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Duncan tossed and turned in his rather uncomfortable bed.

So far, so good.

The punk rolled over onto his side and yawned.

It was currently six hours after LeShawna had been eliminated, and the nerves in Duncan's stomach were making it difficult for him to fall asleep.

Two more days, three at max... Duncan told himself.

Everything had been smooth so far. No one suspected a thing and Duncan had had little trouble figuring out what he was supposed to do to not cause any suspicion as an imposter. He hadn't been needed for the previous day's challenge, but had been summoned to film the execution. Easy stuff, really.

Another thing had been bugging him: His father.

Where was he? The temptation to use his newfound clearance to go searching for his dad was tremendous, but Duncan knew better.

One of two things had happened to his dad:

One: Chris and his cronies had had his father killed right off the bat, and lied to Duncan to try and keep him in line since he was potentially very troublesome.

Two: Chris had kept his word and sent his father home after Duncan's 'death'.

Whichever one had happened, Duncan wouldn't be able to help his old man. Still, he wish he had some closure onto what had happened to Reg, though he couldn't ask questions without raising quite a bit of suspicion.

No, he decided, better to just keep his head down and wait out the storm.

Sighing, he closed his eyes, waiting for sleep to claim him.

It was now morning, and the three campers were just getting up and dressed.

"Today is the day, dude!" Geoff said, struggling to keep his nerves in check. "We're making it to the finale!"

Justin let out a grin despite himself, the thought of survival lifting his spirits. "Damn right."

Geoff slung on his shirt and hat, stretching out his shoulders. "Whaddya think our challenge is going to be?"

Justin considered this as he too dressed. He walked over to the mirror and checked himself for pimples and ingrown hairs. "I don't know. It'll probably be pretty hard though."

The party boy sighed. "Oh well, guess we have no choice but to go all out!"

"Indeed." Justin nodded, "if Beth was to win immunity stuff would get really awkward really fast."

(Confessional: Justin.)

"Ideally, Beth would be the best person to take to the finale with me." Justin says, his arms crossed. "Though depending on the challenge, it might not matter what I want. I may have to keep Geoff, but if I see a good opportunity to get Beth on my side, I'll take it.

(End Confessional: Justin.)

(Confessional: Geoff.)

Geoff smiles broadly, "Justin and I are goin' all the way, man, believe it!" He claps his hands together twice and cheers, "then I'm gonna beat him and get outta here! Mom, Dad, Bridge, I'm coming!"

(End Confessional: Geoff.)

Beth dragged herself out of bed and stumbled over to the mirror. She looked at herself, at the bags under her eyes and the dried tears on her face.

She hadn't gotten much sleep last night.

How could she have, though?

The one person who she thought had her back, who she had been friends with since the early days of this grueling, horrific competition, had only been stringing her along only to try and offload her at the most convenient time.

It was soul-crushing.

But she couldn't give up. She had people waiting for her back home. Her mom, her dad, her favorite pet pig, her friends, the cute boy in geometry class who blushed every time he looked at her...

No, she couldn't give up.

So she pulled herself together and got dressed, ready to face the day head on.

(Confessional: Beth.)

"I have to stay strong," Beth says, eyes still puffy. "I can't go down without a fight, even if my odds are bad. Justin and Geoff...they were planning to stab me in the back, they wanted me gone..." her eyes grow hard, "I'll make them pay for it. I will win this challenge!"

(End Confessional: Beth.)

The three contestants walked to the Mess Hall to eat some breakfast.

"Pancakes? Radical." Geoff grinned, looking down at the plate of wheat treats that was being served to him.

"Hmm," Chef grunted, "keep moving."

Geoff picked up his plate with one hand and saluted with the other, "Yes sir."

Justin and Beth silently retrieved their pancakes.

It was silent as the three ate at the same table. The air was awkward and full of tension.

Eventually, Geoff let out a huge burp and cleared his plate. "That was good," he sighed, content. "Be back in a jiff, brah. I gotta take a whizz," he called to Justin, who nodded.

As soon as Geoff was out of earshot, Justin turned to Beth.

"Say, Beth, I was thinking..."

Beth simultaneously turned pink and bristled, but didn't say anything.

"Why don't we team up in today's challenge, and take down Geoff? Get us into the final two guaranteed etcetera...etcetera. What do you think?"

