Hello all! My fourth story has arrived. This will be a retelling of Total Drama Island, but with a much more gruesome storyline. You shall see what I mean.

Disclaimer: I do not own Total Drama or any of it's affiliations.

The anchorwoman turned her head to the camera and smiled. "And here we have it, folks. The world premier of…Total…Drama…Island! "

"Yo, we're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario!" A well-dressed man in his mid-thirties was seen standing on a dock. He flashed his shiny grin at the camera. "I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television right now!" He walked down the dock. "Here's the deal. Twenty-two campers have been 'chosen' to spend eight weeks right here at this crappy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against their other teens, and have to face judgement by their fellow campers in the event that they lose. After each challenge, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their teammates leave: them, Total Drama Island, and the land of the living, for good." He chuckled.

He walked towards a small clearing, where a number of small stumps were set up as chairs, and an oil drum with a plate of marshmallows sat in front of it. "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic and drama-inducing campfire ceremony, where each week all but one camper will receive a marshmallow. In the end, only one contestant will be left standing, and will be rewarded with the ultimate prize, their life! To survive, they'l have to battle black flies, bears, disgusting camp food, and most importantly, each other. Every moment will be caught on camera by the hundreds of camera's situated around the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out right here, on Total! Drama! Island!"

Theme Song.

Chris smiled on the dock. "Alrighty, then. Let's welcome our first camper: Beth!"

Beth came walking down the dock, a forced smile on her face. She was a short girl, and had an olive green vest over a turquoise shirt, with light pink pants. Her hair was in a side ponytail and she had braces. She was not the most attractive of girls. "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" She squeaked, waving at the camera.

"Beth, how does it feel to be here?" Chris asked as if nothing was wrong.

"Um, good." Beth mumbled, trying not to let her fear show.

Beth: Total Drama Stereotype: The Wannabe.

"That's good." Chris smiled warmly, gesturing to the far end of the dock. "Please wait here while the other contestant's arrive."

Beth walked quickly down to the dock as the next boat pulled up.

"Welcome, DJ!" Chris announced, looking towards the boat. There was silence. "Um, DJ?" He called. "Come on out, bro."

A few seconds of silence went by, when suddenly screams were heard. "No!" A voice yelled, coming closer and closer. "No! I don't want to! I don't want to die!"

Suddenly, the driver appeared in the doorway to the boat, hurling the contestant, along with his luggage, off the boat.

"Come back!" DJ sobbed as the boat sped away. DJ was tall and athletic. His skin was dark, with a full beard, and he wore an olive green T-shirt with an orange 'D' on it. He also clothed himself in a white beanie and tan cargo pants.

"DJ!" Chris smiled, ignoring the fact that his second contestant was sobbing on the ground. "You need to get up, man! Pull yourself together!"

DJ hiccuped as he got to his feet. "S-sorry." He sniffled. "It's, just…I don't really want to be here, you know?"

DJ: Total Drama Stereotype: The Brickhouse with Heart.

Chris nodded his head in fake sympathy. "I feel you, man. But you need to get over to the other side of the dock so I can continue the show, okay big guy?"

DJ nodded, grabbing his luggage and walking over to Beth, who hugged him comfortingly, trying not to cry herself.

"And now." Chris announced with excitement as the next boat got closer. "We introduce Gwen!"

Gwen stalked off the boat. She was relatively attractive, in the goth sort of way. She had shoulder length black hair with teal highlights. She wore all black with some gray. She stormed past Chris, ignoring him completely.

"A little touchy, Gwen?" Chris asked innocently, staring at the girl's retreating back.

"Screw you." Gwen snarled, going to the other side of the dock and standing as far as physically possible from the sobbing DJ and comforting Beth.

Gwen: Total Drama Stereotype: The Goth.

"What's the matter?" Chris asked, his voice still oozing innocence.

"I'll tell you what's the goddamn matter." Gwen yelled, starting to advance on Chris, who just stood there smiling.

"Now, Gwen, I'll have you know," he started, pulling his shirt up a couple inches. The holster of a handgun gleamed in the sunlight. "Violence against the host is prohibited."

