Hey guys! What's going on? Time for chapter four, Dodgebrawl! Hope you all enjoy, and I'm glad you are all enjoying it so far!

"Wake up, campers!"

Chris's voice blared through the early morning, just as Harold's wristwatch clicked 7:00 AM.

"Gah!" Geoff shrieked, startled from his sleep. He thrashed around under his blankets before slipping off his bed, landing in a heap on the ground.

"Ugh." Ezekiel winced, holding his head. "So…tired. Usually I'm up at this time!"

Duncan, however, was not taking the wake-up call so lightly. ". I'll shove his smug megaphone straight up his tight little ass." He growled from underneath his pillow.

Tyler hoisted himself onto his wheelchair, wobbling slightly due to his poor sense of balance. "Anyone know who the Gophers, err, discharged?"

"I was asleep." Duncan groaned, flopping back onto his pillow, eyes shut tight.

"Me too." Ezekiel yawned, but got up and stretched, rather then falling back asleep.

"I don't know who." Geoff squirmed uncomfortably, "But I heard Katie and Beth scream last night, so I think they're still here."

"Guess we'll find out when we enter the Mess Hall." Harold gulped nervously, stretching his collar as he pulled on his signature teal shirt.

Eva exhaled deeply as she finished her morning workout, not at all tired from the previous challenge.

"Jesus, Eva." Courtney exclaimed, rubbing her eyes as she reluctantly stepped out of bed. "How can you do that?"

Eva shrugged. "You build up stamina over time."

"Why'd you get all burly and muscle-ridden anyways?" Sadie asked innocently, sitting up in bed.

Eva's expression darkened. "I'd rather not talk about it." She growled.

"Okay!" Sadie yawned sleepily. Suddenly the sleepy look was gone and a look of horror replaced it. "Oh my god, what if Katie got…no, she couldn't have, oh my god, I have to go check!" She was about to race outside in her pajama, but Courtney's hand on her shoulder stopped her in her tracks.

"I wouldn't worry, Sadie." Courtney said soothingly. "As weird and horrible as it is to say this, but I heard Katie screaming along with some of the others last night, so I doubt it was her."

Bridgette shivered. "You're right, that is horrible to say."

"Let's get to the Mess Hall." Eva grunted, changing the subject before the fragile blond broke down.

All was quiet in the Gopher dude cabin.

"At least the air is breathable today." Noah smirked with a morbid attempt at humor.

"Shut the hell up, Noah." Trent snapped.

"Show some respect for the dead!" Justin yelled at him.

The schemer put his hands up in surrender. "All right, all right. Calm down, I was just trying to lighten the mood. Besides," he muttered under his breath. "you guys did vote for him too."

(Confessional: Noah.)

Noah rolled his eyes. "Jeez, I get in trouble for not wanting to make friends, and when I do try to make friends, they yell at me! Make up your minds, people."

(End Confessional: Noah.)

Cody yawned meekly and sat up, scurrying out of the door, trying to be unseen.

"Seems like the little horndog might've opened his eyes last night." Noah quipped, this time earning a chuckle from Justin.

Trent nodded. "Hopefully it'll teach him to treat women with a little more respect."

LeShawna yawned as she sat up, cracking her large back.

"Damn, time for another day of hell." She said quietly. Gwen, who was also up, heard.

"Yeah." The goth scowled. "I don't know how Cody wasn't killed last night."

"Yeah, I voted for him." Katie looked thoughtful. "Though Gwen, you sound a little gleeful about that."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "I'm not exactly going to miss him, and the world will be a better place without his pervertedness, so…"

"I get you." Heather scoffed. "Creepazoid, that one." She said, meaning Cody.

"Owen seemed like a nice guy. If we all voted for Cody, then how did he get eliminated?" Katie asked sadly.

Beth gulped nervously.

(Confessional: Beth.)

"I can't tell anyone I voted for Heather." Beth explained. "If I had voted for Cody then Owen would still be here." She looks nervous. "I might be in trouble, especially if Heather finds out. Hopefully Lindsay doesn't squeal."

(End Confessional: Beth.)

"Well I didn't vote for Caden." Lindsay said, brushing her flowing blonde hair.

"What? Who'd you vote for?" Gwen asked, annoyed.

"Um…" Lindsay tapped her head. "I don't remember. I just know it wasn't Caden."

"Are you kidding me?" LeShawna groaned. "Girl can't even remember who she voted for less then twelve hours ago."

"Sorry." The bombshell apologized.

"It's fine." Beth said quickly. "Let's get moving, we don't want to miss breakfast."

The Killer Bass, minus Duncan, were sitting in the Mess Hall, eating breakfast.

"Wow, the fat guy's gone?" Eva asked, surprised as the Gophers entered the Mess Hall.

"Yeah, Owen is gone." Trent glared, using the deceased campers name.

"Really? You could've gotten rid of Mr. Pervert!" The muscle girl replied, as insensitive as ever.

Cody shrunk back at the comment.

"Just eat your goddamn slop!" Chef roared from the kitchen.

The Gophers sat down and started to dig in.

"Too bad the only one who enjoys this cooking isn't here anymore." Tyler noted.

"What'chu say?" Chef yelled, sticking his head out the door. "Do you want me to break your arms too?"

Tyler paled considerably and shook his head. Chef growled at him, but retreated into the kitchen.

"Way to keep the mellow." Heather scoffed.

"That's my word." Geoff frowned, but was interrupted.

"Morning, campers!" Chris grinned, walking leisurely into the Mess Hall. "Who is ready for another challenge?"

No one answered.