Beth turned to glare at the model, who leaned back, surprised.

"Aren't you allies with Geoff?"

"Kind of," Justin said vaguely, "but I'm asking about your allegiance, not Geoff's."

Beth's glare intensified, and Justin was surprised just how intimidating Beth could look. "So you want to stab him in the back? Just like LeShawna tried to stab me in the back? Urk, I didn't think you'd stoop to her level, Justin. No way!"

"What? C'mon, be reasonable here," Justin protested, but Beth had already gotten up from the table.

"Save it, I want no part in your schemes."

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin scratches his chin, "Huh...hearing Beth's comment about 'stooping to LeShawna's level' makes me realize how good a job I did at hiding all the sneaky stuff I did..."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

Half an hour after breakfast, the three contestants were off doing who knows what as Chef cleaned the dishes in the Mess Hall. The beefy cooked was hunched over the sink, gloves on, scrubbing at a frying pan. He looked up as he heard footsteps enter the Hall.

"Who's there?" He barked, "there's no more food."

"It's just me," came Chris's voice. Sure enough, the saloon-style double doors that led to the kitchen opened a few seconds later and the dreaded host walked in.

"Just get back?" Chef asked.

Chris nodded, "Yup. How're things here?"

"Aight, I guess. You were briefed on what happened yesterday, I assume?"

Another nod.

"How'd the meeting go?" The cook found himself asking out of morbid curiosity.

"Alright, I guess. They're unsure of a second season, but I'm confident," Chris smirked.

"Any news about your pay? You seemed worried about it." The cook pointed out, secretly still suspicious about the things he had heard from Reg.

"Nah, we didn't talk about it," Chris seemed unconcerned. "Anyways, I'm about to start the challenge, I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm back."

The cook nodded and returned his attention back to the dishes.

Chris, feeling dismissed, gave the cook a bemused look and took his leave.

Noah and Bridgette were playing a fighting video game in the main living room of the Playa, eating a breakfast of frozen waffles drenched in butter and maple syrup.

"I'm telling you, this controller is busted." Noah snapped, "the "A" button only works half the time I press on it."

"Sure it does," Bridgette smirked, watching as her character pummeled Noah's into oblivion. "It has nothing to do with me being a god at this game."

"You said yourself its the first time you've played it," the bookworm cried, outraged, "were you lying?!"

"Dunno," Bridgette said thoughtfully, "Guess you'll never know."

"I hate you."

Their lighthearted argument was cut off when the noise of a boat motor was heard in the distance.

Interested, Bridgette paused the game and quickly ran for the door, Noah right behind her.

The two were surprised to see a large boat docked outside. A force of about ten cameramen were lugging suitcases filled with equipment out onto the dock.

"What's going on here?" Noah asked, stomach filling with dread.

"You're going to be watching the next challenge." One of the men said, wiping his gleaming brow with a red handkerchief. "We're setting up to record your reactions."

Noah and Bridgette gave distasteful looks at the cameramen then turned to look at each other.

"Today just got a lot crappier." Noah grumbled, noting Bridgette's pallid face. He reluctantly put a comforting hand on her arm. "Relax, Geoff''ll be fine."

Bridgette nodded, but remained pale.

Back on the island, the loudspeaker flickered to life, "Alright you three," it blared, "meet me at the stage where we had the wheel of challenges and Sierra got eliminated. Your next challenge is starting."

The atmosphere was already tense, and the campers had only just arrived.

Three podiums stood on the stage. A large wheel stood next to it. Justin, Beth, and Geoff took their spots at the podiums. Justin was on the left, Beth was in the middle, and Geoff was on the right.

"Welcome to the penultimate challenge." Chris said, walking onto the stage. "After this our finalists will be decided, and one of you three will win the ultimate prize."

The camera shot to the three faces of the teens

Justin, determined and confident.

Geoff, relaxed and ready.

Beth, haunted and grim.

"So! Here's how the challenge will work! You will each be given a dare and must complete it. The dare will be either painful, gross, or physically or mentally challenging. If you complete the dare, you move onto the next round. You have only one strike before you're out, so you have the option to fail one dare. Everyone clear so far?"

The campers nodded.

