Chapter Two

*Contains - implied rape, abusive relationships, prostitution, drug abuse

A dark red and black limo rolled its way in front of his road and Giotto sighed drastically.

"That idiot..."

The limo driver walked out and opened the back door for Giotto. He didn't like that experience but nodded his head towards the driver. He made his way inside the back and was instantly pulled on a warm chest. He stayed like that a bit surprised, enough for his captive to trail their long fingers through his strawberry scented hair.


A velvety smooth voice brushed against his face and Giotto frowned at the intruder.


They sat at a private booth on the second floor of the bar. Daemon typically chose these rooms when he wanted something from Giotto.

"I'm not doing it with you."

Giotto growled, drinking down his beer. Daemon raised an eyebrow at that, his legs overlapped and his foot swaying.

"I didn't say that."

He placed his hand on the cushion between himself and Giotto and leaned in.

"Unless you want to, I don't mind. Nufufufu~"

It's been a while since he last saw Giotto and their last meeting was unsightly and unforgivable.

"I'm not at all upset that you ditched me last time."

Giotto turned his head to the side and took another swing, being with Daemon always annoyed him. Well, not always but more recently. He gripped his fingers around the glass and whipped his head to glare at the other.

"I'm pissed at -"

Giotto swayed in his seat.

"Wh-What…" He groaned. What the hell is going on? He squeezed his eyes tightly thinking back to why he was feeling sick and slightly feverish. He didn't take anything bad expect drinking with Dae- Daemon.

"Daemo...daemon what did...did you dooo?"

He mumbles out his suddenly heavy back falling to the couch as he sat still trying to breathe better.


He was feeling feverish and ill and hot.


Giotto turned his head to the other way from the cool puff of air that dance on his neck. He stretched around and moaned.

"I take what I want when I want, lovely Giotto."

Giotto awoke in a dark room but as he blinked his eyes he realized it wasn't that dark as glowing lights bleed into through the windows. 'Oh...I'm in a car?' He deducted sitting up with a slight pain.

"Ugh..." His brows knitted in confusion and as he searched for the answer he recalled Daemon. He looked around the back of the- what seemed to be the limo, that of which Daemon wasn't there.

Giotto leaned against the door of his house. He was exhausted and his lower body pained incredibly.


He didn't fucking want to do that with him. He was planning to talk it over with him like adults and end their physical relationship but Daemon didn't want that. Giotto was frustrated, he rung his door bell instead of using his house keys. It hurt just reaching for his keys and he didn't want to cry in pain outside his house like that.

Byakuran opened the door to see an obviously drunk Giotto ready to bitch at him about being late, and how Tsuna had waited all night for him, had he not caught the pained look on his face. His eyes widened, and he bit his lip.

"Y-you're... Are you alright?" genuine concern shown in his face, whatever had happened to Giotto he'd ended up in a limp.

"Did someone jump you? Is that why you're late? Oh shit the drug dealer wanted his money didn't he? I'm sorry, I can get some people and find him and beat him up for you? Which street does he work on? Is he the one on Sho-chan's street? The old dude?" he continued on in his ramblings. He was being serious; he was ready to beat to death the guy who dared hurt his friend's father.

Giotto just limped forward and wrapped an arm around Byakuran pulling him in and collapsing on him.

"Shut up."

His head still pounded and he wanted nothing more for the pain to go away. He was so glad that it wasn't Tsuna who opened the door but at the same time he didn't want Byakuran to see him like this.

Byakuran froze at the tone, it was tired. He nodded, trying to help the man to the couch. "Alright. Do you need anything? Painkillers..?"

Giotto groaned as he sat down. The pain in his lower half was torture. Daemon that asshole, leaving him like this and causing this!

"Shit..." He clenched his teeth trying to breathe through his nose.

"Byakuran..." He hissed his name out. "Get me the ice pack."

Byakuran 'eep'd' a bit, that was like the voice Giotto had used when he failed every class last quarter.


He saluted and took off into the kitchen, coming back shortly with an icepack.

Giotto closed his eyes. His suit was so uncomfortable and he needed to breathe. He slowly tugged at his tie until he loosened it.

"Haaa" he sighed out with a whimper. He whispered under his breath. "I'm going to kill him."

"Kill who? The drug dealer?" Byakuran questioned, offering up the ice pack.

If there was silence to break, Byakuran would demolish it. "A-are you sure you're okay with just an icepack?" you couldn't really blame him. When someone who you've seen flips a man twice his size over his shoulder comes home wounded and drunk you get worried.

Giotto stayed silent for a moment the ice pack still in his hand, numbing his fingers.

"…I need a bath." He whispered, ashamed at how his voice cracked at the end.

Byakuran widen his eyes and nodded, rushing to hold onto him and carefully ushered Giotto to the bath down the hall. He knew the layout of the house as well as he practically lived here. Once at the bath, the two stood awkwardly unsure of what to say or do, Byakuran didn't want to do anything that would push the limits of what they had going on at the moment.