"Good!" Chris continued, unfazed. "But first…" He strolled over to the wall with the pictures of the twenty two teens. He grabbed Owen's portrait, located between Noah and Trent's, and pulled it off. The Gophers turned away at this point, as did some of the Bass, but a few of the members of the latter team had a slight interest on how the fat boy died.

Chris whistled as he slid Beth's portrait down, making room next to Izzy. He fitted it snugly on the pulley and pressed the electronic button. Owen's happy, smiling faced changed to the tear-stained, grey, puffy face that was dead Owen.

"Ah, Jesus." Courtney quickly looked away. "Why did I want to look?" she asked rhetorically.

"Cyanide." Harold cringed, also turning away quickly. "You're a sick bastard, Chris."

"Mhm, whatever, I don't make the death calls." Chris said, shrugging off the insult. "Moving on, breakfast is now over! Let's start the…wait a minute, where's Duncan?"

"He's still at the cabin. I think he fell back asleep." Geoff told him.

Chris sighed. "Fine. Challenge starts in ten minutes. He's got to be there or penalties will be handed out. Meet at the glass court." He walked out.

"I'll go get him." Ezekiel suggested.

"No, I got this." Eva grunted, pushing her chair out and standing up. "He'll be at the dodgeball court in two minutes, you all head there."

The Bass nodded and made their way towards the courts.

Eva opened the door to the cabin. "Move it or lose it!" She yelled, charging over to Duncan's bed and shaking him.

"Gah!" Duncan shouted, bringing his left arm up and swinging violently. Steel flashed inches from Eva's face and arms as Duncan's knife soared over her head. Eva, being as athletic as she was, was able to dodge it just in time.

"Jesus." Eva grunted as she pinned he struggling delinquent down, shaking the knife from his grape. "Chill, Juvie, it's just me."

Duncan relaxed, eyes wide. "Wha? Huh? Oh, right. Sorry Eva…" The delinquent coughed. "I didn't knick you, did I?"

"No." Eva rumbled. "We have a challenge in ten minutes though, so come quickly."

Duncan yawned, pulling the covers over his head. "No thanks, I'm fine right here."

"He's handing out penalties." She warned.

Duncan made an obscene comment about where Chris could stick his penalties. Eva rolled her eyes. "On your head be it." She warned again.

Eight and a half minutes later, everyone was at the court but Duncan.

"Man, he's really pushing it." Chris said, looking at his watch.

"That scumbag better get over here." Courtney stamped her foot.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Duncan yawned, entering the court.

"Took you long enough." Chris scolded.

Duncan sneered at him. "Bite me."

"No, but the bone saw would've." Chris said pointedly.

Duncan widened his eyes.

(Confessional: Duncan.)

Duncan's eyes are still wide. "D-d-did he say, b-bone saw?!"

(End Confessional: Duncan.)

"Swiftly moving on," The host continued. "It's time for today's challenge: Dodgeball!"

"Woohoo!" Tyler cheered, before his ankle twinged. "Ow! Oh…"

"You're going to have to sit this one out, dude." Geoff said apologetically.

Eva's face remained impassive. "We're going to crush them." She muttered quietly to Courtney, who nodded.

"Gee, throwing balls." Noah scoffed. "Another mentally challenging test."

Lindsay looked confused. "I know, right?" She asked the tan bookworm.

Noah was speechless for the first time that season as he exchanged a glance with Gwen, who had smirked at his comment.

"Anyways, the rules are simple." Chris continued. "You have big balls-"

"Why thank you! So kind of you to say, haha!" Cody chuckled, but was silenced by a glare from Chris.

"As I was saying." Chris frowned. "The teams are going to be six on six, so four sit out per team. It's best of five games. You throw the balls at the other team. You get hit, you sit down. You catch, and the thrower sits down and the catcher gets to bring someone back in. Is it clear?"

Everyone nodded except for Lindsay, who asked. "Wait, what?"

In response to Lindsay's question, Chris hurled a ball at her. "Duck!" He yelled. Lindsay screamed and jumped, getting slammed in the chest by the ball. The impact knocked her off her feet and she landed on her butt, wincing.

"Noooo!" Cody yelled, running over to Lindsay. "Are they okay? Lindsay, are your boobs okay?"

"I think so." Lindsay yelled, groping her breasts as if checking for dents.

Cody grinned. "Thank goodness." And as if feeling the numerous glares on his back, quickly offered his hand to the bombshell. Lindsay gratefully took it and when Cody straightened some of the glares had gone away.

"Alright, let's send these campers to the lab, and find out what'cha made of!" Chris grinned cheesily.

No one said anything.

(Confessional: Tyler.)

"Oh man, why does it have to be a physical challenge?" Tyler asks, looking scared. "If we lose I'm totally the one getting killed tonight! And the worst part is, there's nothing I can do about it!"

(End Confessional: Tyler.)

"Alright." Heather said, turning to the Gophers. "Who is sitting out?"

Noah smirked. "All right, I volunteer. Sports aren't exactly my forte."

"Is that right?" Heather asked suspiciously as the egghead walked over to the bleachers.

"I'll sit out too." Beth suggested. "I'm not exactly the most athletic…"

Justin shrugged. "I could go a little more time without my beautiful face getting injured."

"Mind if I sit this one out?" Gwen yawned. "I'm still wiped from yesterday's challenge."

Heather nodded to all three campers and they sat down on the bench. She turned to Katie, Cody, Trent, Lindsay and LeShawna. "Okay, who actually knows how to play this?"

Cody and Katie were the only ones who raised their hands.

"It's too bad Owen's not here, he would've been good bait, what with his size and all." Noah remarked from the bleachers. Gwen scowled at him and elbowed him in the ribs.

(Confessional: Gwen.)