"Okay, so if you fail two dares, you'll be out. The last person standing wins immunity. You also will each be given one "freebie" which will let you pass strike-free on one dare. You can only use it once and you won't get another, so use it wisely."

Beth raised a hand. Chris looked annoyed, but acknowledged her. "Yes, Beth?"

"Do we get to use a freebie if we fail to complete a dare?"

The host shook his head, "Nope, you can only use a freebie before you attempt to complete the dare."

Justin raised a hand.

"Yes, Justin?

"Isn't this practically identical to the first challenge we had after the teams merged?" The model asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep, except the dares are more intense and the stakes are a lot higher," Chris explained, "It'll make for awesome TV viewing! We've also got a surprise twist, but that will be kept secret until the end of the challenge."

(Confessional: Beth.)

Beth sighs. "Figures it's a test of strength." She rubs her arm nervously, "I might actually take Justin up on his offer now that I think about it...I'm sure he'd rather go up against me in the finals than Geoff...and I dunno how well I'll hold up in the challenge."

(End Confessional: Beth.)

"Alright Justin, let's start with you," Chris said. "Come on up and spin the wheel."

Justin nervously walked over to the wheel and gave it a firm spin.

"Oho, looks like we're starting it off with a gross dare! You have to eat two tablespoons of wet dog food."

Justin blanched. "Oh god..."

One of the interns walked out, carry a small plate of the dog food. She handed it and a spoon to the model, who was trying not to gag at the smell.

"If you puke, you lose, by the way." Chris chimed in. "Even if you puke after your finish."

Justin gulped and picked up the spoon. He dug it into the reddish, gooey substance and pulled out a chunk. He hesitantly brought it towards his lips and enveloped the spoon with his mouth. Doing his bets not to chew, he swallowed it down and quickly refilled his spoon.

Geoff and Beth watched on with queasy expressions as Justin, to his credit rather effortlessly, finished the dog food.

"Gnarly," Geoff winced as the model let out a wet burp.

"Gnarly indeed," Chris agreed, "Justin, you're safe for now. You can head back to your podium."

Justin walked back, looking nauseous.

"Alright Beth, you're up next."

Beth steeled her nerves and briskly walked over to the wheel, giving it a hard spin.

"Ooh, ouch! Looks like you'll have to clip the nails of a feral cat!"

Shuffling could be heard from off-screen as two interns dragged in a rather large crate. It was just large enough to fit a kneeling person and a cat.

Beth stared down at the black and white cat, who stared back up at her with a wary look in his eye.

The intern tossed her a pair of nail clippers, which she caught.

"You in?" Chris asked for confirmation.

Gulping loudly, Beth nodded.

"Alright then, in you go." Chris opened the door to the crate, using his foot to keep the cat from bolting as Beth quickly scurried in.

The cat instantly backed into the far corner of the crate, hissing and spitting at the farm girl.

"Easy, easy," Beth cooed, keeping her distance. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

She continued to talk gently to the cat until it finally calmed down a little. She tentatively reached a hand out towards him.

The cat stared at the hand suspiciously and gave it a brief sniff, but continued to keep his distance.

Beth sighed, there was going to be no easy way to do this.

Quick as she could, she scooped the cat up, ignoring the pain in her arms as the cat dug its back claws into her flesh. She isolated one paw, cradling the body of the cat between her knees and clipping madly, careful not to nip the feline's flesh.

And so she forced herself through it. It got easier as the number of sharp nails the cat had at his disposal decreased. Eventually she opened the cage, not even noticing that the cat bolted out and away from these crazy assholes.

"Wow, that was intense," Chris noted, looking at the thin streams of red staining Beth's arms. "But you passed."

Beth just gave a small whimper and gingerly patted her arms with her hands, wincing.

(Confessional: Beth.)

"Yeah, I might have to have a chat with Justin," Beth gulps.

(End Confessional: Beth.)

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin looks confident, "Beth will be coming to me soon."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

"So far everyone is taking it like champ," Chris smirked, "Geoff, let's see if you can keep the streak going. Get on up here."

Geoff walked over to the wheel and, like his competitors before him, gave it a firm spin.

"Ooh, you get one of our tougher ones, Geoff!" Chris said, pulling a small cube out of his pocket. Each side was a different color, but that quickly changed as he began spinning each row of the cube around. "You have to finish this Rubix Cube in less than 10 minutes!" Satisfied with the cubes pattern, he tossed the cube to Geoff, who caught it and gulped.