Gwen stopped dead in her tracks, fury in her eyes. "You bastard." The goth growled, retreating back to the other end of the docks.

The amused twinkle in Chris's eye never faded. "I've been called worse." He laughed, turning to the next boat.

Loud music could be heard playing, and a tall muscular blonde boy with a pink button up shirt, fully unbuttoned, was seen dancing on top of the boat. He front flipped off when the machine came to a halt and caught his luggage, giving a thumbs up to the driver as the boat sped away. He adjusted his cowboy hat and turned to the host, a big grin on his face.

"Geoff! What's going on, man?" Chris said, offering the boy a high five. Geoff gladly accepted it.

"Not much, bro!" The blonde smiled. "Pretty stoked to be here, though."

Geoff: Total Drama Stereotype: The Funnest Guy Around.

Gwen's mouth dropped open. "He's either sadistic, crazy, or the most optimistic man on the planet." She muttered to DJ, who nodded, still whimpering.

"Are you now?" Chris laughed, clapping Geoff on the back. "Got any big plans while your here?"

"One." Geoff nodded. "PARTY!" He bellowed the last word, starling everyone on the dock.

"Jesus, man!" Chris said, trying to keep his temper in check. He shoved the boy forward. "Cool the jets, Geoff. We have more people to introduce. "

Geoff tipped his hat at the host. "Cool." He turned to the other contestants. "What's up dudes and dudettes?"

Beth was the only one to reply, stammering a small greeting while DJ continued to whimper and Gwen glared at him.

Geoff blinked. "Okay then!" He turned to look at the upcoming boat.

"Welcome, Lindsay." Chris said, sounding a little overexcited.

"Hi!" Lindsay bubbled. She was the sterotypical high school cheerleader - big breasts and a small brain. She had long blonde hair and wore a red sleeveless shirt with a brown tank top over it, and a denim skirt with cowboy boots. She also wore her most common expression, utter confusion.

Lindsay: Total Drama Stereotype: The Dumb Model.

"How does it feel to be here?" Chris asked, grinning cheesily.

"Um, good, I think?" Lindsay asked, letting go of her bags to tap her head. She leaned in close to Chris's ear, as if embarrassed. "Where am I again?"

"Ah, an easy one! [1] You are on Total Drama Island." Chris beamed, expecting Lindsay to either cheer or cry. He received neither of these.

"Whaty Llama Island?" Lindsay asked, now looking utterly perplexed. This was another common facial expression of the blonde.

"It's…just…ugh, never mind. Go to the other side of the dock." Chris sighed, put out.

Lindsay nodded and rolled her luggage over to the other four contestants. "Why are you all looking so sad?" she asked the gentle giant, the wannabe and the goth.

Beth looked up at the much taller model, about to speak, but was cut of by Gwen. "Are you that stupid?" She hissed.

Lindsay looked taken aback. "Oh, hi. My name's-"

"I don't care." Gwen snapped.

"Oh…" Lindsay said, hurt. "Sorry then…"

"Attention everyone, here is Heather." Chris announced, grinning as a beautiful Asian girl stepped off the dock.

You could instantly identify her type. The way she walked, the clothes she was wearing, and the long perfectly kept sheen of raven hair that went down to her tailbone. She was a rich kid, and a brat at that.

"Hello, everyone." Heather said, haughtiness dripping from every syllable.

Heather: Total Drama Stereotype: The Queen B.

"Hey Heather, how does it feel to be here?" Chris questioned, interested in her response.

Heather smirked. "Well, the situation sucks, but I plan on winning, so I should have nothing to worry about!" She walked down the dock and addressed the other contestants. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you guys all a nice memorial service when I win." She sneered, causing Beth and DJ to break down. The comment even melted Geoff's positive exterior slightly.

"Screw you." The goth girl hissed.

Heather's eyes lit up upon seeing a familiar type of person. After all, she had picked on Gwen's type all through high school, why should this be any different?

"Hey, freak. I didn't catch your name." Heather laughed. "Whatever, I shouldn't even bother learning it, you'll be out of here within a week."

Everyone gasped.