Gwen frowns. "What's up with Noah? He seemed like a pretty okay guy, but now he's just being an uber jerk! Did he crack under the stress or something?" She sighs. "Whatever it is, he better get his act together soon."

(End Confessional: Gwen.)

"Alright, Tyler's definitely sitting out, no offense." Courtney declared, shooting a quick apologetic look Tyler's way. The jock nodded in disappointed understanding.

"How about Duncan?" DJ asked, for once not whimpering. "He's so tired he'd probably be more of a hindrance then a help."

Duncan yawned. "I could deal with that."

"Fine." Courtney conceded. "Who else?"

"Well, I'm not that great at sports, so I could do it." Sadie admitted. With a nod of approval, she walked over to the bench and sat besides a now sleeping Duncan.

"I'm actually not bad, so I'll definitely be in." DJ stated, showing more confidence then he had ever so far.

Geoff, ever the encouraging one, slapped him on the back. "All right, DJ! So whose the last one sitting out?"

Bridgette raised a hand meekly. "I guess I'll do it."

"Alright guys, let's do this." Eva smirked. "We should have no trouble."

"What's the strategy?" LeShawna asked.

"Take out Eva." Cody input quickly, ignoring the glares. "She's by far the strongest. I say at the beginning get her out quickly. She seems quick to temper, so if we can cloud her judgement by getting her mad that works in our favor."

Heather blinked, speechless. After a second, she nodded in approval. "Wow…not bad, perv. We'll stick with Cody's idea." She told the rest. "That way!" She interrupted Trent, who was about to sass her, "If he fails, we know who to blame." She glared at the pervert, who gulped.

(Confessional: Cody.)

Cody gulped and prayed towards the sky. "Oh please, please work!"

(End Confessional: Cody.)

"What're we doing, captain?" Harold asked Courtney, much to Eva's anger.

"Wide-spread attacks." She said quickly. "Everyone pick a target and go for them." She then realized Eva would probably want a say, and turned to her. "What say you, Eva?"

Eva shrugged, the most pouty things she could ever be caught doing. "Whatever, sounds like a good plan." She admitted.

"Alright, let's dodge some balls!" Chris announced, and Chef threw eight red rubber balls onto the field. "Three…two…one…GO!" The host blew a whistle around his neck.

LeShawna, Heather, Trent and Cody all ran and grabbed a ball at the same time Courtney, Eva, Geoff and DJ did.

"Go!" Cody screamed, and the four Gophers bombarded Eva with dodge balls. Eva, taken totally unawares, was only able to dodge two.

"What?! Damn it!" Eva bellowed, stomping off court. She slammed her butt onto the bleachers, making a dent in it.

(Confessional: Eva.)

Eva screams in rage.

(End Confessional: Eva.)

Unfortunately for the Gophers, they were now all out of balls, and DJ was able to hit Lindsay, who was not paying attention whatsoever.

"Ugh, way to go, Lindsiot." Heather muttered.

"Play nice, now." LeShawna warned, hitting the ground as Geoff's ball soared over her head.

"Prepare to taste my awesome power!" Harold boasted, running up to the front of the line with a dodgeball. He did a bunch of fancy karate moves, before hurling the ball at the ground. It bounced up, flew maybe five feet, then thudded harmlessly to the ground.

"At least it was accurate?" Bridgette tried from the sidelines.

LeShawna, eyebrow raised, walked over to the ball during the momentary pause as everyone tried to digest Harold's throw. The sister picked it up and eyed Harold. Breaking out of his trance, he shrieked and ran away, trying to dodge, but the ball collided with the back of his head and he hit the figurative dirt.

Chef blew his whistle. "Harold, your outta here." He said, pointing with his thumb to the bleachers.

"Nice one, LeShawna." Trent smirked.

Courtney picked up the ball that had thrown Harold out and threw it with deadly accuracy at Trent. Trent's eyes widened and he tried to dodge, but Courtney had anticipated and it curved ever so slightly to the right. Trent closed his eyes and expected the hit but none came.

"Hah." Katie smirked, having thrown her ball to deflect Courtney's.

"Wow." Heather sounded surprised. "I'm actually impressed, not bad, twiggy."

"Katie was the captain of our high schools dodgeball team." Sadie gabbed to a sleeping Duncan.

Trent picked up the two balls and handed one back to Katie. She took aim at DJ while he threw at Ezekiel.

Ezekiel dodged and threw his own ball at Heather, but she was expecting it and it missed its target.

DJ grinned and caught Katie's ball with his fingertips. She had put topspin on the ball, making it harder to catch, but DJ had persevered.

"You ain't the only one with dodgeball skills, sister." DJ admitted, twirling the ball on his finger before dropping it into his palm, taking aim at Cody and putting the ball right onto his leg.

Chef blew the whistle and signaled Katie and Cody out, motioning for Bridgette to get in the game.

"Great. Just great." Heather said sourly. "Three to five, this is starting out on a great note."

"Don't get all worked up." Trent said, avoiding Ezekiel's second ball and throwing one in retaliation. He smirked as it hit its mark. "See? Just got Zeke." He lowered his voice. "Next target DJ."

LeShawna nodded at him and Heather sighed. The three each picked up a ball and threw at DJ. They were able to hit him out, but Courtney had taken advantage of the situation and hit LeShawna in the ribs.

"Damnit." LeShawna sighed as she sat down on the bleachers.

Bridgette shakily picked up her first ball and shook her head, clearing her mind slightly. Thinking of her friends, she cocked back her arm and fired, throwing a ball straight at Trent. He dodged, but it didn't matter. Heathers hands shot out and snatched the ball out of the air. She smirked as Justin joined them, sighing.

