I'm still alive! Sorry for the long wait, school and writer's block is a bad combination.

Dipper knew that there were very strange things at Gravity Falls, such as gnomes, mermen, and all-knowing mailboxes. That was pretty odd, but portals?

Dipper was helping Mabel find things to sell in the forest. Stan realized that he was running out of things to sell, so naturally, he got the Pines twins to do it. It was a hot day, but in the shade of the numerous trees, it was hard to tell. The trees obscured the sky, so they had no clue what time of day it was.

"Hey Dipper! I found a rock that looks like a goat!" Mabel exclaimed, holding out a rock that, strange enough, did look like a goat. Dipper took it and put it with the other odd bits of nature they found.

"Hey Mabel, I found something, but I can't pull it out!" Dipper called out to Mabel, and she ran over.

"Of course you'd need my help with this. Leave it to me!" Mabel said proudly, pounding her chest. She began to pull something out of the dirt, and fell back as it gave away. She held it up to inspect it.

It was small, and fit into her hand easily. She blew the dust off it and rubbed it on her already dusty sweater.

It was half red, half white. A thin grey line divided the two halves, and in the middle, a grey button.

"Woah, what is that thing?" Dipper asked, taking it from Mabel. He hesitantly put his finger near the button. He paused. What would it do?

"What's wrong, Dipper? Too scared? Do you think a monster will be inside and eat us?" Mabel asked with much enthusiasm. She grabbed out of Dipper's hand and, before he could protest, pressed the button.

At that moment, a red light popped out and took them in. It was an odd feeling, having your body compressed into a much smaller state, having each atom split away, and be almost nonexistent. They couldn't feel their bodies at all, so when they tried to call out to each other, no sound was made.

And almost as soon as it started, it stopped. They were being put back together, and, most surprising, non of it hurt. It was a blue light that released them this time.

The light dazed their eyes, and they stared in bewilderment. They were no longer in a forest, but in a small town. Most of houses were made of wood, and people were outside, talking to neighbors.

Where are we? Dipper asked himself, and he looked at the red ball that brought them here. Mabel had already picked it up.

"What is this thing, a teleportation device?" Mabel asked, and as she was about to put it into her pocket, it shrunk to the size of a large pebble.

'Did you see that? It shrunk to fit inside your pocket! Now this is really confusing..." Dipper said, and turned to face the people. Most were looking at the twins, almost as confused as Mabel and Dipper were.

Don't worry, this is only the first chapter. The next will have Pokemon, so hang on there!