Hello, everyone! Just wanted to say this before you read the first chapter. I'm so sorry, I know this sucks and I know it's so short, but I wasn't really in a writing mood. The second chapter will be better (I hope) and not so boring…

Hope you like it (I'm not happy with the final result, but anyway…)

Sid was a lonely sloth who was in 11th grade. When I say lonely, I don't mean he doesn't have friends. He does have friends, but the most of them think he is annoying and smelly and they usually don't go anywhere with him because he scares their girlfriends.

It was Friday, 25th April, and Sid was at school, in Maths class. As always, he was sitting next to his friend Manny. He was a mammoth and one of Sid's best friends.

"Sid, did you do the homework?", Manny asked.

"What homework?"

Poor Sid… He rarely got good grades…

"You know, the 42 pages homework…"

It was only the beginning of a long school day for Sid.

Sid was lunching with Olaf, a goofy and naive snowman. They were friends since the previous year and Olaf was a lot like Sid: he didn't have a girlfriend, he wasn't popular and he was the only snowman in class (Sid was the only sloth).

They were talking about their holidays (they just came back from Spring Break) when a girl with big blue eyes interrupted them. She was Vada Sultenfuss.

"Hi, Sid!", she said.

Years ago, Sid and Vada were in the same class.

"We are thinking about going to Sidney this Summer, in the first week of holidays. Would you like to come? You don't need to give me the answer now, but think about it.", then she looked at Olaf "Your friend can come too. Everyone in 11th grade is invited."

"That would be great! Are Manny and Diego going?"

But Vada didn't hear him, because someone was calling her, and walked away.

"Where's Manny?'', Sid asked.

Olaf looked around.

"He's there!"

"Manny, MANNY!", Sid yelled.