A/N: Written for the Becoming the Tamer King Challenge on the RANDOM Forum, Data Forest Task. The task is a drabble collection centred around a single character or a pair. I'm going with Hei on this one, in my own little AT between the two seasons (I started planning this before watching season 1.5). The other little catch is that the starter we have has an additional restriction; in my case, it's a tense or POV change between drabbles. This one is third person past tense. The next is third person present etc.

That Eye You Can't Escape
1. Cutting with Scissors

He'd tried to cut them out, but that had turned out to be impossible. They'd managed it for a while, but then Mao had appeared out of the blue and Yin had been snatched away beneath his gaze.

The Syndicate had too strong a hold to be able to sever with a simple pair of scissors. If they couldn't use his blindness, they'd use their superior sight and power. They'd use the weakness he still had: the illusions he'd grown, and the heart he'd uncovered. It was a web with too many threads, too many layers.

Did he have to resign himself to a life as a mindless agent – sneaking about, stealing killing and whatever else was needed – after all?