"Whoa." Geoff said, frowning. He walked forward. "Look here, babe. No need to harsh the mellow. Let's just chi-"

Heather shoved her palm into the party boy's bare chest, causing him to stumble backwards and double over. She then kneed him in the chin. He hit the floor, not bleeding but in immense pain.

"Shut up." The queenie scoffed. "I was talking to loser number one. You're loser number four. Wait your turn."

Gwen, showing an emotion other than anger for the first time, shoved past Heather and knelt above Geoff, who was still groaning on the ground.

"Hey, you okay?" Gwen asked, as Beth rushed to help Geoff to his feet.

"Yeah." Geoff mumbled, rubbing his jaw. "What's her problem, man?"

Beth, Gwen and Geoff returned to their positions as the next boat appeared on the horizon. Heather had scoffed at the angry looks she had received and was busy filing her nails.

Chris was looking very excited at the arrival of this newcomer.

"Everyone," The host gleefully exclaimed, "This is Duncan!"

Duncan walked out of the boat, and everyone minus Gwen and Heather shivered. Duncan looked like a criminal. He had close cropped black hair with a spiky green mohawk. He had several piercings on his face and a spiked choker around his neck. He wore a cream colored long sleeved shirt, with a black t-shirt with a skull over it. He, like DJ, wore cargo pants, but they were navy blue. His shoes consisted of red high-tops.

"Hey hey." Duncan greeted everyone. He noticed the growing bruise on Geoff's chin. "Who gave you that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Duncan: Total Drama Stereotype: The Delinquent.

"Her." DJ answered for Geoff, surprising everyone. The gentle giant was glaring at Heather, a finger pointed towards her. His face was still tear streaked, and something inside Duncan raised it's hackles as Heather laughed.

"Oh goodie, a queenie." Duncan snarled. "What'd he do to you?" He asked her. "I'm sure it was just something awful."

"Yes. The dumbass tried to interrupt me. Big mistake." She said, looking at her nails. She eyed Duncan up and down. "How's prison?"

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Haven't heard that one before. Real original."

Heather snarled at him as he walked by, but he ignored her.

"I'm Geoff." Geoff said, trying to approach Duncan with his hand extended.

Duncan eyed the hand, before accepting. "All right, you seem pretty cool. That's a nice shiner you got there."[2]

Geoff laughed. "Yeah, it hurts like hell, man."

Duncan smirked. "Look dude, I'm all for being social, it'll keep me on here longer, but if it comes down to it I'll vote you off so fast you won't even see how you're going to die."

Geoff looked taken aback, as did everybody else. "Okay then…" He mumbled,

Heather scoffed. "Look, you guys might not like it, but face it, he's got a point."

"Screw you." Gwen spat. "How about you shut up and just butt out?"

Heather bristled. "How about you make me, you ugly dyke?"

Gwen did not back down. "How about I do?"

"Hey!" Geoff, joined by Beth, got in-between the two. "Back off." Beth told Heather crossly.

Heather started laughing. "Oh, that's rich!" She said, cackling. "The short, ugly, pig girl is telling me to back off? Are you sure you're not just repeating what every dude in your high school said to you during prom season?"

Beth shrunk back as if struck and scurried away.

"Hey, what the hell was that?" DJ said angrily, forgetting his sadness for the moment.

Heather, seeing she was about to get ganged up on, decided the smartest thing to do was retreat. She slumped her shoulders and sighed. "Wow, I'm sorry, uh, ponytail girl. That was totally uncalled for. I guess I'm a little high strung." She laughed nervously. "I mean, who wouldn't be?"

"It's Beth." The farm girl mumbled, not looking at Heather. "And whatever, I understand."

"Well, as great as this." Chris interrupted. "It's time to introduce our next contestant!"

The sound of the next boat got steadily louder and louder. However, unlike the previous boats, there was nobody in or on the boat itself. There were, however, two skis being pulled behind the boat, with the next contestant planted firmly on them. The boat skidded to a stop, but the contestant, clad in a red tracksuit and a red head band, continued to be propelled forwards by the unstopping moment. He slammed into the back of the boat and slid down it, splashing into the water.

"Uh, is he ok?" Lindsay asked, craning her head to get a better look.

Chris shrugged. "I"m sure he's fine."