"Not the face, okay?" He asked the other team, to which they rolled their eyes.

"Talk about evening the odds." Trent breathed to Heather. "Nice work."

Heather smirked.

Geoff picked up two balls and rolled them in his hands, throwing a cross shot at Justin. The model, confused on where to go, tried desperately to dodge to the left, but the right one curved around and collided with his cheek.

"Not the face!" He wailed as he went down. "My beautiful face!" He sighed as he left the court.

(Confessional: Gwen.)

"Huh." Gwen smirked. "Guess Duncan was right." [1]

(End Confessional: Gwen.)

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin smirks. "As if I actually care about some rubber balls hitting my face." He laughs. "Let them all think I'm some weakling, thats fine with me. The more surprised they'll be when I start really trying. And the more shocked they are, the easier it is for me to win!"

(End Confessional: Justin.)

"Alright, we have this guys." Courtney said, clapping reassuringly.

Heather growled and picked up the two balls that had thrown Justin out. She hurled them at the CIT, who dodged them both.

"Thanks for the balls!" Geoff called, retrieving them from the back of the court and throwing another cross chop at Trent.

Trent had learned from Justin's mistakes, however, and instead of trying to dodge hit the ground, and both balls went sailing over his head.

"Oh, bummer." Geoff sighed as Heather slammed him in the face with a dodgeball.

Bridgette gave the party boy a reassuring pat on the back as he sat down, worried and disappointed.

Ezekiel, now back on the court, hurled a ball Trent's way but once again, the musician dodged. It probably didn't help that Ezekiel's aim sucked.

"You can do better then that." Courtney scolded, throwing a ball as Heather bent down to pick one up. In that small window of time where Heather's brain was fully concentrated on retrieving the ball, Courtney's hit her in the ass.

"Eep! Damn it!" Heather yelled, stomping her foot and storming back to the bleachers.

"Get him!" Ezekiel told Courtney as he threw a ball. She threw her second one and Trent desperately tried to catch them, but only succeeded in catching one, Ezekiel's. Courtney's slammed into his arm and hit the ground.

Chris blew his whistle and gestured Cody back in, and Ezekiel left the pitch, leaving only Courtney.

Cody smirked. "One on one, just how I like it." He winked at her.

"Ugh." Courtney scoffed in disgust. "Just let me hit you out." She said cockily.

Cody smirked. "I think not." He challenged just as cockily.

Courtney seethed and flung her ball at him. Cody dodged easily due to the inaccuracy or the anger-powered ball and spun his ball in his hand. He took aim with his thumb and threw it with some serious backspin.

Corutney dodged to the side and smirked. "If that's all you got then you can-whoa!" The ball curved around and smacked her in the lower back.

"Screaming Gophers win the first round!" Chris announced as the Gophers cheered.

"Not bad, pervert." LeShawna admitted grudgingly. Cody blushed and winked at her.

(Confessional: Cody.)

Cody grins. "Winning for my team was pretty cool." He smiles, but the smile drops from his lips quickly. "I don't know, the fact that they all didn't swarm me like some hero made me realize I might be in some deeper shit then I thought." He sighs. "But I want some play so badly." He looks guilty. "Maybe I need to turn down the Code-charms a wee bit?" He sighs again.

(End Confessional: Cody.)

(Confessional: Gwen.)

Gwen frowns. "Just because Freaky McHornypants won us a round does not mean he is off the hook. If we lose, he's still the one going!"

(Confessional: Gwen.)

"What the hell was that?" Eva asked Courtney angrily. Courtney put her hands up defensively.

"Sorry." The CIT replied, aggravated. "He put spin on it, serious spin. I wasn't expecting it."

"Don't blow this for us." Eva stated.

"Is that a threat?" Courtney challenged.

"Yeah, I think it is." Eva snarled, her temper flaring.

"Hey! Easy now." Harold scolded. "The only thing fighting will get us is a one way ticket to another elimination ceremony. Now, sit... down."

The two girls looked taken aback by the much smaller and weaker teammates criticism.

"Thirty seconds until round two!" Chef announced.

"Whatever." Courtney muttered, sitting down. Eva exhaled deeply at sat down too.

"We were getting along so well the first challenge." Courtney said quietly.

"That was before people started dying." Eva said coldly.

"Okay Noah, you're up." Heather told the scrawny bookworm.

Noah, irritated at being interrupted from his book, looked up at the annoyed girl with a raised eyebrow. "I would..." He drawled, "But you guys did such a great job on the last round, I don't want to mess up your mojo!" He tapped his chin and squinted at her, "I already said sports aren't my forte, right?"

Heather sighed in annoyance but let the subject drop for the moment.

"Alright, who else is sitting out with Noah and Gwen?" She asked her team.

"I wanna go in this round." Beth suggested.

"I'd probably pull Lindsiot." Noah snarked.

"Shut up." Cody frowned. "Don't call her that."

"Psh, the perv is interested in something other then her tits, it seems." Gwen feigned disbelief.

"Well it's a decent idea." Heather said. "I'll sit out too, supervise and perhaps…motivate." She eyed Noah, who had become engrossed in his book once again.

"Okay, should we wake Duncan up?" Courtney asked nervously. "We're losing."

Sadie nodded firmly. "Do it." the chubby girl said.

"I'll do it." Eva volunteered quickly, remembering the knife that Duncan kept on him.

"Better you then me." Tyler chuckled as Eva stalked over to the delinquent, putting one hand on his knife arm and shaking him by his choker with the other. "Rise and shine, twinkletoes!" She snarled. [2]

Duncan jerked away. He rubbed his head. "Jesus! Ugh, what's going on?" He asked.