"Well, here goes nothing," he muttered to himself, plunking down on the ground and tilting his cowboy hat back. He began to work on the cube.

"We have to just sit here for ten minutes and wait as Geoff fails?" Justin asked, half snide, half joking.

"Hey!" The party boy said, faking offense, "I'll have you know I'm way more a lot smarter than you!" he chuckled at his lame joke.

"Psst," Beth whispered to Justin, making sure Geoff's full attention was on the cube.

"Having second thoughts?" Justin guessed.

Beth paused, then hung her head. "I guess it was kinda obvious."

Justin snorted. "Mhm. Well fine, I'll need you to throw the challenge then."

Beth looked taken aback at the request. "What, why?"

"Because I don't really trust you yet, especially after the whole dramatic 'stooping to LeShawna's level' speech you pulled back in the Mess Hall." Justin explained, "I don't want to be stabbed in the back, and that can't happen if I have immunity."

"What if you stab me in the back?" Beth accused.

"Here's the thing though, Beth," The model told her mildly, "You don't have any other choice...I do."

Beth gulped, registering the truth in those words. "F-fine. What about Geoff, though? What if you lose to him?"

"You let me take care of Geoff," Justin told her, winking.

Beth flushed crimson and gave a squeak of understanding.

Satisfied with the conversation, Justin nodded and returned his attention back to Geoff, who was having little luck with his Rubix Cube.

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin smirks, "Perfect. My place in the Final Two is all but guaranteed."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

(Confessional: Beth.)

Beth sighs, "thank goodness, that went a lot better than it could have." Her cheeks redden and she sighs slightly.

(End Confessional: Beth.)

"Time's up, Geoff, and you're not even a little close," Chris noted.

It was true, Geoff hadn't even been able to get one full side of the Rubix Cube the same color.

"That's a strike for you," the host continued as the dejected party boy retook his place among Beth and Justin. "Justin, you're up again."

Justin nodded and walked up to the wheel, notably with much more confidence. He spun the wheel.

"Looks like Justin lucks out and gets one of the easier ones. All you have to do is shave your head."

Justin winced at the dare. He really did love his hair.

He weighed his options, and eventually shook his head. "I'll use my freebie on this one, Chris."

Chris looked shocked, "wow, really? That's must be feeling mighty confident, Justin."

Justin, hamming it up slightly, gave an exaggerated wince. "Oh, I couldn't possibly part with my luscious locks!" He whined, eliciting a chuckle from Geoff and a small noise of agreement from Beth.

"Beth, you're up again." Chris said. "Get on up here."

As Beth went to go spin the wheel, Justin scooted over to Geoff and whispered in his ear, "Hey man, do me a favor, would you?"

"Sure brah, what it is?" Geoff whispered back.

"Take a dive on this next dare if Beth fails."

Geoff looked surprised. "Uh...why?"

"Look man, I have my reasons," Justin told him, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "I trust you, alright?" He looked into Geoff's eyes, sincere as could be, "you trust me too, don't you, man? We've been through thick and thin together, I've got your back. Trust me, it'll all work out."

A reassured Geoff clapped Justin on the back, "alright dude, I trust ya. I got your back."

Justin grinned at him, offering him a fist bump, "thanks, bro."

Geoff eagerly returned the bump.

Meanwhile, Beth had unsurprisingly failed her dare to bench one-hundred pounds.

"These dares are unfair," she complained, "making Geoff do a Rubix Cube and me have to heavy lift."

"It's all random, you're spinning the wheel yourself," Chris assured her, "besides, you could've used your freebie, I don't know what possessed you to think you could lift one hundred pounds."

Beth chose not to comment, hiding the fact that she had purposefully not used her freebie to lose the challenge faster so Justin could win.

"Alright, this challenge is moving by fast, just as predicted," Chris said happily, "Geoff, you're up. Careful though, if you fail, you're out of the running for immunity!"

Geoff nodded as he spun the wheel.

"Ooh, you have to hammer ten nails into a board...while blindfolded!"

Geoff looked at his wrist, still in a hard cast. "Uh, I can't really do that even if I wanted to."