Sure enough, ten seconds later a dripping wet young man climbed up onto the dock, shaking his shaggy brown hair dry.

"Hey all." He said nervously, eyeing everyone.

Tyler: Total Drama Stereotype: Accident Prone.

"Here is Tyler, everyone!" Chris announced. Everyone eyed Tyler, the stares ranging from dismissive to interested to amused.

"Wicked wipe out, man." Geoff smiled, breaking the ice.

Tyler, seeing that apparently everyone didn't hate each other due to their situation, relaxed slightly. "Haha, yeah. Sports help me chill when I'm stressed, and I'm seriously stressed right now."

"I feel you on that." DJ nodded.

"Now that you are all nice and comfy." Chris rolled his eyes. "We have another boat approaching, so pay attention!"

Everyone watched as a lanky, ginger nerd with glasses stepped off the dock. He had a blue shirt with red trimmed sleeves. The shirt had a picture of a hamburger for some reason. He wore corduroys and some funky sneakers.

"Good day, Harold!" Chris said, eyeing the nerd. "How are you feeling?"

"Pretty crappy." Harold sighed. "I mean, I'm probably going to die sometime in the next eight weeks, so that's always a bummer."

Harold: Total Drama Stereotype: The Nerd.

"You sound like you've given up." Tyler said, raising an eyebrow.

Harold shook his head. "No, it's just statistics. 1/22 is not a good statistic."

"That's depressing." Beth sighed, starting to get choked up again. Lindsay pat her on the back.

"It's okay, Bertha." She said soothingly.

"Well Harold, thanks for your input, but we still have over half the cast to introduce." Chris said, prodding the nerd towards the people he would be competing against.

"We have Trent!" Chris announced, and a rather handsome fellow stepped off the dock. He had shaggy black hair, a guitar strapped to his back, and a camouflage shirt with a black handprint in the center. He wore plain jeans. He seemed like a pretty relaxed guy, or would've if he had not had a constipated look on his face.

"Eat some bad cheese?" Chris laughed, as Trent walked sourly past him without acknowledging him. But Chris wasn't letting him go that easily. "What's the matter, Trent? You not stoked to be here or something?"

"Of course I'm not, you asshole!" Trent snapped, causing the host to laugh.

Trent: Total Drama Stereotype: The Cool Guy.

"Well," He said between chuckles, "you are here, so you might as well get over it."

"Screw you."

Chris ignored him. "Well, you get a sour grape in every bunch, I guess. There's nothing sour about this contestant though, everyone give a warm welcome to Bridgette!"

A very pretty blonde exited the boat, looking scared out of her wits. She wore a light blue sweatshirt and tan shorts. "H-hi." She stuttered, looking on the verge of tears.

Geoff immediately went on comfort mode, seeing a pretty girl in distress.

"Aw, hey dude, don't cry." Geoff smiled, quickly going over to her and wrapping an arm around her, scooping up her luggage in the other hand. He guided her past Chris, much to his annoyance, and over to the friendlier people or the group, I.E. Beth, DJ, Tyler and to some extent Lindsay.

"I'm Geoff." He told her.

Bridgette attempted to compose herself. "I'm Bridgette." She choked out.

Bridgette: Total Drama Stereotype: The Pacifist.

"Nice to meet you, Bridge." Geoff smiled. He didn't think of anything comforting to say that wouldn't make him sound like a ignorant dumbass, so he just kept his arm around her, and she didn't move.

"Isn't that touching?" Came a sarcastic voice from behind Chris, who had had his eyes on the blonde duo. Said host now turned around, extremely peeved.

"Noah, what the heck? You weren't even introduced!" He pouted.

Noah: The Schemer.

"Well excuse me." Noah rolled his eyes. He was definitely of Indian heritage, and was rather scrawny. He wore three layers on his torso: A white long-sleeved undershirt, a turquoise button up shirt and a red sweater vest. He had gray cargo shorts and sneakers as well. "I'm sorry I didn't feel like waiting around for everyone to stop gawking at the California couple of the month."

"You know, a little friendship might not be a bad thing in a situation like this." Harold scolded.

