"I have to go talk with Sam Winchester."

It's a simple enough statement, and yet inside it there are worlds of meaning. It means...I have to see for myself that he has survived the death of his brother. It means... I need to show that I will not forget him now that the person we both loved is gone. I need to say how much his friendship has meant to me. And most of all it means...I have to tell him I'm going to die . Very soon this stolen grace will flare up one last time and consume me in it's dying. I cannot just disapppear and have him think I didn't care enough to say farewell.


"Cas, you have to get out now!"

Castiel is coming down the front stairs into the bunker. He cannot be here! Dean (Or whatever the hell he has become) is following close behind you. Crowley is dead by Deans' hand. Killed with the First Blade. There is still plenty of irony left in the world. When you saw Dean standing over Crowleys' body, eyes as black as any pit of hell. Horror, despair, knowledge that finally the evil that has always tried to claim your family has it's victim. You'd always assumed it would be you that would succumb. Running from the thing that calls you brother with Dean's voice, you see the angel and know that he will die too. He needs to run now!


"Hiya Cas"

This is just too perfect. Crowley lies dead back in the room you woke up in. Fool thought he was going to control you. The suprise on his face when you gutted him with the First Blade was priceless. Now, the cursed weapon calls to you to fufil your need to commit the final act that will blend it essence with yours completely. As Cain killed Abel so you must sacrifice your younger brother to it's bloody need. As it was, so shall it be again. The circle will be complete. And for dessert it gets to carve up an angel. His brow wrinkled in confusion, the foolish angel is walking towards you instead of running away.


Now is the time!

The spell that has kept the amulet hidden around Sam's neck is gone and it begins to glow with a golden light that bathes the entire room. It flies from his body and hovers in the air above the three figures. It reaches out to the demon and draws a black cloud of smoke from his mouth as it shatters the cursed blade into bleached white fragments. It covers the angel and draws out the grace from the vessel it was never intended for. Both clouds are drawn to the center of the room and spin around each other in an unearthly dance. The golden aura captures the swirling essences and draws them into the amulet. It simply dissapears from sight.

Nothing ever created was meant to house that much power. Archangel, Knight of Hell, Angel and the power of God in one container. It reappears out on the edge of the universe where the explosion begins the creation of a new galaxy.

Back at the bunker three humans stare at the fallen unclothed male figure that appeared on their floor.

"Crap, don't let anyone tell you dad dosen't have a sense of humor. Now I have to be human too. Great going Castiel. You gave him all sorts of interesting ideas. Somebody get me some clothes and then some candy. Perferably chocolate."