Hello everyone! this is my first time writing a Magi fic and I'm very happy that I've finally made one ^_^

I deeply APOLOGIZE if you ever find a grammatical error here since English is not my mother tongue.

I hope you enjoy it!

Darkness is the only thing I can see

A never endless darkness

This darkness engulfs my whole being, making me numb all over my body.

What is this?

Where am I?

I'm utterly confused and afraid on what's happening. Is this a nightmare? Is this my end? These thoughts keep rushing to my head. All I can feel are emptiness and loneliness in this place; like an empty hollow shell.

I want to get out of here

I reached forward hoping to grab on something, a desperate attempt in escaping out of this endless darkness. As I try to reach forward my feet start moving as well, I keep running as if my life is on the line. I run and run but it seems I never arrive in a destination out of this place. Finally, I dropped to my knees, catching my breath for the running I've done. Then I've heard whispers, I don't know where it came from, I tried standing up but failed.

"Give up!"

"Stay here!"

"You're better dead"

Those whispers keep repeating to me, coaxing me to just give up, I feel hopeless as unknown feelings settled on me. Then a black bird or maybe a butterfly? starts appearing and swarmed me. A shiver went up to my spine as they touched me.

"Just give up!"

"Yes! That's right"

These horrible feelings I can't help but feel pain and despair. I don't know why I'm feeling like these maybe because of this black bird or those whispers. I should just close my eyes maybe these emotions that fill me will go away I should just end it-.

But I refuse I want to get out of here. Nothing will happen if I stay here and pretend that everything will go away. That's right I can't give up now I still have things to do, I still have things to fulfill.

I summon all my strength in an attempt to stand up; the black birds fly away as I try standing up. Unknowingly white birds or butterfly suddenly appeared like the black birds done earlier. Caught up by their captivating appearance, these white birds swarmed me, giving me warm and comfort. Those feelings I have earlier drifted away and the whispers finally died down. The white birds give light in this dark place, engulfing it all and becoming an endless blue sky.

As I contemplate the place the white birds started forming a silhouette of a kid three feet away from me. I recognize this person somewhere, it feels like I know this person before but I cannot seem to remember it. Then I hear a sound of a distant voice. The voice seems very familiar to me as well. I don't know but somehow this person seems to be a very precious person to me.

"Alibaba kun" the voice sounds like a kid when he called me.

Somehow I feel happy and nostalgic all of a sudden.

"Let's go together!" the silhouette extends out his hand to me as if giving me an offer of a lifetime.

I try to grab his hand to accept his offer. This scene seems familiar to me as if this is just a memory repeating itself. But as I try to reach him the silhouette start disappearing as the white birds set forth away from him.


"Let's meet again Alibaba kun!" the kid happily said as he flashes a smile to me.

Don't go yet! I takeoff running trying to reach him but when I've able to touch him the silhouette already disappeared only leaving the white birds trail.

His words keep echoing in my head. I've come to a halt as I reminisce his words to me. A smile appeared in my face.

"It's a promise" the white birds engulf my sight as I've said my parting words.