Chapter 1: Going Outside

A/N: Here we have a Kid!Weiss and a Kid!Blake in my first ever Kid!AU fanfic! Yaaaay! This is just the first chapter and I hope you'll enjoy it. This is also my first attempt at a "full/complete" fanfic so please bear with me (ahhhh). Thanks! Please review

More than anything, a little girl with snow-white hair and pale skin wanted to go outside to play. Her father wouldn't let her, warning her each time she tried that there were many bad people out there who wanted their heads. The first time she heard these words, she wanted nothing more than to run back inside and hide in her room forever, not caring to set foot outside her mansion for a full two weeks.

Little Weiss Schnee was getting bored then and decided to go outside to her large garden. Strange, she thought. No one's in here. Not even the servants are roaming around…

She realized a few seconds later that her father had gone on a business trip that lasted for a month in one of the other three kingdoms of Remnant and remembered what her father told her two weeks ago. Were there really bad people outside the gates? Was the world really that cruel? There was only one way to find out and Weiss was so excited about stepping outside her mansion's gates for the first time in a long time.

She doesn't remember when she last walked the streets outside her home. It was probably when her mother was still around, or when her father had no cares about his Dust company yet. Maybe it was that time when he drove her to her mother's funeral and back, the devastation on his face clearly seen though he refused to admit he had those feelings. Maybe it was that time they changed their residence for a while to hide from the people or Faunus who wanted their heads on plates. Weiss found her answer later on and remembered it was the time everyone in the Schnee household had to sneak back into their own house so they wouldn't be killed on sight.

Here she was, free from the scolding of her father, free from the prison that was her home and the more than four walls of it. She was free to do anything she liked now that no one was stopping her. The first thing she did was to look around to see if there were any people with knives or guns or whatever weapon the creator of their world could think of.

Monty Oum: *sneezes*

Instead of seeing mad throngs of people and Faunus who wanted to kill her, she saw quite the opposite. An old woman was smiling at her. A dog Faunus and his mother were walking hand in hand to a store just around the corner, and they were both happy. A man dressed in a business suit was riding his skateboard on his way to work with his briefcase in hand. He waved at her and said "Good morning!" This wasn't what she was expecting at all! She was sure her father was telling lies back then. Weiss was enjoying the outside and the fresh air and grass on her bare feet.

She thought the next people who made her way to her were friendly. They looked completely normal until one of them shoved her to one of the walls of her house and put a gun to her head. The rest of the group backed him up and made sure that whatever was happening wasn't seen by the public. She was cornered and threatened to be killed right outside her own house. Where was everyone?!

"Daddy!" Weiss cried out in desperation. "Daddy, please help me!"

"Hush, little girl," the man who was pointing the gun to her head said. "Daddy's not here to save you now. No one will."

Yet she kept crying out, "Daddy! Daddy!" as tears started to fall from her eyes. She made a silent vow never to step outside her house again as she formed an apology. "I'm sorry, Daddy…" she weakly whispered as the tears kept flowing.

"We're going to take you away where no one's gonna find you!" the man told her. "Grab her!"

Little Weiss knew nothing much about self-defense except that a man's groin was a very sensitive spot. She lifted one leg and kicked the man holding the gun right there and ran as fast as she could into her house as soon as he was caught off-guard.

"Fools!" she heard the gang's leader shout. "Follow her and take her, scumbags!"

The little girl knew her way around the house very well and despite the fact that she had never played Hide and Seek, she knew all the perfect places to hide. There was that place in the library, and another in her room, and another in the kitchen. She was confident no one would find her there, but what worried her was what they would do to the house. Father would come home furious, as he always would, but to see the house in a mess and no one present to clean it up except her daughter would make him angrier. Maybe she would get hit, as she often was when her father was in his moods. All she could do was hide and wait for help; calling the police won't help since they would hear her talking, and there were only few phones around.

She picked the library to hide in, since no one would find a little girl like herself in a large room with possibly hundreds or thousands of books placed in towering bookshelves. A reader's sanctuary, if anyone who had seen the Schnee library would call it. It was dark there, but once someone switched on the lights, they would see everything. The place Weiss chose to stay in was the space where several mystery books were missing and she could fit herself into if she pushed the remaining books to one side. She locked the door behind her, switched off the lights, and ran to her place. It wasn't long before she heard people banging their fists on the heavy wooden door and telling her to "open it up this instant!" No one was going to open that door any time soon.

She pushed the few heavy books to one side and sat in the space she created. A few seconds after she made herself "comfortable," she looked across her only to see that there was someone else in the room with her, and their yellow eyes were staring back at her in the dark. She almost screamed.