A tiny black she-kit opened her wide, emerald green eyes. She looked around, and her gaze stopped in some snow. She began pouncing on it, even though she didn't know what it was. Moonlight streamed in the den as the black she-kit continued playing with the snow.

''Blue Sky!'' the little she-kit heard a noise. Whatever was outside this den, could speak and move its mouth, like she did. ''Blue Sky!'' a big figure stormed in the den. A blue-gray figure that was beside the she-kit stirred, and opened some pretty blue eyes. ''Yes, Storm's Roar?'' she asked sleepily.

The big, black figure poked her with its paw. ''Blue Sky, one of our kits opened her eyes,'' the big tom meowed, and grabbed by the scruff the she-kit. Blue Sky looked at her with amazement. ''I have never seen such pretty green eyes!'' she exclaimed, nuzzling her kit.

''Of course she has those green eyes,'' the tom boasted. ''I mean, I'm the best tom in the Tribe, right?'' ''Sure you are. Just, get a little more arrogant and you'll be perfect,'' the queen meowed sarcastically. The tom purred in amusement and nuzzled his mate.

A brown she-cat with amber eyes entered the den quietly. ''Blue Sky, Storm's Roar, I must say that she is a pretty kit. But, I'm sure her brothers will be as well. Have you already named her?'' the newcomer inquired. Blue Sky shook her head. ''No, not yet. What do you want to name her?'' she asked Storm's Roar.

''Whatever you want, dear,'' he answered. ''She'll be Heart's Love, she looks so cuddly and lovely,'' the blue-gray she-cat meowed cheerfully. ''I think that dark brown tom could be Bramble Claw, and that gray she-kit could be Gray Moon,'' the father meowed. The kits meowed in what seemed a chorus, and their parents purred loudly.

Heart's Love looked at them with wide green eyes. ''Momma?'' she asked sweetly. ''Yes, dear?'' Blue Sky asked. ''What is this... white stuff? I want to know!'' the kit exclaimed happily, bouncing in the snow yet again. ''It's called 'snow'. It will go away when summer comes,'' the queen explained.

''What's suwer?'' the kit asked, not noticing she mispronounced the word. The adult cats all laughed at this. ''I will show it to you when it comes. Now, off to bed. Tomorrow your siblings will play with you,'' Blue Sky nudged her kit towards her belly, and the soft breathing lulled Heart's Love into a deep sleep.

''Heart's Love, wake up! Gray Moon opened her eyes, you can go and play now!''

The black she-kit opened her eyes as quickly as she could, but something was brighter than the last day. She quickly shut her eyes. ''What's... that?'' she asked. ''It's called the sun,'' Blue Sky explained. ''And this is the day, yesterday it was night. That's why it's brighter. But, watch out, if you see the sun, you can get blind!''

''What's blind?'' Heart's Love asked quietly, opening her eyes a little bit. ''It means you won't be able to see anything, everything will be black. And, I don't want that to happen,'' her mother licked her head and nudged the little kit.

Heart's Love squeaked in protest as something hit her side. She opened her eyes completely, and a gray kit was standing in front of her. She had the prettiest- and only- blue eyes Heart's Love had ever seen. ''Hi, I'm Gray Moon! And we're sisters! Momma told me I couldn't go without you,'' she explained really quick. The black she-kit could barely make out what she had said.

''Well, I'm sure we can go now, right, Blue Sky?'' Heart's Love asked her mother hopefully. Blue Sky looked outside the den, but she quickly turned to see her two awakened kits. ''Of course you can, but just be sure not to eat anything! Also, don't stroll under other cats' paws, and don't go in any den!'' she yowled, seeing that her two kits had already scampered away.

The black she-kit looked widely around. There were busy cats everywhere, that looked that they wouldn't stop to meow a greeting. Cats were yowling to each other, and bringing prey around the huge clearing.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes, and opened them back. This wasn't outside... this was the nursery? Had it all been just a dream? Maybe, maybe not. She sighed and lay down on her soft moss nest, just right next to her mother.

''Mom! Mom! Heart disappeared and I can't find her!'' someone exclaimed just as Heart began to sleep.


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