Main Characters: Giotto, Byakuran, ByaGio, GioBya

Summary: He is a rebellious teen pushing everyone away but the only one who could break down his walls, is someone out of reach. When he finds out the one he loves is being harmed, he will fight to show that person true love.

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Author Note: I've decided to take up this one again, and I've edited it up so it's easier to read. This was a crack pairing my friend and I did, that took a turn for the angst...


Giotto had his back against the class as he wrote down with white chalk the festivals the students wanted to take part in.

"Okay class," he started, the class quieting down somewhat. "We have 3 choices; Maid Cafe, Haunted house, Love Maze."

He said facing them, staring intently at everyone in his classroom. He noticed one particular seat that was empty. Giotto quickly frowned before setting his face to neutral.

"Begin voting now. The class rep will be dealing with this and as nurse; I'll be taking my leave."

He was only home room while the festivals were going on, so he didn't need to be in the classroom. Giotto walked out of the class room, his long white coat trailing against his own pace of wind as he marched to his office. If that child was playing hooky again, Giotto was going to hit him.

Byakuran grinned; walking with his hands behind him, so what if his shirt was covered in a bit of blood, so what if he was skipping class again, so what if he might've gotten into a fight and a tiny bit of the blood was his. But he was going to class, but that guy stopped him and started yelling about how he'd walked into him and didn't even say sorry, then he tried to punch him, and Byakuran might not speak, and might just smile a lot, and might send glares everywhere and at everyone who tried to approach him that wasn't Yuni-chan, Tsu-chan, or his precious Pineapple-kun, but he was not a pushover. So when the boy made his nose bleed, Byakuran made his nose bleed, and his eye, and his lip, and maybe his ear, Byakuran wasn't too sure if that blood was from his ear or somewhere else, but his ear certainly was bloody. Then, he spotted a familiar mop of blonde hair, he grinned Tsu-chan's papa!

"Yo~ Sensei~!"

Giotto for the fucking love of him could not suppress that deep and heavy sigh from escaping his parted lips. The fucking child has blood on him from who knows where. He marched up to Byakuran and gripped his shirt pulling him forward.

"What in hells did you do?" He growled. How many times did this brat get into fights? Giotto had given up counting after the first hundredth.

Byakuran waved it off, "I was just playing with some students who wanted to play~! We got a bit rough, but you know how boys are."

He laughed at his own joke, because fuck you he's hilarious. Giotto just needed to calm down, the random kid wasn't too badly bruised, and he sure as hell wouldn't bother Byakuran anymore.

"I just got rid of a pest~." he grinned, "I was on my way to class as well~!"

Giotto dropped him and sighed heavily. He was too old for this, although he was actually quite young for a teacher but shit he couldn't deal with this right now. Giotto pushed his hair back releasing a heavy sigh.

"You are not allowed in my classroom looking like a psycho murderer." He said glaring at Byakuran.

Byakuran grinned black, flashing a peace sign, "But I am a psycho murderer, one who gets along great with your son and niece."

Giotto frowned. "You keep acting like that, and I'll ground you away from the." He warned. "Now get into my office and fix yourself." He ordered walking into the infirmary.

Byakuran frowned, pouting. Stupid Giotto! He stuck out his tongue, making his way to the nurse's office; he began discarding his shirt, currently stained red.

"Ne, ne, got an extra uniform sensei?~" he called behind him, waiting for the blonde man and completely disregarding his half-nakedness.

Giotto slid the door shut and pulled out a plain white t shirt. "No," he said sharply, tossing the shirt at Byakuran's back. "You brought this upon yourself."

He was really pissed off. Ignoring Byakuran, Giotto walked over to the coffee machine and poured himself a full cup.

Byakuran pouted slightly, "But if I don't follow the rules Kyo-chin will be mad at meeee." he whined, remembering the angry little boy Pineapple-kun always teased. He put on the shirt reluctantly.

Giotto sat down on his chair; he crossed his legs and sipped out of his mug. Licking his lips, he glared at Byakuran. "Who said you're going to class like that?" He said, placing his mug down and removing his glasses.

Byakuran grinned, "So is sensei telling me to skip?~", he laughed. That was great. "Did I ever tell you what a great teacher you are?" sarcasm leaked off of every word, really this man.

Byakuran would do what he wanted, when he wanted, because he wanted to. Giotto could possibly stop him.

Giotto smirked. "Why don't you tell me how your relationships are going now?" He leaned his chin on his fist watching Byakuran with his sky blue eyes.

