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So, back to the story, the epilogue is here. Now you'll all find out what actually went down.

Chris sighed, bored out of his freaking mind.

"How long has it been?" Chris asked Zolkoff, the only other member in his holding cell.

"About eight hours," Zolkoff said calmly, leaning on the bench with a tired look in his eyes. "And it'll still be a while longer so pipe down little man."

Chris huffed, turning away from the hulking man. "Gavrilovic is so going to pay for this."

Zolkoff eyed Chris curiously, "What do you mean? You can't rat him out, the contract you signed forbade it."

"Screw the contract!" Chris snapped, "the only thing was one big lie, apparently, so his contract means jack-squat!"

Zolkoff considered this. "It's a shame you feel that way, little man."

"Huh, why?" Chris turned back to Zolkoff, only to have his head grabbed and slammed roughly into the wall. Bleeding and groaning, he hit the ground in a heap.

"W-what are you doing? Chris said weakly as Zolkoff got on top of him.

"Protecting my boss," Zolkoff said, calm as you like as he wrapped two huge hands around Chris's throat.

Chris pawed weakly at the big man's hands, but it was no use. He struggled for air as his world started to turn black.

And then there was nothing.

"He's what?" Roxanne snapped, slamming her fist down on her desk.

Her lieutenant flinched at her outburst. "He's dead. His cellmate strangled him to death."

"Shit," the chief got up and paced around her desk. "And I assume this asshole that killed him isn't talking?"

"Hasn't said a word," her lieutenant said grimly.

"God damnit," Roxanne sighed. "Well, see if we can make him talk."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Get Chef as well, he seems much more willing to talk."

"Yes ma'am."

Roxanne turned to look out her window. Her face was grim.

That is, if they haven't gotten him too.

As it turns out, "they" did get to Chef Hatchet before Roxanne.

Chef Hatchet disappeared from the hotel he was staying at, and was never seen again. He had promised to keep quiet to Jonathan Gavrilovic's men, and they had relocated him to Europe, where he spent the rest of his days in comfort.

Zolkoff was sentenced to life in prison. He took the sentence without complaint. Five years into his life sentence, there was a breakout, and Zolkoff was one of four men who broke out, and one of the two who escaped for good. His whereabouts are unknown.

The interns were returned to juvie, where they finished their sentences and then returned to their families. Not one of them ever got in trouble with the law again.

Each of the cameramen received ten years in prison with possibility of early release with good behavior.

Jonathan Gavrilovic got away with crimes scott-free, and to this day still remains a respected figure of the Canadian government. No one ever found out that he was the nephew of the head of the Serbian mafia. No one ever figured out that Jonathan and his uncle created Total Drama Island as a way to make millions of dollars off selling the illegal footage to the black market. No one ever found out that all Jonathan had to do was get his uncle to produce counterfeit army uniforms and paint Serbian helicopters to fool the naive families of the contestants. No one ever knew how easy it was.

Justin and his family moved to Hawaii to escape the Gavrilovics. Justin's mothers family had been a trusted branch of mafia under the Gavrilovic, but after a failed coup the Gavrilovic's were gunning for anyone from Justin's mother's family. Justin's mother felt extreme guilt for putting her only child in the deadly game of Total Drama Island, and a bond was broken between him and his mother once he found out. It was never fully repaired. Justin underwent a year of therapy and then attended college. He eventually married, but had no kids. He was not invited to Bridgette and Geoff's wedding.

Noah, affected the least out of all the Total Drama Island survivors, was able to return to a normal lifestyle relatively quickly. He went to college, but to this day is yet to be married. He went to Bridgette and Geoff's wedding, but that was the only time he has seen anyone from Total Drama Island since the show ended, and he does not plan on seeing any of them again.

Bridgette and Geoff got engaged two years after the end of Total Drama Island, and married another two years later. Noah and Duncan were invited to the wedding, though Bridgette was adamant Justin didn't come after his actions in the finale. They have three kids, twin girls and a boy, and live on a beachside house in California. They are as happy as can be. Duncan and Geoff meet up yearly for a "guy's night out".

Duncan returned with his father to their large house in Ontario. Duncan shed his criminal ways and became a police officer like his parents. His aim was to be the best, to make sure nothing like what happened to him and the other kids on Wawanakwa island ever happened again. He rose through the ranks and eventually became Minister of National Defense. He is world-renowned for his cunning and his ability to sniff out liars. True to his word, he never forgot Courtney, and named his firstborn daughter after the CIT. He lives with his wife and two kids in Ottawa.

Overall, the five teens who escaped death that summer were able to recover and live regular, happy lives.

The End.

Execution Order: Izzy, Owen, Noah (Saved), Eva, DJ, Gwen, Tyler, Sadie, Cody, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Katie, Sierra, Harold, Bridgette (Saved), Trent, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan (Escaped, Rescued), LeShawna, Beth, Geoff (Rescued).

Winner: Justin.

Survivors: Noah, Bridgette, Duncan, Geoff, Justin.


Originally this was going to be a trilogy, with the TDROTI cast competing on the film set where TDA took place and the TDPI cast competing on the Jumbo Jet like in TDWT. That overall idea has been scrapped, but would you guys be interested in getting two "What If?" chapters where I go over briefly what would've happened? I'd be happy to do it, but only if there was hype around it. Let me know.

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So yeah, the end! The five campers live happyishly ever after! Chris died, Chef relaxes, and Zolkoff escapes. Damn the Gavrilovics...

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