Noah remained unfazed. "Whatever." He walked over to everyone else. "The fact is," he said, "that only one of us are going to be alive at the end of this, and I know for a fact that everyone here is planning on that one person being themselves, so I don't understand why to bother getting all chummy."

"Exactly." Gwen muttered, eyeing the newcomer with an approving look.

"You say something?" Heather snapped at her, startling her.

"I said 'exactly'." Gwen said louder, getting everyones attention. "I mean, seriously. Why the hell even bother if all but one of us are going to die?"

"Maybe," Beth pointed out, "because we don't want to spend the last days of our life hating everyone in our presence and feeling miserable."

That shut both Gwen and Noah up.

Chris laughed. "And that's a point for the nerd girl!"

Gwen shot him a glare.

Chris ignored her. "Time for the next contestant. The loud and proud, LeShawna!"

LeShawna walked out of her boat. She was African-Canadian, medium height, and had a very boisterous set of buttocks and breasts. She wore a tan top with four small calquats on it, and had dark blue pants on. She looked like the no-nonsense type of sister.

"Look y'all." She said right off the bat. "I'm all for being friendly, but I'll just let you know I do plan on winning this, but don't take it personally, okay?"

LeShawna: Total Drama Stereotype: This Sister with 'Tude.

"Sure," Duncan nodded, looking at LeShawna with slight respect. "Well said, sister."

LeShawna chuckled. "Don't test me, white boy." She saw DJ. "Hey brother, what's up?"

DJ smiled weakly. "Not much," He squeaked. "How about you?"

"Not much." LeShawna shrugged. "Trying not to let this situation get to me."

"As are we all." Trent said, speaking up for the first time since his arrival.

"So deep." Noah rolled his eyes.

"You need to clam it." Geoff frowned, as Bridgette started to quiver again.

"Settle down, settle down." Chris scolded. "We still have nine more campers to introduce."

Trent ticked slightly as the next boat arrived. [3]

"Oh my gosh." Came a voice from in the boat. "Why do we have to be here, Sadie?"

"I don't know." Another voice sobbed. "It's so unfair, Katie!"

"C'mon out, Katie and Sadie!" Chris told them.

"I do not want to be here." Katie sobbed as she and her friend emerged into the sunlight. Katie had dark skin and was skinny and rather pretty.

Katie: Total Drama Stereotype: The Nice Girl.

"Me neither." Sadie cried. "I don't want to die, or for you to die Katie!"

Sadie: Total Drama Stereotype: The Nice Girl's Friend.

Both girls were wearing the same outfits. However, Sadie was much chubbier then her BFF, so it looked rather grotesque on her, as they hadn't bothered to change the sizes of her clothes. They both had their hair in small pigtails. Sadie was of Asian decent.

"So, how stoked are you guys to be here?" Chris asked sadistically.

"Not stoked at all!" Katie cried as she clutched her friend.

"Yeah, at the end of this at least one of us will be dead! I don't want to lose Katie!" Sadie sobbed.

Duncan scoffed. "More like both of you." He said quietly. Noah smirked, nodding in agreement.

"Yes, okay." Chris sighed, losing patience. "We get that you are just devastated to be here. Now suck it up and keep moving."

Katie and Sadie walked to the dock in each others arms, each one wailing. Everyone stepped away from them.

"Can I push them into the water?" Heather asked, staring at the duo with annoyance.

Chris laughed, "Tempting, isn't it? But no, you'll have to save the physical violence until after everyone has been introduced. Speaking of introductions, here is our next contestant, Ezekiel!"

A scraggily looking young man stepped off the next boat. He had a small soul patch, was pale, and had a turquoise toque on his head. He had an olive green/gray sweatshirt on with pants that matched his hat. He wore a pair of farming boots. Most noticeable was a cross that he wore around his neck.

"Hello all." Ezekiel said solemnly, looking at everyone.

Ezekiel: Total Drama Stereotype: The Homeschooler.

"What's up Zeke, how does it feel to be in the real world?" Chris said mockingly.

"What do you mean, real world?" Lindsay asked, arms still around a shaking Beth. "Are we in the Matrix?"

"No." DJ said, looking perplexed at Lindsay's statement. "It's a figure of speech."

"Is that like figure skating?" Lindsay asked, still confused. "Because my P.E. teacher said I was good at that."