Byakuran cocked an eyebrow, what relationship? "I'll have you know I am a pure maiden.", he joked, touching a hand to his heart in woe, as if he were hurt, "How dare sensei accuse me of anything dirty, such as allowing another human that's not a child to enter my pure heart!"

Giotto frowned at that. "Is that so?" He muses to himself before standing up from his office chair and walking over the cabinet. "Injuries, do you have any?"

Byakuran lifted up his shirt, pointing to a rather deep, still bleeding cut on his chest, "Just a bit of a scratch, nothing I'll die from."

He spoke genuinely thinking of it as just a small thing. He'd experience much worse from himself than that lousy blade his attacker used. But at least he'd confiscated it, it would teach people a lesson in being nice to people at least. "I think a bit of antiseptic, and a band aid should do it well." He offered a small nod.

Giotto didn't even comment. The amounts of time he had to treat Byakuran were infinite; at this point he's used to seeing him bruised. Usually he would reprimand him but today he didn't feel like it. Giotto walked over to him and without much word pushed him on the white bed.

"Are you capable of doing it by yourself or do I have to assist you?"

He asked the other seemingly preoccupied with another thought. From the short span from yelling at him in the hallway and 2 minutes ago, Giotto had a change in attitude.

Byakuran noticed this, now he was known for being an ass, but he could see when his sensei was troubled by something, if only for his love of the man's son, niece, and nephew, he kept his mouth shut from saying something rude. He took the bandage from his hands, careful not to disturb him, careful to be gentle.

"I can do it, you don't need to bother."

Giotto sighed and gave Byakuran the bandages no problem.


Releasing relief, he immediately flopped down on the medic bed beside him. He groaned as his face hit the white pillow. A muffled "I'm exhausted" could be heard from him. Normally he wouldn't act like this but he was tired beyond himself.

Byakuran attended to his wound, dabbing the tissue, now bloodied on his cut, wincing just slightly at the pain, but carrying out his treatment none the less,

"Just sleep then…"

Giotto stayed quiet for a few minutes before turning to look at Byakuran. "...idiot," he sighed out getting up into a sitting position. He held his hand to his mouth as he yawned.

"Let me do that."

You could hear the faint tiredness in his voice as he reaches over to fix the bandages.

Byakuran pulled away, whining a bit, "Lemme do it. I know what I'm doing." he seemed childish, but hell he was, his only friends were a bunch of little kids and a manipulative pineapple. Oh and Sho-chan, but he would've gotten mad at him for getting hurt again, or causing people trouble. Sho-chan was a bit of a nerd, too... Oh, and the Millefoire, but he won't go into detail about that right now.

"I don't need you to baby me, Sensei. I'm almost an adult; I need to learn to tend to my own wounds."

Giotto looked at Byakuran with amusement.

"Fine," he leaned back, gripping the white mattress with his long fingers.

"You're right." He smiled ruefully, recalling the times where Byakuran was a brat. Well, he still is but the brat he would take home and help. This brought something to mind reminding him about an important matter.

"Could you watch over Tsu-kun tonight?" He bit his lips tilting his head to the side in thought.

Byakuran took the bandage and began wrapping his own wounds; it was albeit clumsy compared to how Giotto does it. He looked at Giotto to confirm that he doesn't mind watching over Tsuna having been used to that already but paused. Byakuran's hands froze as he stared at the way Giotto kept his lip chewed like that, it always drawn his eyes. He swallowed as he realized he was staring and went back to wrapping his wounds while quickly answering him,

"Sure, Sensei, should I pick Tsu-chan up from school too?"

Giotto leaned off the mattress and walked to his desk. He hummed lightly at Byakuran taking back the mug to drink some more of the warm caffeine.

"No, it's fine. Just come over at the regular time." He leaned against the edge of his desk starring at Byakuran's struggling at being an adult wrapping his own bandages.

Byakuran's bandages were clumsily finished and he leaned back on the back starring at Giotto as he wondered out loud what he was doing that made him not be at home.

"Sensei, where are you going? You don't have a date, do you? Is it a girl? But I've never seen you socialize with any girl."

He let himself ramble while mindless playing with his hair, eyes averted to the side as he mentioned the last part.

"Unless!" He shouts that part a bit loudly, connecting Giotto's sudden tiredness into account. "You're doing something illegal? Alaude is going to kill you, Sensei."

Giotto lifted the mug to his parted lips; he tilted his head back letting the warm caffeine smooth down his dry throat. He tilted his head forward and placed the mug down with a click. Licking his slightly wet lips, Giotto chuckled as Giotto's words sunk in.