"We're down one nothing." Courtney explained. "We're losing, any ideas?"

The criminal glared at her. "Yeah. Don't wake me up." He laid back down.

"Dude, c'mon." Geoff said, wincing.

"Fine, that's okay." Courtney smirked. "We'll just kick you off for not helping whatsoever if we lose. Doesn't affect any of us."

Duncan's eyes shot open. "Fine." He grumbled.

"Good, so so far we have Tyler sitting out." Courtney said. "Anyone else?"

"I'll do it, eh. My aim's not that great." Ezekiel admitted.

"Harold's throwing skills suck. He should be benched." Eva said bluntly. Harold shamefacedly nodded in agreement.

"Who is the last one sitting out?" Eva snarled after a moment of silence.

"I'll do it again, I guess." Bridgette sighed.

"Good." Courtney turned to Duncan. "Any ideas? You might want to pitch them if you do."

Duncan sighed and sat up once again. His eyes moved over the opposition. "Okay, here's what we'll do. It's a tactic I learnt in Juvie. It's called, 'Rush the New Guy'."

"Okay campers, time for round two!" Chris announced. "Three, two, one, go!"

"You know the drill." Duncan told his teammates, as he, Eva, Courtney and DJ all scooped up a ball.

"Go!" The delinquent smirked, as all four of them threw their balls at Cody. Cody gasped upon seeing all four balls spinning towards him and he slammed to the ground, moaning.

"Nice!" Duncan high-fived Geoff.

"Ugh, get them!" Heather pouted. She threw a ball at Sadie, who dodged to the side but slipped, giving Trent enough time to hit her prone form.

"Keep it moving." Duncan told his teammates. "Trent next."

Trent dove out of the way when he saw the four balls coming at him, and barely was able to dodge them.

(Confessional: Duncan.)

Duncan raised an eyebrow. "Not bad, Elvis."

(End Confessional: Duncan.)

Justin and Katie took this opportunity to throw two balls at Geoff, who caught one but got hit in the face by the other.

Chef blew his whistle, sending Justin and Geoff back to the bleachers while Bridgette joined the court players. Geoff gave the blonde a reassuring smile as he sat down.

"Katie!" Duncan hissed to his teammates, and all Bass minus Bridgette, who hadn't gotten a ball yet, hurled rubber at the skinny Wonder Twin.

Katie tried to catch one but her brain couldn't decide on which of the four, and she got pelted with three of the balls.

As she stalked back to the bleachers, Beth threw a ball at Eva, but she merely swiped it out of the air.

Chef blew his whistle and called Ezekiel in and Beth to sit.

"Six versus two." Duncan rolled his eyes. "These guys won a round against you?" He asked Courtney quietly.

Courtney scoffed. "Correction, Cody did."

"Well lets just finish this quickly." He replied. "The sooner we get this over with the sooner I can sleep."

Trent and LeShawna had just finished a small strategy.

"You better be sure about this, white boy." LeShawna frowned, as they got into position.

Trent nodded. "I'm sure."

"Get Trent." Duncan commanded, and they all bombarded Trent with balls. Or would've, rather, if LeShawna had dived in front of the way, grabbing one. Trent, who was shielded from the brunt of the balls, was also able to pluck out another.

"Shit!" Eva yelled, as she and Courtney were sent to the bleachers.

"Okay, Noah, you're up with Cody." Heather said, eyes narrowed.

"No thanks, I'm good." Noah sighed drolly.

"You do realize who will be leaving if we lose if you keep this up, don't you?" Heather hissed venomously under her breath. "People would rather have perverted Cody, who knows what he's doing in challenges despite being an ass, then some lazy no good loser like you!"

Noah eyed her, unimpressed. "It doesn't matter." He smirked. "We're not going to lose."

Heather looked taken aback by this answer. "And if we do?"

"We aren't." Was all Noah said before returning to his book.

"Gophers! Get one of your scraggily butts out here NOW!" Chef bellowed, and Heather screeched in frustration before going to the field.

"Probably not the best idea." Gwen warned Noah, but he ignored her.

It was now Heather, Cody and Trent VS Bridgette, Duncan, Ezekiel and DJ.

"Cody again." Duncan whispered to his teammates. They all nodded and threw their balls.

Cody sighed again upon seeing the balls coming towards him, but he threw his own, sending it with perfect accuracy just as DJ threw his, hitting him square in the chest.

Chef blew his whistle and Cody and DJ sat down.

Trent and Heather looked at each other nervously. Within five minutes, the round was over and Duncan and Bridgette were the only two on the field.

"Good job, Duncan!" Tyler praised, clapping him on the back as he rejoined his team.

"Not bad." Eva nodded.

"Thanks." Duncan smirked, pounding his palm with his fist. "Let's do it again. We got this."

"Ugh, that strategy is so annoying." Heather growled. "Where's Cody?"

"He went to the bathrooms." Gwen yawned.

"Well I guess he's sitting out then. Noah are you going or not?" Heather murderously asked the bookworm. Noah simply ignored her.

"Hey, she's talking to you, dickhead." Gwen retorted. He still ignored her. The goth frowned and yawned again. "I guess I'll go in." She volunteered.

"Lindsay should sit out again." Trent suggested.

"But sitting in is the new fashion!" Lindsay protested.

"Point taken." Heather nodded. "One more person, because I guess somebody." She glared at Noah, "Is too cool to care."

"Fine, I'll do it." LeShawna growled, shoving the bookworm off the bleachers and taking his seat.

"Mature." Noah quipped as he sat back down.

The Bass had chosen to have Harold, Tyler, Geoff and Sadie sit out.