DJ didn't really know what to say to that, so he stayed quiet.

"It feels not at all that different, eh?" Ezekiel said mildly. He touched his cross. "I just feel sorry for the twenty one people who will meet their deaths all too early."

Duncan groaned. "Oh great, you're not going to try and convert all of us are you?"

Ezekiel looked perplexed. "Of course not. I am not that kind of person. I respect you for who you are, regardless of your religion. That being said, though, I'm not going to stop my own practice for fear of offending anybody."

Trent nodded. "Fair enough."

Ezekiel walked down the dock to strike up conversation with Tyler and Trent as the next boat arrived.

"Cody!" Chris exclaimed. "Welcome! How's it going man."

Cody grinned, eyeing all the girls, especially Lindsay. "Well, looks like we got some fine babes here!" He chuckled.

Cody: Total Drama Stereotype: The Pervert.

Cody, despite his smooth words, didn't not have such as smooth quality to his looks. He was scrawny, had a middle part in his hair, and a gap in his teeth. He wore a striped long sleeve cream, red and blue colored shirt and blue jeans.

"How does it feel to be here, dude?" Chris asked, chuckling as Cody's gaze, which was fixated only on the girls.

"Pretty darn awesome, man!" Cody chuckled, going over to Gwen and throwing an arm around her. Gwen shoved him off.

"So you're actually excited to be here?" LeShawna inquired disbelievingly.

"Well, I might as well enjoy my time and get some play before I die." Cody shrugged, walking over to Lindsay, his eyes not off her chest. "What's cooking babe?" He asked her.

"Oh no, I don't cook. My maid does that for me." Lindsay beamed.

Cody raised an eyebrow. "I meant…" He looked at Duncan, who was miming a retard and pointing at Lindsay. He chuckled, despite himself.

"Oh, gotcha. Hey Lindsay, I think you have a stain on the bottom of your shirt." Cody told her, a glint in his eye."

Lindsay gasped, "Oh my god, really?" She grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up to eye level, exposing all of her midsection and the very bottom of a white bra. Cody chuckled.

"Where? I don't see anything!" Lindsay exclaimed, still examining her shirt.

Gwen stormed over to Cody and shoved him roughly in the stomach. "Back off, you creep." She snarled at him.

Cody, coughing, stumbled away from them as Lindsay lowered her shirt.

"I still don't see it? Do I need glasses?" The blonde asked.

Everyone ignored her.

Chris, now too trying not to stare at Lindsay, composed himself. "Alright, well, that was…interesting, to say the least. But now it's time to introduce out next contestant. Please welcome, Eva!"

The boat came soaring up to the dock and dropped the next girl off. Her cold stared pierced everyone's nerves, even Duncan and Heathers.

Eva was by no means an attractive girl. She had a unibrow, and an unfortunately placed mole on her left cheek. She wore a navy blue tracksuit and a sour look on her face.

"Welcome, welcome, Eva! How does it feel to be here?" Chris asked.

Eva: Total Drama Stereotype: The Muscle Girl.

"Bite me." Eva snarled, shoving past the host. She stormed towards everyone else, who quickly gave her a wide berth. "What are you looking at?" She screamed at them.

"Your ugly face, you troll." Heather snapped.

Eva seethed at her. "I'm going to break one of your legs." She decided, scarily calm.

Heather paled. "What did you say?"

"I said I'll break your leg!" Eva roared at her.

"Whoa, whoa! Keep it in your pants, ladies." Chris laughed. "We still have four more contestants to introduce."

"WOOHOO!" Came a loud cheer from the next boat. An enormous boy with a shock of blond hair on his hair came sprinting out onto the dock. "Hey all!"

Owen: Total Drama Stereotype: The Optimist.

"Owen, what's going on?" Chris whined. "I had to introduce you first!"

"Sorry, Chris! But I was just so stoked!" Owen grinned, dancing in place.

"Uh, you do know you're on Total Drama Island, right?" Duncan asked.

Owen nodded. "Uh-huh."

"And that all but one of us are going to die?" Gwen added.

Owen nodded again. "Uh-huh, uh-huh." He adjusted his large white t-shirt, which and a blue maple leaf on it.