"You have a point."

If he was to do any illegal actions, he would be killed but he wasn't. He obviously wasn't going to tell Byakuran everything either. He had his reasons. Giotto put his hands in the pockets of his white coat and shifted his eyes up at Byakuran.

"I'm going out drinking with an acquaintance. The usual bar I go to, in case you will need to get me."

Well that part was the truth the rest will remain a secret from anyone.

Byakuran pouted, eyes narrowing just slightly. It wasn't the threatening way he did to most people, just the suspicious look he tended to give to Giotto and Alaude from time to time, when he knew they were keeping something from him.

"I'm going to tell Tsu-chan you're gonna go see a drug dealer, and I'm telling Knuckle on you.", he said it just the way a child would, the 'I'm telling on you!' thing they did when they wanted something, "Drugs are bad for you Giotto!"

Giotto choked on his own spit and laughed.

"Oh no!" He chuckled into his fist. "Not knuckles!"

He calmed down rather quickly and shook his head.

"I don't do drugs you Idiot, and when I see... Alaude... I'll make sure to tell him that."

Really, Byakuran was always a randomly entertaining child when he doesn't put his mind into it. That's what Giotto likes about him, despite his violent tendencies, the kid was good willed but much too nosy.

Byakuran grinned, having the information he needed, "Well, Giotto, I see you are not ruining your life with such choices as meth and marijuana, I am proud of you."

He stood up, patting Giotto on the back, "I have saved another life from utter despair of bad choices, Kyo-chan would be proud of me, and my work here is done."

He made his way quickly to the door, winking and tossing his teacher a wave, "Ciao~!" and he took off in the opposite direction of his classroom.

Giotto frowned once the other had left. God, he hated lying even if it was a small one. Byakuran didn't need to know the truth anyways and if he, god forbid, finds out? Giotto didn't even want to think about the aftermath. Taking a deep sigh, Giotto looked at the wall clock. He had another few hours before school ended, might as well go back to home room.

Byakuran spent the next one or two... or three... alright the rest of the day, hiding out around the school, careful not to get caught by any of the teachers, though it seemed like G was out to get him at one point, and Mukuro had almost outed his hiding place. There were times that he didn't really like that pineapple and his band of misfits, but when most of your friends are kids, you learn not to be picky in making friends.

Giotto walked into homeroom only to see that Byakuran hadn't come into class. 'Oh whatever, I'll deal with it later today.' He mentally sighed and continued on with the class lessons. The school day ended promptly and Byakuran was nowhere in sight. Shaking his head, Giotto made his way to Namimori preschool. "Papa!" Giotto looked in front of him only to get pummeled by a little brown haired monster.

"Ah, Tsu-kun!"

He chuckled reaching down and lifting Tsuna up in the air.

"How was school, my cute son?"

He twirled around a bit causing Tsuna to giggle gleefully.

"Hehehe! I have fun recently!"

Tsuna exclaimed at his father, hugging him around his neck. They made their way to Giotto's car. As Giotto buckled Tsuna down in his booster seat, Giotto got a musical call. Beethoven's symphony played, Tsuna recognized the melody and hummed along, unaware of his father's growing frown. Groaning a bit, Giotto sat in the driver's seat and drove his way home ignoring the call.

At home, Giotto was sitting down on his kitchen table looking over the cute drawing that Tsuna drew at school today. It was scribbled with blotches of crayon colours at seemingly random places of the page.

Byakuran showed up on time to babysit Tsuna, who'd let him in happily with a hug and all. He peeked around a bit, trying to find Giotto, happy when he finally spotted him in the kitchen looking at a piece of paper.

He buzzed over, trying to get a glimpse, it looked like something Tsuna drew...but... what was it exactly... He pointed at something yellow, "I think that's the sun... or knuckle... I'm not too sure..."

Tsuna said that Giotto had to guess what he drew and when he did, he would get a "prize" of some sort.

As appealing as that sounded, Giotto had to leave soon. Just as that thought entered his mind, a hand passed by his vision and a voice probed his hearing. Caught off surprise, Giotto jolted and looked up wide eyes.


Byakuran grinned, seeing he had scared the older man, yeah he was kind of proud of himself. "It's either a picture of a bunch of random elements, or it's you, Knuckle, G, Asari, Alaude, and someone purple?"

He stated it like it was the simplest thing in the world. Well he'd been baby-sitting Tsuna for a while now, he'd learned that the kid had a liking for drawing, even though he wasn't too good at it; he still liked it a lot. He also knew that the boy treasured his friends and family above all else, even his odd uncles.

