''She is the right cat, Feather. I'm sure,''

A starry white she-cat and a starry gray tom were sitting by a pool that sparkled like stars twinkling in the beautiful night sky. Their eyes shined like stars, but the gray tom's eyes were full of worry.

''What if she isn't the chosen one?'' he whispered. ''Come on, Feather!'' the she-cat sighed. ''We must really think deep into this. She is the right one! We saw her in the Pool of Stars, we heard her in our dream, we looked at her in the prophecy. She is the right cat.''

Feather's eyes still sparkled with worry. ''How can you be so sure?'' he asked. ''Feather, lighten up a bit! Our hearts must sparkle with confidence, not with worry and hatred,'' the she-cat sighed.

''Well, I've got to trust you. You are wise when you want to be, and that time is right when you're impatient,'' Feather answered, a sparkle of happiness in his eyes. The she-cat lightened up when she heard this. ''Okay, trust me. Trust me,'' she meowed superiorly.

''I don't know what else to do,'' Feather answered honestly. ''I really think we should wait... just until she shows potential. And don't you dare try to bat my tail. We're no kits.'' The she-cat stopped batting Feather's tail. ''We died when we were eight moons! We seriously need to play, especially with you so fat,'' she meowed jokingly.

The gray tom looked at the white she-cat sternly. ''Why don't you understand, Swift?'' he asked sternly. ''Why don't you understand, Feather?'' she answered teasingly, mimicking him.

Feather rolled his eyes and padded away from the pool. Swift sighed, irritated. Why couldn't he just trust her judgement? Really, someone should believe her by now.

''I know how you feel, Swift,'' a voice whispered into Swift's ear. The young white she-cat turned. ''Star?'' she asked. ''Why-why do you present to a totally... you know...'' ''Normal cat?'' the ginger cat- Star- guessed. Swift nodded eagerly.

Star chuckled. ''I repeat, I know how you feel. I've been here, alone for moons, and rogues began believing in us. I got more friends, more cats to join me. But I was a long time alone. It is far worse than Feather leaving you,'' she meowed. The white she-cat looked at her paws. ''I feel like that's the worst thing,'' she confessed.

''Just relax, I believe you, I trust you. Don't worry, she is the cat. Feather must just believe,'' Star meowed. The pool suddenly lit up, so bright that both cats shut their eyes close. Then, everything was black in the pool, and they opened their eyes again.

Swift gasped. The sign! ''That's the sign! The sign! I knew I was right, Feather was wrong!'' she purred with happiness. Star purred as well. ''Well, I'm sure Feather will believe you now,'' she meowed. But the white she-cat hung her head, looking at her paws.

''I'm not sure... he has never believed in me. Well... at least not yet,'' the young white she-cat confessed. ''Oh, I'm sure he'll believe us,'' Star meowed. Swift's eyes lit up with happiness. ''You'd come with me, really? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!'' she yowled, jumping up and down.

The ginger she-cat looked at the younger white she-cat with happiness. ''Well, I'm sure we could hunt first,'' she decided, beckoning with her tail for Swift to follow her. ''Okay!'' Swift chirped, following the older cat outside the cavern.

But, an echo ran through the walls. ''The heart of love, will turn to stone. The heart of stone, will turn to love. No going back from their destinies now. We must wait. Wait for an answer to everything. Hearts... will you ever consider them more than something ordinary?''

This is just the prologue of the new special of how Heart came to the Gangs! I think many would prefer this instead of Flare! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my story 'Pelts'. :D

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