Eva scoffed. "Don't bother. He's obviously a moron."

"Good, that means he'll go before I do, and I'll be that much closer to winning my life back." Heather said coldly.

Owen apparently didn't hear her, too busy striking up conversation with Geoff and Bridgette.

"Well, as amusing as some of the campers are." Chris laughed, "We still have our next contestant arriving, and we have to keep things moving."

The boat screeched to a halt and the contestant was nearly hurled out of the boat. Said contestant was quite the eye-candy. She had short brown hair, mocha skin, and freckled under her cheeks. She was well endowed on the bust scale, and more then a few eyebrows were raised as she bent over to pick up her suitcase, which had been hurled onto the dock by the disgruntled driver.

"Why are all the girls babes, you pervert?" Noah asked Chris, not sounding too angry.

Chris winked at him. "Everybody, this is Courtney!"

Courtney: Total Drama Stereotype: The A-Type.

Courtney smiled at everyone. "Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all."

A few greetings were sent back at the newcomer, but most people stayed frosty.

"Expected." Courtney nodded. "Of course, I understand the hostility, given our circumstances."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Great, another know-it-all who believes they can win it all no problem."

Courtney shot Gwen a glare but kept her cool. "Actually, that's not true. I believe I can do my best to win. We'll see how far that gets me."

"Well it's nice to meet you, Courtney." Ezekiel said politely. Courtney smiled at him, grateful for something other then hostility.

"Thanks, what's your name?" She said.

"Ezekiel." The prairie boy nodded.

"Mine's Geoff." Geoff smiled, waving from beside Bridgette, who had had still refused to let go of him.

"Awh look, the CIT is making friends." Chris yawned. "Boring! We have the next contes-oh my…" He trailed off, staring at the upcoming boat.

Gasps were heard as the next contestant was seen, most of the sadness evaporated momentarily upon seeing such a glorious figure.

A young man stepped off the boat, and I'll be damned if he wasn't gorgeous.

"Did I get eliminated and go to Heaven?" Owen squeaked.

"Hi all." The newcomer greeted, introducing himself as Chris seemed to have lost the ability to speak. "My name is Justin."

Justin: Total Drama Stereotype: The Eye Candy.

"Oh my gosh, you are like, really hot." Lindsay gushed, staring at Justin's muscular build, deity-like facial features, and gorgeous black hair.

Justin laughed, a sound that felt like lambskin running along your eardrums, and Sadie actually swooned.

"Why thank you, you're not bad yourself." Justin said, smiling mischievously.

Meanwhile, as all the girls were trying to flirt with Justin, Chris was trying to remember how to speak.

"Wu. We'r. Uh…hehe. Eherm!" He coughed, finally able to compose himself. "Wow, I think our ovary count here at Total Drama just went down by half, because some definitely just exploded."

Courtney recovered herself, trying to fan her blush away. "Shu-Shut up." She said, embarrassed.

Gwen too was embarrassed by her reaction to Justin's arrival. "He could be a serious threat." She whispered to the closest person she didn't despise, Duncan.

Duncan scoffed. "Look pasty, he'd probably kill himself if he broke a nail or something, so I'm not all that worried about it. Those arrogant models always flip their shit over some thing or another. I'd be surprised if he made it past the first five eliminations."

While Justin integrated himself into the crowd, the last contestant arrived.

"And last, but not least, we have Izzy." Chris smirked, as the last contestant cartwheeled out onto the dock.

"What's up?" Izzy shouted. She had frizzy red hair and wore all green, her midriff exposed. She looked quite not right in the head, and all the contestants minus Eva took a collective step backwards as Izzy approached them.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Izzy laughed, throwing her arm around Chris, who had one hand involuntarily on his concealed handgun.

Izzy: Total Drama Stereotype: The Psycho.

"Is it going to be fun?" Chris said greasily.

"Yeah!" Izzy yelled. "I mean, people are going to die and shit! How cool is that?"

Everyone, except for one again Eva, gasped in shock. However, Eva did raise an eyebrow at the, now apparent, psycho's reaction.

"Izzy smiled at the crowd of campers, wondering which of them would die first." Izzy cackled, obviously voicing her thoughts.