"Round three…begin!" The host announced.

Duncan smirked as his plan came together perfectly, better then it had in the previous round. First Heather, then Trent, then Katie, then Justin fell. Gwen was able to hit out Courtney but then she too was taken care of.

Beth gulped, seeing five balls spiraling towards her. She hit the ground with a grunt, and the round was called over.

"That is what I'm talking about." Eva praised as they huddled. "Way to go, Duncan."

Duncan smirked. "No problem. Anything that keeps me around."

"Yes." Courtney changed the subject. "Hopefully this will be the last round, so we need out strongest players. Tyler, Harold, Sadie and Ezekiel. You sit this one out.

"But I sat out the last two." Harold whined.

"Shut up!" Courtney hissed. "We need to win this!"

Harold sighed. "Fine."

"The round hasn't started yet?" Cody asked, puzzled as he came back from the bathrooms.

Justin sighed. "It's already over."

"What?" Cody gasped. "What happened?"

"They used that same strategy again." Gwen growled.

"Oh, so they're purposefully using that?" Cody tapped his chin. "I though that was a coincidence. But no worries, that strategy has one major weakness."

"Spill it." Trent told him.

Cody leaned in and told them all.

When he returned, he received several approving glances. "Wow. Good plan." Trent admitted.

"I know it is," Cody chuckled smoothly.

(Confessional: Heather.)

"Cody may be an annoying, pervy, creepy weird kid." Heather snorts. "But at least he's a useful, annoying, pervy, creepy weird kid.

(End Confessional: Heather.)

"You're going in." LeShawna got in Noah's face, snatching the book from him.

Noah looked up, angry. "No, I'm not." He said calmly.

"Yea you are!" LeShawna yelled at him.

"No. I. Am. Not." Noah deadpanned, putting emphasis on every syllable as if talking to a retarded person. "A, I'd be a hindrance. B, Sports aren't my forte. C, I'm not doing it, because we aren't going to lose. Now hand me my book back."

LeShawna as about to retort, but Gwen stopped her. "Let it be." the goth told her. "If he wants to dig his own grave, let him."

LeShawna scoffed and shoved the book into Noah's chest. Lindsay, Justin and Gwen sat out with Noah.

"Alright, time for round four!" Chris said, surveying the area. "In all honesty, I wasn't expecting the Gophers to get so lamely slaughtered by the Bass. It's kind of disappointing,"

The Gophers didn't rise to his bait.

Chris sighed and started the round.

"Go for Cody." Duncan told them. Four of his teammates threw balls at Cody, hitting him out. However, that's when Cody's strategy came into play.

LeShawna, Katie, Trent and Heather had picked up balls, but instead of throwing them at one person, they threw them as soon as they had all thrown at Cody, leaving them wide open. LeShawna targeted Eva, Katie went for Geoff, Trent aimed at DJ and Heather flung hers at Duncan.

Geoff and Duncan hit the ground, and left the court with Cody. Eva was able to dodge and DJ managed to catch Trent's sending Trent to the bleachers with Cody and bringing Ezekiel back in.

"Shit." Duncan growled. "Play normal." He called to his teammates. "They figured it out."

DJ looked at the delinquent, nodding. Big mistake. Heather's ball collided with his beanie-clad head and he was sent out.

"It's Beth, Heather, Katie and LeShawna versus Courtney, Ezekiel, Eva and Bridgette!" Chris announced. "There's not a lot of testosterone on the field." He noted.

Balls were thrown, caught, dodged and deflected. Five minutes later, it was Courtney and Eva VS LeShawna, Cody and Heather.

"Let's go, we got this." Courtney and Heather said at the same time. They glared at each other. They hurled a ball at each other at the same time with perfect accuracy. Heather's hit Courtney square in the face, and Courtney's would've done the same if LeShawna hadn't reached out and deflected it with her ball. Luckily, it landed right in Cody's arms.

Chef blew his whistle and Courtney left and Justin joined them.

"Four on one. Piece of cake." Heather breathed a sigh of relief, staring down Eva. Eva cracked her neck, for the first time that challenge nervous.

"C'mon, muscle girl." Duncan called. "You got this. Just do it naturally."

Eva nodded, not keeping her eyes off her enemies. She observed her situation. She had one ball in her hand and one by her feet.

Cody made the first move. He threw his sidespin ball at her. Eva somersaulted backwards so that the ball missed her entirely, swiping it out of the air, getting Cody out. She then threw said ball into Heathers chest, using her other ball to hit Justin. She then kicked the ball at her feet into her hands and hurled it straight into Beth's stomach.

This all happened within seven seconds.

The court was silent as Eva exhaled, adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"Wow!" Chris smirked. He looked at Chef. "I knew there was a reason we picked her! The Killer Bass win!"

The Bass cheered. Geoff and Bridgette hugged while Duncan highfived Courtney and DJ. The Bass ran over and praised Eva, thankful that they wouldn't have to worry about the elimination ceremony.

"Wow, really?" Noah quipped. "Weak effort, people."

"Is he serious right now?" Justin whispered to Heather.

"Just ignore him. I think you know who to vote for tonight." Heather hissed, trying to keep her volatile temper in check.

"Chris, it's like ten o'clock." Geoff pointed out. "What are we supposed to do until tonight?"

Chris raised an eyebrow. "We did pick a summer camp for a reason, Geoff. Go for a hike! Take a swim, whatever. I don't care!"

"Look for the Life Idols." Nearly everyone thought.

That afternoon, Bridgette and Geoff went for a swim, but pretty much everyone else stuck to themselves. They were all still in the mentality that sticking apart and not really making any friends was the best idea.

