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Tris POV

I need to find my mom, if I had reacted to the shots quicker and not fought with George about him staying behind would my father still be alive is it my fault he is dead…

I have all kinds of emotions as George and I continue to run

I don't know how to feel I was always closer to my mother but I still love my father and I can only hope that my mother is safe

George and I keep running until we come upon a gruesome scene every leader and spectator in the grand hall are dead and Erudite seem to be gone, I still have tears flowing down my face but I need to find my mother I go looking from body to body until I stop dead in my tracks..

Everyone's POV (Max, people in his office, George and Tris)

Stunned, there at Tris feet is Marcus with a bullet between his eyebrows

Four/Tobias POV

I don't know how to feel that's the man that made my life a living hell the reason I left Abnegation in the first place and the girl I so desperately love his standing over him stunned to find him dead then she shows her Abnegation side just as she did with her father she closes his eyes, cleaning his face, and sets his arms so that he can rest it what will be an eternal sleep…

Tris POV

George we have to keep moving its clear there are no survivors here but we will need to stay here and make sure the abnegation are safe before leaving

Time Skip 1month later

Amar POV

We have had not heard from the Erudite after the massacre they left in the grand hall.

Everyone here myself included is worried about Tris she has become completely like a stone she never had a full breakdown and we couldn't find her mother.

Uriah, George, and Serenity (max's daughter) POV

Tris seems so lost and out of touch she just like a stone she eats sleeps and goes on patrol when asked at the first few days after the massacre she was still talking because we were getting Abnegation back together and established new leaders for them one being Tris good friend Susan but nothing seemed to make her happy or even crack a smile she is numb to the world

We go to find Amar and ask him to go with us to find Tris.

Serenity POV

We have been searching for Tris for hours and we finally start to head back to where we are staying when i notice a movement in the distance I stop the others and we see her standing in front of a Abnegation home with her arms crossed but finally crying, she needed to grieve but she had yet to do so until now

Tori POV (sitting with everyone in Max's office again watching as they have been day in and day out)

Finally we are seeing Tris grieve and it's the hardest thing I have had to see besides knowing my brother is alive only to be risking his life.

She stands in front of a home in Abnegation as we see Amar, Uriah, George, and Serenity come towards her and she speaks with tears streaming down her face

(Tris speaking) "this was my home, but I can't go inside knowing its empty" and that does it she breaks completely and collapses on to her knees as Amar and Serenity run to embrace her.

We all watch in silence there's nothing you can say and Tris isn't here with us so we can't comfort her.

After almost an hour of just watching her cry and be held tightly by Serenity with Amar standing to her side Tris clears her throat and you can see all the pain in her face but then she just holds her wrist and Serenity ask her why there's a bruise on her wrist, and Tris blushes slightly.

Christina then ask Max "did we miss something why is Serenity asking if Tris has a bruised wrist and why does she hang on to it, there has been no fighting for a month now is she injured"

I speak up finally Christina shut up and everyone looks at me just has Tris begins to speak

Tris POV

Serenity just saw it I guess I can't hide it George is looking at it oddly he is Erudite so I know he already has it figured out


Tori POV

Will gasp at the camera now that is focused on Tris wrist

Four jumps up what is it is she okay what the fuck is going on!

I stand again and speak "it's not a bruise it's a Roman numeral I tattooed on her"

(My readers get ready for an aww moment)

Four looks at me "what is it, what does it mean" he seems slightly confused

Will starts again its number…

Shut it Will I snap and then Tris speaks

Tris POV

It's a Roman numeral it's a number it's…. I take a deep breath and look up to George, Serenity, Uriah, and Amar... it's the number 4 (IV) I hear gasp and Uriah "I knew there was something there!" with a stupid grin on his face

Then I say no there's not at least not anymore… but he always kept me together he kept me strong emotionally and mentally in some ways physically and I wanted to keep a part of him as a reminder of all those things he made me feel he was always there when I needed it most but I guess he will never know it I look down at my wrist with a sad smile..

Four/ Tobias POV

I stand in shock as to what I just heard and now see and I hear gasp around me

It's perhaps the most simple and beautiful gift I have ever received and then we hear her speak again and this time I have to take a seat to absorb what she says after Serenity notices one other aspect to it

Tris POV

Serenity just asks me "why is it somewhat blocky and what is that symbol that shadowed behind it?

And I say with a slight half smile "Four gave me a little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. He gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful." So that's why I have the number and the infinity sign shadowed under it. (TFIOS reference I couldn't resist sorry)

Uriah laughs and says come here and everyone pulls me into a big hug even Amar and we all just laugh for no reason but to just be at peace for a small moment before we continue on with our mission

Everyone in Max office POV

Tears are being shed

Four/ Tobias POV

I don't even know what to say or think and Tori stands over by me

"Four she got that after you know" I look at her with confusion and she reads that on my face

Then she clarifies "she got it after you told her that you couldn't be together" that hurts even more knowing she is risking her life this very moment and I didn't have the chance to stop being a coward and seek her out to tell her how much I loved her, now I sit and just wonder will I ever have the chance again to tell her I love her but now at least I know she loves me and I will hold onto that until the day we are reunited again


After everyone leaves my office for the night, I sit there after watching the Divergent mission group and I don't even know what to say I miss my daughter dearly and I can't imagine what Tris is going through she lost one parent and has yet to find the other and now we have all witnessed the fat that she loved Four and I can't guarantee that she will be back I can't guarantee that any of them will make it and that scares me now that I really consider it especially since nothing more has happened with the Erudite…

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