Everything seemed dark all of a sudden and the air filled with the sound of crows. Bambi quickly swung his head to see where it was coming from and saw a pack of dogs coming straight at him. Bambi knows he should run but there's one thing in his way. Fear He was too afraid to move, not even an inch. He was completely frozen.

"Run, Bambi!"

Bambi thought he heard someone. Who is it? Mother….no, it can't be? Can it?

The dogs were getting closer and closer to him but still Bambi didn't move. He was like a statue.

"Run, Bambi!"

He heard it again. Who was it? Mother…is that you?

The dogs were almost there. If Bambi doesn't do anything soon they'll rip him apart.

But thankfully that word he thought came from his mother echoed in his head. Run And finally Bambi snapped out of his trance and started to run as fast as he could in the other direction. He ran liked he never ran before. I'm running, mother! I'm running! Bambi thought to himself as he was doing so.

"That's it, Bambi," Mena cheered him on, extremely glad to see Bambi finally running away, "Faster, Bambi, faster and don't look back! Just keep running, just keep running!"

Bambi stopped and paused. So, it wasn't Bambi's mother it was Mena who was telling him to run and he knew those words that Mena yelled out to him. It was the words that his mother said to him before! It may not have been the exact words but had the same meaning! For him to run!

Bambi looked back. Mena was trying desperately to free her leg on one of man's trap as the dogs were going straight to her now. Bambi had a short flashback to when that bully, Ronno, pushed him and since Mena was right next to him the push made her move backwards then caught her leg into the trap, the reason why the dogs were coming in the first place! And that coward ran away just as he saw them, leaving Bambi and Mena behind, though he probably had the right idea…

Bambi felt his heart pounding fast for this seemed all too familiar. This was definitely like the time he and his mother went to that meadow and his mother was never seen or heard from again…and now the same thing was happening to Mena…. And then at the moment Bambi redeemed himself. He was no longer afraid for himself but for Mena! Am I really going to run away and leave her like this?! Bambi screamed in his head. For he knew if he left her like this then Mena will meet the same fate as his mother… At that moment Bambi never felt braver!

Bambi took a deep breath and ran back.

Bambi ran passed Mena. "Bambi, what are you doing?!" Mena cried out, "Run away!"

Bambi ignored her cry and went back to the spot where he froze. He remembered the brave face that Thumper taught him a couple days ago. Bambi took another deep breath and "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" as loud as he possible could. It got the dogs attention and then Bambi ran another way with the dogs following him.

"No, Bambi!" Mena cried out again.

But Bambi again ignored her and continued running. Bambi felt fear crawling up his spine again but a part of him that still thinks he did the right thing. Mena was safe now even though Bambi doesn't know how she'll get out of that man's trap but at least she won't be ripped to shreds by dogs. Now Bambi has to focus on escaping the dogs or he'll get brutally murdered. But Bambi has to stay brave just he just did for Mena. Like how Thumper showed him. He must stay brave and that way he'll find a way out of this.

He will.

I will Bambi thought determinedly and kept on running.