"Attention campers, please report to the Mess Hall, it's chow time!" Chris announced over the loudspeakers.

The campers were all eating dinner.

"Who do you think is getting cut tonight?" Tyler whispered.

"I don't know, either the perv or the egghead. I heard LeShawna complaining about how he didn't even lift a finger. I thought they were letting him sit out." Duncan whispered back.

"Hopefully it's the perv." Courtney frowned, not so quietly. "He's a bigger threat from what I've seen and he's creepy."

"We'll just have to see." Sadie sighed. "I hope it's not Katie."

As Eva scoffed: "One note." [3], Ezekiel was ever the consoler. "Don't worry, she was one of the best on the team today. As for Cody, I don't know." He frowned. "I would like it the best, still not a lot, but the best, if he were to leave. He is making people uncomfortable, though he did win a round in the challenge today. The only one they won."

"Well. we'll have to see." Harold sighed.

Over at the Gopher table, things were much less amiable.

"Twice in a row, that blows." Heather scowled.

"It'll be much harder when certain people are gone." Gwen frowned, shooting a sideways glance at Cody.

(Confessional: LeShawna.)

LeShawna raises an eyebrow. "My girl Gwen is really gunning for Cody. I don't know, though. He performed well in this challenge, and hasn't made me want to beat the snot out him today…yet. Gwen might need to cool it a little bit.

(End Confessional: LeShawna.)

After dinner, Chris called the Gophers to the campfire ceremony.

The knots in the stomachs began as they made their way down the dim path towards the dreaded ceremony. It was twilight.

"Oh boy, oh boy." Cody whimpered as he sat down on his stump.

"Cody," Chris smirked. "A little nervous?" Cody just hung his head.

"Let's just get this over with." Heather said grouchily.

Chris smirked. "All right then…we shall."

Everyone voted.

"I have nine marshmallows, but only ten campers." Chris smirked. "Soon to be eight, however, as Katie is safe!"

Katie sighed in relief and shakily ran up to Chris, grabbing the marshmallow.

Chris held up two marshmallows. "A marshmallow for LeShawna, and a marshmallow for Justin."

The two high-fived and grabbed their marshmallows.

"The next marshmallow goes to…Beth." Chris smirked. He then gestured to Trent. "You're also safe, dude. Come grab one."

"Five campers, four marshmallows." Chris exclaimed dramatically, looking at Gwen, Lindsay, Noah, Heather and Cody. "The next one goes to…Gwen!"

Gwen sighed as she grabbed her marshmallow, shooting daggers at Cody as she walked by. The pervert shrunk in his stump.

"Also safe is…Heather." Chris smirked.

"Of course." She breathed, grabbing her marshmallow and joining the group of safe campers.

"Bottom three." Chris said solemnly. "Cody, you're annoying and perverted. Reason to end you. But, you rocked in today's challenge, reason to keep you." Cody gulped, sweating.

"Lindsay," Chris continued, "You didn't really do anything at all except be thrown out. Reason to end you. But, you're a smoking babe to all these freaky teens. Reason to keep you."

"Keep what? A smokehouse? Aren't those from like, before Jesus?" Lindsay asked.

Chris chuckled. "And Noah. You're smarts attitude and inability to lift even a molecule to help your team is a reason for you to go. However, you're smart and know what's up. Reason to keep you."

Noah's face remained expressionless.

"The penultimate marshmallow goes too…" Chris paused for dramatic effect.


"Yes?" She asked again, mirroring the Gopher's last elimination ceremony.

"Come get your marshmallow, girl." LeShawna told her.

"Ooh, yay! I love marshmallows!" Lindsay said cheerfully, running to grab the treat.

"Noah, Cody. This is the final marshmallow of the night. The person dying tonight is…"

Noah raised an eyebrow. "Sorry dude." He told Cody, "Just so you know, I didn't vote for you."

"Let me finish!" Chris snapped. "The person dying tonight is…


Cody gasped in relief as Gwen growled.

Noah raised an eyebrow, scared. "What? But I have-" He was cut off as Chef threw a burlap sack over his head, muffling his words completely.

"Let's get out of here." Heather said quickly.

"Not so fast!" Chris said. "You all have to stay right here and watch your teammate die."

Noah started to scream something angrily, but it was unintelligible.

"Why?!" Trent yelled.

Chris's smirk remained. "Because I told you so. Now SIT BACK DOWN!" He yelled, and all the campers quickly retook their seats.

Chef dragged the squirming bookworm to a shoddily built platform.

"Is that a gallows?" Beth asked, sounding nauseated. [4]

"Yup!" Chris replied as Chef strung Noah up with the noose. The cook nodded to Chris and the host walked up onto the gallows.

"Two ropes." Chris smirked. He pulled out a switchblade. and pointed at one of the ropes, ignoring the loud noises coming from the Noah's covered head. "This rope will end his life. You all voted for him, right?" He pulled back the knife and swung, steel whistling threw air as it cut through one of the ropes.

The Gophers all closed their eyes and heard a thud. Heather was the first to open her eyes. She gasped.

"Is it that bad?" Katie moaned.

"Not as bad as you'd think." Quipped a voice that nearly made Katie faint.

All the Gophers opened their eyes to see a very annoyed Noah glaring at Chris. "You almost made me piss myself, you bastard."

Chris was cackling with laughter.

"Wait, what's going on?" Gwen asked, utterly confused.

"I know, I am like, so confused." Lindsay exclaimed.

"Noah here," Chris smirked, "Was the first contestant ever on Total Drama to use a Life Idol!"

The Gophers gasped.

"You found one? Bastard! You should've given it to me!" Heather screeched.

"Or me!" Cody added desperately.

