There are rules. Serious rules that he's not allowed under any circumstances to disobey. No way around it, or over, or under. Absolutely can't interfere. Nope, not at all.

Of course when had he ever let that stop him from making sure others recieved what they deserved?

First, there was tall, brooding and oblivious to consider. What would bring him back to his touchy feely self in time to save the trio and incidentally, his own life. How to get his attention on the right nuances of his brothers actions, Hmm,something from before perhaps.

Second, there was the eldest Winchester. Was all the man knew self-sacrifice and self-loathing? His own lack of self worth could destroy them all. Where was the rope that could pull him back from this path he had chosen, erronously thinking he was destroying only himself.

And of course, can't forget the angel with the blue eyes and perpetually confused head tilt. The poor fool was once again ready to throw himself in front of (actually this time it was in between) the Winchesters to protect them. There was a way to save him if the rules were broken.

Screw the rules! He never played by them before so why start now. Watching those three fools stumble around trying to see who could die, yet again.

So, with just a little expenditure of grace he reached back in time and retrieved an item from a motel room trashcan. Gently, this had to be done so as not to disturb the balance of power in the air. (Can't have angels or Him noticing.) Now, to bless the item and place where it will do the most good.

On Earth, in the bunker asleep on his bed Sam Winchester reaches out in his sleep and grasps a horned amulet on a cord that suddenly appeared on around his neck. Due to a small glamoure he won't even notice it's reappearance until it's needed. Until then he will hold onto the one thing that may save all three of them. The item that will show his brother that the love between them is more powerful than even Hell's power can destroy.

Yep. Gabriel decides it's worth the risk of breaking a few of his fathers rules. Dad should know him well enough by now not to be suprised that his trickster angel will find a way.