"Tough." Chris said unsympathetically, "Are you going to try? You still have your freebie."

"Nah, I'm goin' for it." Geoff said, ignoring Chris's shocked and now slightly suspicious face. "Hand me the hammer and nails, dude!"

He was given the tools, and it immediately became evident that Geoff would have no luck whatsoever in completing his task.

"And Geoff, stupidly, is out of the running for immunity," Chris said before muttering to himself, "Man, I can't wait to go back an review the footage to see just what the hell is going on..."

"Darn," Geoff sighed, "gypped both times!" He winked at Justin, who smiled at him and in turn winked at Beth when Geoff looked away, causing the farm girl to blush.

"Ok, so the race for immunity is now down to Justin and Beth. Justin, you're up next."

Justin nodded and went to receive his dare.

"Ooh, this is definitely one of the most gruesome, Justin." Chris said gravely, "You must part with one of your fingers."

Justin choked on his own spit. "My finger?" He repeated incredulously, "what!?"

"Mhm, but the good news is you get to choose which finger, and you'll receive immediate medical attention."

Justin looked down at his hands, and was about to say he would pass when he caught the look on Beth's face. A slightly ominous feeling dripped its way down his spine.

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin rubs his chin, "I don't know how to explain it..." he says, thoughtful. It's not like Beth was being suspicious or anything, but I just got this deep, nagging feeling in my gut that told me passing would not be a good idea." He gulped and looked directly at the camera, "and if there's one thing I've learned while here, it's listen to your gut instinct. It hasn't failed me yet."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

Justin grit his teeth and held out his left, non-dominant hand. "The pinkie," was all he said.

Chris nodded and Zolkoff came out. He pulled a razor-sharp knife from his belt and unceremoniously grabbed Justin's wrist. In a flash of silver, he seperated the finger from the hand in spray of red.

Justin groaned in pain, and closed his eyes, determined not to see his finger rolling around on the floor of the stage.

True to his word, one of the certified medical staff members quickly appeared and carted Justin off to the side to treat his wound, and Chris called Beth up to the stage.

"Alright Beth, if you fail this dare without using your freebie you will forfeit the immunity to Justin," he said dramatically.

Beth nodded and spun the wheel.

"You will be shot from a cannon into the lake."

"Huh? But I could die just doing that!" Beth protested.

"Maybe, but its a really small chance," Chris shrugged "besides, it's not as dramatic if one of you dies during this challenge instead of an elimination ceremony, so we tried to keep the death chances low."

Beth didn't look all that reassured, but nodded nonetheless, "okay, let's do it."

An intern dragged a sparkly, red-white-and-blue cannon and out onto the stage.

"I'm not being fired from here, am I?" Beth gaped.

"Yeah, it's fine, we already did several safety tests and angled it properly." Chris assured her.

"No way, I'll just smack into a tree!"

"The odds of that happening are quite low."

"I'll use my freebie instead!"

"Nuh-uh, you already said you'd take the dare, no going back now." Chris tutted.

"The rules of the challenge were unclear!"

Chris snorted, "You sound like Courtney."

Beth tightened her fists, "well I'm not gonna do it, I don't trust you to just blast me headfirst into a tree or something."

"Suit yourself," the host shrugged, "that means Justin wins immunity!" He turned to one of the cameras and asked, "is it just me, or are these teens being awfully stupid with how their handling this challenge?" he shook his head.

Justin, who now had a bandage around his hand, looked relieved.

"Congrats brah, you're in the finals! Can't wait to rock it with ya!" Geoff cheered, "and look," he noted, "we both have gnarly hand injuries now, we're like bros!"

"Haha, yeah," Justin said, trying not to sound awkward. "I'm just gonna go rest for a bit, actually, be by myself a little."

"Sure thing, dude. Catch ya later."

(Confessional: Beth.)

Beth smiles slightly. "I think I did a good job with my acting. That challenge was a lot easier to throw than I thought, and now I'm going to get a spot in the finals! I'm going to win this thing, and I won't let Justin stop me, no matter how hunky he is!"

(End Confessional: Beth.)

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin rubs his temples and then looks at his bandaged hand, "I can't believe I lost a finger..." he shakes himself out of it and sighs. "Welp, at the risk of sounding too cocky, I think I've won this game. Once it's just Beth and I on the island I'll be able to charm her into putty, hopefully, and weaken her even further so she'll be even easier to beat in the finals. I can't see myself losing to her."