Upon the brief mentioning of someone purple, Giotto frowned. Placing the picture flat on the dining table, Giotto stands up and places a hand on Byakuran's shoulder. He stood a few inches taller nodding his head to him.

"Thank you for coming over again to watch over Tsu-kun."

Byakuran shrugged, pulling the kid who'd been tailing closer and patting his head, "It's okay, Tsu-chan's my best friend."

He knelt down to Tsuna's eye level, "Isn't that right, Tsu? No pineapple-butt could ever replace our awesome friendship."

He said it in a little bit of an exaggerated tone. But still pretty normal for him, especially when watching Tsuna.

Giotto chuckled at Byakuran's attitude with Tsuna. He walked behind them to go upstairs.

"I'm always happy you and Tsuna get along, Byakuran."

He made his way to the staircase, giving Byakuran a smile once more before climbing the steps.

"I appreciate you very much."

Byakuran paused at the man's words, and Tsuna asked him why his face had grown red.

Giotto reached the second floor and made his way to his bedroom, rushing to change into more presentable clothes. As he opened his closet the phone in his back pocket rang a dreadful symphony and Giotto cringed refusing to answer it. '…how annoying.' He thought while pulling out a newly pressed suit.

Byakuran only smiled and dramatically fell to the floor, "Oh Tsu-kun, I'm dying, you must go on without me!"

He called out as last words, before falling to the floor with and exaggerated "guh", making Tsuna rush over to him, playing along.

"Noooo Bya-nii has to wake upp, you need to feed meee."

Byakuran played along with Tsuna making sure not to think too much about what Giotto said or how it made him feel.

Giotto walked down stairs, fixing up his red silk tie. He walked over to see what Tsuna and Byakuran were doing. He wanted to stay in that blissful happiness that these two always seemed to envelop before trudging over to meet that person. Most likely that person is going to throw a fit because he didn't pick up the first time so he will have to the second time to avoid any accidents. He would rather dress in casual clothes but this person refuses for that 'garbage' and demands for formal attire, this why he was wearing the suit that person gave him. Giotto patted his tie down just making sure it's aligned and ran his fingers through his chaotic blond locks.


Byakuran sat up, crossing his legs as he watched Tsuna run over to his papa and wrap his arms around him.


He called happily. Byakuran simply smiled watching the two, resting his chin on his hand. It looked nice. He envied them quite honestly, they were so close and Giotto looked really handsome, he always did.

Giotto smiled down at Tsuna, ruffling his hair.

"Having fun?" He asks softly.

Tsuna nodded head and ran back to Byakuran.

"Bya-nii was helping me with colours!" He beamed with accomplishment.


Giotto inquires smiling at Byakuran. "He's your personal helper, isn't he?"

He smiles even more when Tsuna asks Giotto that question back. Giotto looked at Byakuran and agreed that he was also his helper.

Byakuran just smiled at the exchange, standing up and brushing himself off, he crossed the room to Giotto, "So, what time can we expect you back?"

He asked with a tint of a blush feeling a bit embarrassed that Giotto called him his personal helper although he didn't say those exact words when Tsuna asked but he implied it. It was enough to get Byakuran to feel a bit more important.

"Before midnight," hopefully, he mentally adds. "Leave dinner for me on the table." Giotto stares at Byakuran for a moment, a small smile danced on his lips.

Byakuran stood still, feeling the older man's eyes on him for an uncomfortably long amount of time. He sweat dropped, "Alright then, have a nice time with Alaude!"

He grinned, he honestly never thought that the other blonde really drank, but it wasn't too hard to believe he and Giotto were drinking buddies. They both had this silent bromance, Byakuran only got to see it when he did something stupid (in their minds, they really just didn't understand his genius), and they both would let out this tired sigh.

Giotto nods hesitantly. "Of cour-" Beethoven's symphony played interrupting him. He dreaded for that call and to have it interrupt him now, ugh. Giotto turned around and felt for his phone in his back pocket as he waved quietly to his son and Byakuran. He picked up the call, greeting the call curtly while walking towards the front door. "Yes, I'm quite aware."

Byakuran smiled, waving with Tsuna.

Giotto put his shoes on walked out of the front door shutting the phone and putting it back into his pocket.

"Have fun." They spoke in unison. He turned heading for the TV, "Let's go watch that new episode of Rebirth, I wonder what Byakugan's gonna do with Yuno..."

Tsuna trailing behind, debating with him about whether Tsuma would save the day or not.


Author Note: Thank you for reading. I hope this time it was easier to read.