"Can someone shut that freak up?" Heather asked, wide-eyed.

Gwen nodded, paler than usual. "For once, I agree with her. She's seriously freaking me out."

"You're harshing the mellow!" Geoff yelled, loosing his cool. Soon, nearly everyone was freaking out. Only a few remained calm.

"People! People!" Courtney shouted over the chaos. "Please, settle down."

"She's right, you know. It isn't helping." Noah, who was sitting on his suitcase reading, muttered. His words however, were lost with their quiet tones.

"Everyone shut the hell up!" Eva screamed, freezing everybody.

Chris smirked. "Thank you, Eva!"

Everybody now turned their attention back to Chris. "Yes," Chris nodded. "Now that we are all here, we can move on! But first, we need a group picture! If everyone could just line up and look all friendly."

Fifteen shoving, cursing, and sobbing filled minutes later, everyone was in a decent pose.

"Alright!" Chris said, pulling out a nice camera. "Three, two, one, say 'Wawanakwa!'"

No one said anything, not even Owen and Geoff.

Chris frowned, snapping the photo. "C'mon, don't ruin the fun, guys!"

"Bite me." Eva snarled.

"Can you just tell us where we need to go next?" DJ whimpered.

Chris sighed. "Fine. Follow me." He led them past the Mess Hall to a fire pit.

"First off, this is the elimination area." Chris announced, showing the elimination area with it's stumps and barrels. "Each week, the losing team will vote someone off here, and yes, as you all have been so keen to point out, the person who would've been voted out will be, so to speak, voted off life. You feel me?"

Katie and Sadie, who had just stopped wailing, started up again, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

"Now." Chris said over the wails. "It's time to announce the teams."

This got everyone's immediate attention. All were curious on who their possible executioners would be.

"For the first team…." Chris started, "We have Gwen, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Owen, LeShawna, Justin and Noah. If you would please stand over to the left."

The eleven campers did so, staring at one another.

"Oh my gosh, I need to be on the same team as Sadie!" Katie bawled, clutching a disgusted Heather for support, who quickly flung her to the ground.

"No, Katie!" Sadie said comfortingly, who was surprisingly not bawling like her BFF. "It's good we are on opposite teams. We need to focus on the competition and winning this. Who knows? Maybe by the time the Final Two comes we can find a way to tie or something so we can both live!"

Katie slowly but surely, stopped crying. She picked herself off the ground as everyone stared at her and looked at Sadie. She nodded her head. "It's a deal. We'll be the final two. You hear that?" She turned to everyone else. "You better watch out."

All the campers were in one way or another impressed by the sudden resolve coming from two of the probable weakest competitors.

Chris smirked, surprised himself. "Man, that was not the reaction I was expecting. Well, your team is known as the Screaming Gophers!" He tossed Owen a green banner. The fat boy unrolled it and saw the picture of a gopher that was..well, screaming.

"That means the rest of you: Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Izzy, Courtney, Ezekiel, Duncan, Eva and Harold. You are the second team." Chris said, hurling a red banner at Harold, who caught it with his quick reflexes. "You shall be known as the Killer Bass."

"Nice." Harold commented, studying the craftsmanship of the banner.

Chris smiled, turning to the camera. "Well folks, looks like this wraps up the first part of the first episode of Total Drama Island! Who will grow to like each other? Who will grow to hate each other? Will Heather be brutally beaten to death by her fellow cast mates, and will Izzy be the death of us all? Find out next time, on Total! Drama! Island!"

Screaming Gophers: Trent, Noah, Heather, Owen, Beth, Cody, Katie, Gwen, Justin, Lindsay, LeShawna.

Killer Bass: Courtney, Tyler, Sadie, Geoff, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, Duncan, Eva, Izzy, DJ.

Execution Order: N/A.

[1] Got to love double entandres, no?

[2] It may seem slightly OOC for Duncan, but I'm playing on his like of Geoff from cannon.

[3] Heh. Nine.

So, thoughts? Dark concept, I know. But I really feel like this could be an interesting story. I hope you all like it. I'd love to hear thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, so please PM me or leave a review! Thanks guys, Ciao!