(End Confessional: Justin)

(Confessional: Geoff.)

Geoff looks upset. "Poor Beth, she had it rough this challenge, that cat looked like one mean dude, and to think she's gotta bite it now is just too harsh, man!" He takes a deep breath and settles down. "But it's gotta happen. It's gonna be even worse when I gotta take down my broheem Justin."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

Bridgette and Noah watched the footage from the Playa.

"Damn, I can't believe Justin is so...conniving!" Bridgette gaped, "he always seemed"

"Pretty but dumb?" Noah guessed.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. "I can't believe he's trying to screw over Geoff!"

"Too bad he's not omnipotent," the bookworm snarked, and a wide grin crossed Bridgette's beautiful face.

The rest of the day passed with little happening and night came. The campers kept to themselves, each one completely sure they would still be alive the following day.

But someone had to die.

"Final Three, please report to the elimination ceremony pronto." Chris said over the loudspeaker.

The three met up on the way and quietly walked to the stumps, sitting down and looking at Chris.

The setting was grim. The fire was dimmer than usual and the night had an unexpected chill to it. The three shivered slightly as the shadows danced around the area.

"Justin, Beth, Geoff," Chris said solemnly, "you have all fought incredibly hard to make it this far, but for one of you it was still not hard enough." He pointed to his signature marshmallow tray that had but two marshmallows on it. "The first marshmallow obviously goes to Justin."

Justin stood up and walked over to the host, plucking a marshmallow from the tray and warming his hands by the fire.

"Now, before I hand out the final marshmallow, remember that twist I mentioned earlier?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Geoff said, scratching his chin, "what about it?"

"Well, our resident survivors Noah and Bridgette watched the challenge live, and also got votes in this ceremony."

The three gasped, Justin included.

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin groans loudly and puts his head in his hands. "Shit."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

(Confessional: Beth.)

Beth is trembling visibly, "C'mon Noah, help a teammate out," she prayed.

(End Confessoinal: Beth.)

(Confessional: Geoff.)

Geoff grins at the camera, "finally, some good news, dudes!"

(End Confessional: Geoff.)

"and boy was it a close vote," Chris added, "it ended up being three votes to two, but the person who got two votes, and is thus safe, is..."

Both Geoff and Beth remained hesitantly positive as Chris drew out the name.

Each were desperate, and knew it was out of their control.


Beth gasped loudly as Geoff let out a wild cheer. The party boy bounded up and ran over to the model, grabbing his marshmallow along the way and offering Justin a fist bump, who hesitantly reciprocated.

"No," Beth whispered, tears already streaming down her cheeks, "no..."

"Beth, that means you're done," Chris said.

"Hold on," Justin cut in, "I'd like to say goodbye." He couldn't help but feel bad for this poor girl who had been unfairly robbed of her place in the finale and consequently, life itself.

He walked over to her and didn't fail to notice the glare she was giving at him.

So she thinks I betrayed her, the model thought. He put his hands on her shoulders. "I'm sorry, Beth," he leaned down and kissed her briefly on the cheek, making her squeak in surprise. As he drew away, he whispered in her ear "it wasn't me."

Beth, blushing slightly despite the situation, nodded her head slightly, and Justin appreciated her gesture, knowing it was a prime opportunity for Beth to tell Geoff how he had tried to betray her.

Geoff was next, enveloping the farm girl in a rib crushing hug which she eagerly returned, the tears flowing freely again. "I'm so sorry, Beth," he whispered, his chin resting on her head.

"It's fine, it's not your fault," she hiccuped as he released her trying to compose herself. "I need to go out with at least a little dignity," she said, taking off her thick glasses and wiping them on her shirt.

Geoff walked back over to Justin, and the two boys stared sympathetically at the girl.

Zolkoff walked up briskly behind Beth. She turned to look at him and emitted a scream that turned into a gurgle as his knife drew a red smile in the thin flesh of her throat.

Justin and Geoff instantly looked away as Beth fell to her knees, hands around her neck in a futile attempt to keep the life from flowing out of her. It wasn't long before she fell from her knees to her chest as her last breath left her.

"Heh," Zolkoff chuckled darkly, "pig girl gets gutted like pig."