Giotto contemplated whether to tell Byakuran to leave and go home so that he could deal with himself.

"Help me take off shirt."

Byakuran nodded, unsure about it. He couldn't help but notice a few red marks as he unbuttoned the first few. Biting his lip he looked away, jokes aside he'd honestly hoped it wasn't something like this.

Giotto said it not really thinking whether it was appropriate to change in front of someone so young but it seemed that not even Byakuran thought that as he immediately went to do as told. Giotto placed the ice pack to his side and watched Byakuran unbutton his shirt.

"I want you to ignore anything wrong you see, you hear me?"

Giotto looked off to the side taking in deep breaths. If he had it any other way, he wouldn't have asked Byakuran for help. But if he wanted to get upstairs and get better for work, he needed any help he could get. He furrowed his brows, gripping the edge of the sofa cushion.

"Idiot." He growled out with a strain. Both Daemon and he were idiots; Daemon for touching him and himself for being too gullible.

Byakuran quickly opened the rest not daring to look at his teacher. He worried about it, but Giotto had instructed him not to look at anything. Err... Ignore anything wrong he sees, but from what he'd glimpsed earlier, there appeared to be a lot of... Bite marks, a-and those were probably what he'd meant, right? Right. So just don't look. But he couldn't help taking a peak; curiosity killed the cat, but never did any good for those who tried to ignore it either. His eyes widened upon seeing more red marks, leading down to his... His eyes shot closed. Great, he'd almost forgotten.

"Pants too?" Try to calm down.

Giotto calmed his heart down before he punched himself. This was ridiculous. He was ridiculous. His eyes stared hard watching Byakuran pull off every button revealing his shame. Honestly, this was a lot harder than he expected. Shit, he shouldn't have asked Byakuran for this. He breathed in a shaky breath and prayed it came in strong to the other. It pricked his heart when Byakuran eyes cramped shut because of him. He swallowed, lifting his arm up and reaching his hand to touch Byakuran's.

"I'm sorry."

Byakuran's eyes shot open, why was Giotto apologizing, he had nothing to apologize for! Byakuran glared at him.

"Idiot! You don't need to apologize, I volunteered to help, and it's not your fault this happened."

Honestly he'd wanted to hug Giotto, he was a good guy! He didn't deserve this. Though he had figured it out that it wasn't Alaude who did this to Giotto, after all the pale-blonde would never allow this to happen.

Giotto's eyes widen and he drew his hand back, clenching his fingers firmly to form a tight knit fist. He laughed dryly.

"Not my fault?"

He shook his head and glared at Byakuran before his eyes specked with sadness.

"This is my fault."

He shook his head and almost chocked up. If he wasn't at fault, then why did Daemon hate him so much? Why did his wife leave him and Tsu-kun? Something in Giotto stung and it suddenly got hard to breathe.

Byakuran pulled back as if stung by the man's glare, thinking he said something wrong, inwardly cursing himself, why couldn't he just say the right thing already? No matter what he did it's like he always somehow made Giotto angry, or sad, and he always got this look. The look that looks so much like Tsuna when he does something wrong, without even thinking about it his hand flew out, grabbing the other man's.

"It. Isn't. Your. Fault."

He could feel moisture gathering in his eyes, willing them to stay dry, willing himself to stay together.

"I don't know what you're thinking Giotto, and I'm stupid so you have to be blunt with me," he smiled slightly. "But I know that you'd never do anything to deserve this. I know this because that innocent, sweet little boy asleep in his room was raised by you. Not a mother in sight, you raised him on your own, and you did a damn good job. That proves to me you don't deserve this."

Giotto's body shook and the grip Byakuran kept on his hand was getting sweaty and suddenly Giotto was nervous. He wanted to prove that it was his fault! He wasn't completely innocent and at this point he deserved what happened to him. His chest tightened and it prickled and pained, he wasn't sure why the room was getting dark or why he felt like his lungs were filled with lead.

"I'm at fault," and saying that made the feeling dull for only a petrifying moment. It plagued Giotto that every nook and cranny he had was filled with dark secrets that left him irreversibly tainted. "I..." He choked it, struggling to find his words.

"A few months ago..." He swallowed, was it right for him to tell Byakuran? Well, when was he ever not wrong...? His entire body was wrong and Daemon made sure to deeply inscribe that into his very soul whenever he had the chance.

"I made a deal with ...someone..." Giotto felt his mouth go slack and he wanted to puke out all that was left of his self-worth.

"I get paid...for selling myself." Words died as he whispered the last part. Was it his fault? Yes. He asked for it. He decided it still chained his heart and it tore away his humanity. A respectful teacher like him selling his body so one was unorthodox! He doesn't deserve to be Tsunayoshi's father.

Byakuran's eyes widened more but his grip grew tighter, he licked his lips nervously, swallowing.

