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Mabel loved meeting new people, and she loved cute outfits, so when she saw a certain person, she grabbed Dipper's hand and bounded towards her, nearly yanking Dipper's hand off in the process.

"Hey! You nearly-" Dipper started, but stopped abruptly to listen to what the girl was saying to a local.

"No worries, I'm sure we'll find him. Oh, if only we had more trainers..." She paused and looked at them. She was wearing a long white and yellow stripped skirt, a matching pink shirt with a large white bow, and a light blue hat with a yellow flower in it. It was no wonder Mabel came to this girl, and she must have been no more than 14 years old.

"Hey, I've never seen you two here before. What region are you from?" The girl asked, smiling. Dipper and Mabel were confused, for they hadn't come from any region.

"Oh, we were teleported here, it was like RED LIGHT woosh, and then BLUE LIGHT woosh and we came here!" Mabel said cheerfully, and the girl looked amazed.

"Wow! Say, my name's Lily. What's yours?" She asked. After a short introduction, Lily asked if they wanted to be Pokemon trainers. Problem was, they had no clue what Pokemon were.

"What? Wow, you two really are from a different dimension. Here, I'll show you these starters I got from Professor Juniper at the Unova region. Choose one!" Lily said, reaching into her bag. She pulled out three of the balls that transported them here, and they both took a step back. Lily laughed and sent out three Pokemon. The first looked like and otter, the second, a grass snake with arms and legs, and finally, a fire pig. Mabel immediately picked up the orange fire pig, and the Pokemon seemed happy.

"Ah, nice choice! That's Tepig, a Fire-type Pokemon! And which one do you want, Dipper?"

As Mabel played with her Tepig, Dipper looked at his choices carefully before picking one.

"Oh, Snivy, a Grass-type Pokemon! I had a friend who chose one of those..." Lily said, returning the otter to it's ball. Seeing their curiosity, Lily explained that fire beat grass, grass beat water, and water beats fire, and the other way around. She gave them ten Pokeballs each, and a Pokedex.

"Try it out! Point it at your Pokemon, and it tells you all about them if you've caught one." So, they did as instructed and stared in awe.

"Hey Lily, now that we have our own Pokemon, can you show us yours?" Dipper asked, overflowing with curiosity. His Snivy seemed to share his curiosity, for it gave a happy little cry.

"Well, alright. Go, Delphox!" Lily called, and a huge fox looking creature holding a flaming stick came out. It looked at Lily and smiled.

"Woah... it's... so..." Dipper and Mabel hardly had anything to say. Soon, she called out all of hers.

"Simipour, Big Pecks (A Talonflame), Blissey, Lucario, and Skipps (A Vivilion)!"

"Will our Pokemon ever by that big?" Asked Mabel, looking at her adorable Tepig, who had hid behind Mable when it saw Simipour.

"If you train them. Now, I've got to go. I hope to meet you again once you've trained!" Lily hopped onto Big Pecks and flew off, leaving Dipper and Mabel with their Pokemon.

"I know Dipper, let's have a battle! Go get 'em Tepig!" Mabel called out, and Tepig faced Snivy.

"Alright, go Snivy! Use tackle on Tepig!" Dipper called, and Snivy did what Dipper said. He rammed his head into Tepig's side, nearly knocking them both over.

"Tegip, also use tackle!" Mabel called, and Tepig ran forward. Snivy had no time to move out of the way; Tepig knocked Snivy onto the ground, leaving Snivy very weak. It was a critical hit, Dipper could tell. Wearily, Snivy limply got up and staggered forward.

"Use tackle Snivy, I know you can do it!" Dipper shouted, and Snivy ran forward with all the strength it had left. But Tepig was less injured, and darted behind Snivy. Before Dipper or Snivy could react, Mabel called for Tepig to use a final tackle, and Snivy had no power to hold on. Snivy fell to the ground, and Dipper ran over to the fainted Pokemon's side.

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