"Man, you really are sick," Chris mused, turning to look at the two boys. "Justin, Geoff, I congratulate you both for making it to the finals of Total Drama Island. Rest up, your final challenge is tomorrow."

Justin and Geoff nodded and headed back to the cabin.

Justin was sweating.

Had Geoff figured out that he had betrayed him, or at least attempted to?

The party boy didn't seem any different. He put on his pajamas like normal and crawled into bed. Justin followed suit.

"Man," the party boy said finally, "I can't believe Noah would vote for me."

Justin let out an inner sigh of relief. So Geoff was chalking up the two votes to Beth and Noah, not Beth and himself. Good.

"Yeah, maybe he and Bridgette hate each other or something, Noah did seem like a bitter jerk from what I remember." Justin said.

The party boy shrugged, "man, I sure am lucky I had you and Bridgette to bail me out," he said with a grin.

The model nodded, "of course."

The party boy settled deeper into his bed. "It's gonna be tough, going up against you tomorrow, but just know I'll have no hard feelings no matter how it turns out. We both equally deserve to win."

"Damn right," the model muttered, "I'm gonna pull no punches, and I expect you to do the same."

Geoff yawned. "Count on it, dude."

The two boys drifted off to sleep.

Beth: Three Votes. (Bridgette, Geoff, Noah.)

Geoff: Two Votes. (Beth, Justin.)

Finalists: Geoff, Justin.

Execution Order: Izzy, Owen, Noah (Saved), Eva, DJ, Gwen, Tyler, Sadie, Cody, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Katie, Sierra, Harold, Bridgette (Saved), Trent, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan (Possible Escapee), LeShawna, Beth.

Injury List/Altered Visuals:

Tyler - Broken Ankle (Not So Happy Campers, Part 2).

Courtney - Broken Nose (Not Quite Famous).

DJ - Mauled (The Sucky Outdoors).

Sadie - Shaved Bald (Phobia Factor).

Geoff - Injured Hand (Who Can You Trust?).

LeShawna - Injured Bottom (Basic Straining).

Heather - Serious Concussion (Brunch Of Disgustingness).

Beth - Food Poisoning (Brunch of Disgustingness).

Trent - Food Poisoning (Brunch of Disgustingness).

Courtney - Minor Jellyfish Stings (That's Off The Chain).

Heather - Head Injury (Hook, Line and Screamer).

Geoff - Fractured Wrist (Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon).

Duncan - Shaved Head, Shaved Face, No Piercings. (Camp Castaways).

Justin - Missing Pinkie Finger (I Triple Dog Dare You).


Beth was Ms. UTR. I liked writing for her but for quite some time the finale has been planned to be Geoff and Justin. Originally she was gonna be killed off in 'Hook Line and Screamer' but I changed it because I thought that competition stories don't give Beth enough love and I wanted her to make it hella far. Her dynamic with LeShawna was one of the tougher things for me to write and I'm still not sure I exploited it to its full potential but I did what I could.

- Will Justin's dastardly deeds ever be revealed to those still in the game?

- Do you like this final two? Could you have predicted it earlier on in the story?

- Who will WIN Total Drama Island?

Shoutout to Gideoncrawle for helping me with this chapter. I was seriously struggling what to do with the premise since

A) there were no campers to get dares from since they're all dead AF

B) I couldn't see anyone reasonably denying a dare when it meant instant elimination

So I PM'd him and asked for his advice. Credit goes to him for having it be a regular immunity challenge and for the idea to have Noah and Bridgette vote.

So there we are, the finalists are revealed!

I really liked the fact that I was able to have Bridgette save Geoff this time around, since he saved her with the Life Idol and all (thanks again to Gideoncrawle for the epic idea).

We got to see a bit of Duncan this chapter and a bit of Noah and Bridgette, so hopefully everyone was satisfied.

I wonder if anyone else had noticed how Justin's sneaky ways had gone entirely unnoticed throughout the course of the game. Like everyone always thought he was a pretty swell guy. That is entirely intentional.

So, we have THREE more chapters left:

The Finale: Part I.

The Finale: Part II.

The Epilogue.

It's coming so close to ending, I can taste it! Are you guys as excited as I am? I hope so! Catch you guys in the next update, Ciao!