Your brother and the angel. You know you need them with every atom of your being. So why are you walking away? What is happening to push them so far from you? It should bother you more, the thought of losing them.

Use the weapon, destroy the enemy. That's what your life has always been about. Now is no different than any other time in your life. Always the good soldier. That's all you have ever been. Kill the monsters, mercy is for the weak. What did you just think? No, that can't be right!

Darkness is trying to surround you. Why does your brother stand in your way? No, he would never betray you. But didn't he say he would let you die? What is that if not betrayal? So many times he had lied to you. Hidden so much of his intentions. Forgivness you have given time and again and yet when he looks at you, there is no room in his heart for you. Hunting partners, not brothers. That's what he said.

Always taking all you are willing to give. You won't give this up. This feeling of being right and powerful. Your hand aches for the return of the touch of the blade. With it in your grasp, all will be destroyed. Destroyed? Are you the destroyer? Yes, the thought feels right as it settles inside your mind.

The angel, your friend, will he stand in your way? The way he looked when he touched your arm, raised your sleve. When you finally wield the blade, even he won't be able to stand against you. What are you thinking? He is never to be harmed. He is a part of your soul. A part that is being filled by the darkness. He must not be allowed to distract you from your goal.

There is a great act of evil from the beginning that calls to you. It speaks to you of the death of all who stand against you. No matter who they may be. In your nightmares you see yourself wielding the blade as you send them both to their deaths. Your hands are covered in blood, their blood! Why don't the nightmares bother you any more? Who are you becoming?