"Where the hell did you find one?" Justin asked Noah.

Noah smirked, dusting himself off as Chef removed the noose from his neck. "You want an explanation? Fine…"

Flashback to the Awakethon.

"Please." Noah yawned, "It was pretty obvious for the past four hours he was going down fast." He shifted his eyes. "Chris, I gotta take a piss. Can you give me five minutes?"

Chris nodded. "Hurry back." He said, not really paying attention.

Noah nodded and left.

He hurried down the trail, but instead of taking a left to the bathrooms, he veered off down the path towards where Chris's personal trailer was.

"Judging by his reactions, I should be one-hundred percent correct." Noah thought aloud, looking at the password on his trailer door. He typed in 24747. "Chris." He smirked, as the door clicked open. "Please be here, you lazy bastard." He muttered as he peered through Chris's trailer. "Come on…yes! Fuck yes." There, on the dining table, were two wooden carvings with pictures of angels on them. Noah took one, and debated taking the other, but decided against it. He ran out of the trailer and walked down back towards the challenge. He walked by Chris, slipping the Life Idol into his back pocket.

"Here you go, Chris." He whispered in his ear. "A gift to you."

Chris raised his eyebrows in surprise but smirked at the bookworm. "You weren't labeled the Schemer for nothing." he whispered right back. "I thought you would've used your brains for something more…antagonistic-y, though."

Noah rolled his eyes before walking back towards the camp. "Too much effort."

"And the rest is history, I suppose." Noah smirked.

"Wait, so you hadn't even hidden the Life Idols yet?" Justin asked Chris, angry.

"Nah, I was going to wait a bit, maybe until six or seven of you were gone. But don't even bother." He added, as he noticed all of the campers were looking ready for a footrace down to his trailer. "The Idol is now properly hidden."

"So that's why you were being a douchebag?" LeShawna asked, realization dawning on her. "So we would vote you out? Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Beth said, depressed that one of the idols was already out of the game. "So that way he doesn't have to watch us all dwindle until it's finally his turn."

"Smartass to the end." Justin rolled his eyes.

"Indeed." Was all Noah said as he grabbed his luggage. "To the resort, I presume?" he asked smugly.

"Yup! You will remain there for the duration of the competition. You'll be all alone though, unless someone finds another Life Idol."

"I can't wait." Noah sighed. He walked onto the yacht that took him to the island and left it, being the first and one of possibly three to do so.

"Bastard." Heather seethed, eyeing the retreating boat.

"Now, now. I know you're all mad that someone gets to live and it's not you." Chris laughed. "But get over it!" He laughed some more. "Now now, off to bed."

"Now now, kiss my ass." LeShawna muttered sourly as the remaining Gophers returned to their cabins.

Chris turned to the camera. "Well, were you surprised by Noah's use of the Life Idol? I know I was! Haha, maybe I should've actually hidden them…oh well! One idol, nineteen campers, and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. Who will be leaving the land of the living next time? Find out right here, on Total! Drama! Island!

Voting Confessionals:

"Voting for Heather wouldn't be worth it tonight." Beth explained. "It's either going to be Cody or Noah. I vote Noah, he didn't even help us in the challenge! At least Cody tried and actually did something!"

Cody whimpered. "Please, please, Noah! I vote Noah! Better him than me!"

"That perv's going down." Gwen growled. "I get enough of that where I come from. I am not dealing with that here too! I vote Cody."

Heather scoffed. "I vote for Noah. That little Indian bastard thinks he can get away with this?" She mimicks Noah's dry voice. "Oh, don't worry, Heather." She mocked. "I'm Mr. Know-it-all and there's no way we're losing this challenge!" She seethed. "Kiss my ass, dweeb."

"I vote Noah. Lazy asshole." Justin griped.

Katie frowned. "Noah didn't do anything today, but it's not exactly like he would've turned the tides for us." She looks at the camera. "Have you seen his arms? Ew. Nothing like Justin." She sighs dreamily. "But Cody's still a pervert and I'd take lazy over pervy any day. I vote for Cody."

LeShawna sighed. "Stupid turkey, what the hell does he think he's doing? I still vote for Cody because maybe Noah just had a bad day. Anyways, it's not like he coulda done much to help us, you feel me?"

Lindsay scratched her head. "I hate these, they are so confusing. Beth? No, Bertha? No, maybe it was Beth...I can't remember! Anyways the girl with the braces told me to vote for Noel. Whatever that means?"

"Perfect." Noah smirked. "I got a one-way ticket out of this hell-hole. I vote for myself.

"Well, the dude practically dug his own grave." Trent explained. "Sorry Noah, but if you're going to be a drag every challenge than this team can't have you on it."

Vote Count:

Noah: Seven Votes. (Beth, Cody, Heather, Justin, Lindsay, Noah, Trent.)

Cody: Three Votes. (Gwen, Katie, LeShawna.)

Screaming Gophers: Trent, Heather, Beth, Cody, Katie, Gwen, Justin, Lindsay, LeShawna.

Killer Bass: Courtney, Tyler, Sadie, Geoff, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, Duncan, Eva, DJ.

Execution Order: Izzy, Owen, Noah (Saved).

[1] A brief throwback to chapter one where Duncan commented to Gwen about Justin. Was wondering if anyone remembered.

[2] Avatar: The Last Airbender reference. Don't get it? Watch it now.

[3] A play on how Katie and Sadie were so one note in canon.

[4] Thanks for the idea, ferguson97!

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed! I liked writing this chapter :D. Were you shocked by Noah's departure and/or using the Life Idol? Some of you maybe thinking I'm doing this because Noah is my favorite, but I assure you I have plans for the bookworm.