"E-even... even if you say that, even if you did something like that, you're still you. Bad choices will happen, mistakes will be made. I'm guessing, since any time before when I baby sat, you'd showed up right on time. But today... something happened. Today this happened. There was a change today."

He murmured the last bit, as if it were an important discovery he was making as he spoke, His eyes falling just a moment before he looked back up to the blonde, new life, and more determination shown in them.

"There was a change today, because you tried to leave, to end it. It wasn't your fault because you made the right choice. It wasn't your fault, because you tried to end this before it got this bad."

With every conclusion he drew in closer, face mere inches away from the others by the end of it.

"It wasn't your fault, because eventually you figured it out, eventually you found out that you weren't supposed to do it, but.. Things never turn out the way you plan when it involves other people, so it's his fault. It's not your fault, because it's his fault."

Giotto's eyes pricked with tears and his vision blurred. His throat stained and constricted dryly and every time he opened his mouth to say something it hurt. Why did it suddenly become so hard to talk and why did Byakuran deal with this so calmly? Shouldn't he be disgusted and throw him away and take Tsunayoshi away from him?! Oh god, Giotto sobbed and leaned his head down.


His voice cracked and the words hurt to say. He just couldn't understand why Byakuran was being so nice, so generous, so sweet.


Stop being so damn nice! You don't know me! I'm a disgusting human being that earns money to keep everyone safe by having sex with my student's brother! How much did he want to cry and scream this all out! But he couldn't...he is utterly ashamed.

Byakuran merely pressed forward, "I won't stop."

He placed his palm firmly against the other's cheek, pulling his face up to look into his eyes.

"I won't stop because you're a good friend of mine, you didn't deserve this and you deserve to be reassured that you're not despicable or disgusting. Giotto, I-I..."

The albino trailed off, the words getting stuck in his throat just like every time they did, he wished he could just say it already. He wished he could say it, but his doubts always filled his mind, and the fact that this could potentially harm Tsu-kun. Just like every time he shut out the words before they could be said.

"I really respect you, and I think you're an amazing person. I want to spend more days with you and Tsu-kun, and I want to see both of you smile, so I won't stop, okay?"

Giotto was suddenly felt the weight of his words push down at him. He shouldn't have said all those things to someone who was still young and growing. He saw it in Byakuran's eyes. He had ruined something inside him. He was no longer someone of value, Giotto became a disgrace. He pushed Byakuran's hands off.

"Get off."

He didn't want to deal with this anymore...he attempted to stand up before ended up falling forward. His arm swung around Byakuran's shoulder and his head tossed to the side. He feels cursed.

The albino looked as if he'd been slapped, the rejection slowly settling in, but he simply swallowed down his self-pity, opting instead to catch his fallen teacher.

"I won't, I'll leave in the morning, after I'm sure you're better, then if you want I won't bother you again, but I won't leave you tonight." His words were said with complete determination, and no room for question or denial. "Even if it's just helping you to your bed, I want to help as much as I can."

Giotto didn't say anything. He just stayed in his arms. He had something in his mind that he had to deal with and what Byakuran said confused him slightly. Although he didn't want to think about it for too long, what Byakuran said made him feel fuzzy inside. He just wanted to be cleaned and to pretend this never happened. Yes, he was thinking much differently compared to his earlier thoughts but what was expected? He wants to pretend everything is normal again...well, as normal as it can.

After a few moments, the silence suffocating the air, Byakuran realized that Giotto wasn't going to make any response to what he said with eviction. He lowered his eyes down and maybe for the first time realized how naked Giotto was. Byakuran felt blood rush to his cheeks, he had his half-naked sensei on top of him in his bathroom, and this was not a compromising situation to be in. Suddenly, Byakuran began to feel nervous so much that his body trembled from it.

Giotto sensed a bit of nervousness from Byakuran and he wondered if he made a mistake. Furrowing his brows, while coming up with a mental debate on what to do after this whole ordeal, he shakes his head.

"I need to get cleaned...and," he gently moves away from Byakuran, shirtless and half naked.

"I'll do it myself." He states firmly but with a quiet voice.

Byakuran felt the weight move off of him, he swallowed, nodding.

"Right.", he wouldn't allow his emotions to get the better of him, this wasn't about him it was Giotto, he wasn't naive enough to believe the other man saw him as much more of a student, the highest he'd probably ever get would be a friend, and that seemed years from now. So he offered a smile, nervous and disappointed, "I suppose I'll let myself out then."

He spoke to the other man's back. And without saying another word crossed the living room quickly, shutting the door behind him running a few blocks before finally slowing, resting against a fence. He took fistfuls of his hair, sighing out loudly. He kind of abandoned Giotto back there but he made it clear he didn't need his help...

Giotto stared as Byakuran ran out leaving him. It was empty again. He looked down at his bareness. He had shown himself to someone who he trusted and they ran off. "…even you left."

Author Note: Yes, this is when our cute crack pairing took a turn for the angst-ride.