat uncomfortable but right away the music begins again and people still stare but let me be however those blue eyes I can feel are still on me.


I saw her enter and couldn't believe my eyes "GOD DAMMMMMMM" I hear ZEKE say and even Shauna and Lauren agree saying "she looks like a sex pot" In my mind I agree with them completely but I can't let it be known not with Eric around that's why I had to let her go he was starting to get suspicious and I would never risk Tris she was everything to me. But just then Zeke, Shauna and Lauren turn to me they know my feeling for her and what I did for her safety, Lauren speaks up "Four you love her don't just let her go she belongs here and as long as you have each other and she is a full member now Eric can't hurt her" I nod and smile at my friends "Il think about how to do this but I am going to do something special I know I probably broke her heart today telling her I had to let her go and I know she could see straight through me but didn't question me"

The night continued and I watched her dance and just be carefree with her friends and fighting every urge I had to go and sweep her off her feet I was glad her male friends were protective of her every time some asshole tried getting near her to dance.

Just then screech of a microphone sounds through the pitt and it's Max so everyone turns to listen he smiles and says out of tradition the first rank initiate gets to do a dare for the rest of us to witness and all eyes go to Tris she looks a little uncomfortable but Max waves her forward and we all watch her approach the stage. I hold my breath praying everything will be okay. She gets to the stage and stands besides Max everyone with their full attention on her. It's never a hard dare just something basic so I'm not too worried for her. Tris's attention is on Max as he hands her a guitar and we all look very confused, Max the states well Tris it's getting late so I'll give you something that isn't too hard. Tris just looks on nodding her head and out of nowhere Eric appears behind her walking forward and I tense I don't like him near her but even Max looks at him oddly and ask him to step down which of course you see the anger flash in him. Max hand Tris a guitar and tells her sing a slow song to end the night for us. She sucks in a breath I don't know if she can even play an instrument but everyone here is about to find out and she looks scared I feel awful but then she starts.

Tris POV

Om my what do I do Max said a slow one, just then I spot Tobias towards the corner of the pitt and I begin singing Summertime Sadness a song I put together today out of my heartache (actually is Lana del Rey song but I like the way Miley Cyrus sang it on live lounge for BBC) and I stop looking at him I just get into the song playing the guitar and let it take me into a trance, luckily my mother snuck instrument to me and filled my love of music and she always said I had a great voice no one hear knew I could sing and I could tell Eric was mad and impressed he but impressed he would never admit but mad you could see on his face as I sang he wanted me to be a fool up on stage. All my friends are gasping at me as sing on and Tobias friends do the same and Tobias just watches me with what I think is awe and longing but why he left me after all. As I finish the room is booming with yells and claps and all my friends cheer for me. It's late and I wasn't tired but tomorrow we pick our jobs after all.

Tobias/Four Pov

I couldn't believe her voice it was so perfect and my friends turned to me knowingly that she sang that song for me and it killed me she truly believed I don't want her that I let her go…..


Tris POV

As I make my way to Max office I hear a grunt and a giggle a turn the corner and there is Tobias is with a Dauntless girl that looks to be a stripper he hears me gasp and I just run he can't follow me to Max's office so I run hard getting away from him tears coming like crazy until he catches me at the last second because I didn't open the door fast enough and he starts "Tris I swear….

Tobias/Four Pov

Tris I swear to you it's not what it looked like, she made a move on me I was getting away from her you just came at the wrong time

Tris Pov

I stop crying I look Tobias straight in the eye and say "Four its fine I realize I'm just a girl that had a crush on you I over reacted its fine (I gave a fake half smile the best I could get together so he would just leave) he looks at me and just puts his hand on my cheek and says "one day Tris everything will come together " it looks like there tears coming to his eyes, but I can't fall for it after he didn't correct me on what I just said. I just step back away from him our eyes seem to be the communicating force and if I read his correctly they are saying " I love you" but just then the door opens for me I then enter Max office. So I couldn't answer back or question him but I will find him and force him to explain because he is driving me crazy

Tobias/ Four POV

I know Tris loves me too and I hope she realizes how much I love her I found out that Eric sent that Dauntless girl my way knowing Tris was on her way to Max's office I was angry but I feel confident that I got to Tris and she knows how I truly feel. She walked away from me but I know that we both felt that moment and I meant what I said that in time we would be together and everything would work out

Tris POV

I just walked into Max office and I'm happy knowing Tobias does love me but for the moment we can't be together but I'm sure he will tell me when I leave here I'll go and find him. Just then I snap back to reality realizing the presences of three others that aren't just Max and I beginning to panic until Max comes out and clears his throat and says " I have a special mission for the DIVERGENT" omg he knew now I know I'm going to die what do I do. But I turn to look around and I see Uriah looking scared like me and we come closer together we don't know the other two and Max finally acquaintances us saying George ( Tori's brother, who she thinks dead) and Amar I recognize the name but not sure why.

Amar steps up towards Max clearly angry "is this why you hid us away because you knew the war was brewing" Max bows his head and says we needs the top of your kind I know Eric has been working against us and we need you to take him and the rest of Erudite down they want to control the population and I will not let that happen.

Just then I decide to speak "Max how are we supposed to go against this faction we could all die"

Max turns to me "Tris there first plan is to kill all in leaders in Abnegation" My heart stops and

Uriah looks at me a shakes me until I say that I am fine then he just lightly holds my hand knowingly that I have family there

Max looks at us and says we have to face this; we can tear apart Erudite and save all that needs saving,

He leaves and says he will be escorting us to Abnegation in an hour

Uriah, George, Amar, and I all look at each other and get as acquainted as you can in an hour

We found that once Max knew that Jeanie was hunting Divergent he hid George and Amar knowing she would have someone come after them and Max had a feeling that Jeanie knew I was a special divergent being that I had three factions rather than two the other three looked at me in awe but just then it hit me and I ask right as max reenters the room "do we get to say good bye to our friends" and he looks as me sternly yet full of sadness and says "no the moment you leave the compound it will go on completely lockdown there are cameras that no one knows but me all over Chicago so I will know when it will be safe again and also to try and keep tabs on you in hopes that you are successful on this mission."

Uriah gasp and he is hurt of course he really does have family here and Marlene the love of his life is here which I can tell is going to hurt him most to leave her without her knowing and we don't even know how long we will be gone or if we will survive.

Before leaving the compound we are met with one other girl in my head I'm thanking god because stuck with boys and who knows how long I felt uncomfortable

I notice the look on Max's face and he introduces us "this is my daughter serenity and she to is divergent and has asked to help on this mission she is a medic so as a leader this is a wise choice but as her father I ask you to protect her for me"

We all nod in union…

As we leave the compound and hop on the train we notice we have several dauntless with us and Max says these are the most faithful dauntless that he knows we can trust to lead into this mission

He looks at George and Amar and says Eric went missing and he is almost certain it's because he has betrayed dauntless and plans to help the Erudite after all he was only after is power and that's what erudite is hoping to do eliminate all leaders and threats (divergent) so that they control us all.

Before we leave the train with our gear Max tells us he made sure that in the past months cameras were set up in every faction hidden away so that he could oversee the moments that were going to follow so in other words the mission that we are now on…

After we step off he tells us that Uriah, Amar, George and myself are in control here we are the leaders and if and when we come across Eric to execute him without trial...