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Blake woke with a groan.

She didn't recognize the place at first. It was morning and her eyes were adjusting to the view of pale walls and little furniture that definitely did not belong to the Schnees. Everything was so plain in this room; even the bed she was lying on, which was pretty large and kind of comfortable... but it wasn't Weiss', either...

Oh, that's right. She's in a hospital. Her preferred sleeping places in the Schnee residence did not include a bed, therefore she was not home.

She looked around to find Weiss sleeping on a bed next to hers. She looked so distraught from yesterday's incident –

Yesterday's incident! That's right! Was Weiss okay?

Blake sat up quickly in her panic to see if the Schnee heiress was unharmed, when pain blossomed in her head and her entire body. She held a hand to the back of her head, trying to ease the throbbing pain there.

"Good morning, Blake!" a cheerful voice softly greeted. "Don't move around so quickly yet. It will hurt a lot more if you do."

The Faunus looked to where the voice came from. It came from somewhere near the entrance of their room, from a certain brunette with a love for the color red. A blonde girl with an unmistakable leather jacket stood next to the girl who greeted her, waving at Blake.

"Hi, Ruby," she weakly greeted, having not found her voice yet. "Hello, Yang."

"Great job last night!" Yang exclaimed. A hit to the ribs from her younger sibling reminded her not to be too loud else Weiss would wake up. She immediately toned down her voice. "You saved Weiss, and we caught our baddies!"

Blake could not help but show a small smile at the good news the siblings brought her. It was a better way to get up this fine morning. "Tell me more," she requested, the pain in her head subsiding due to her newfound interest.

Ruby raised her hand high in the air as if she was reciting in class, and she was bouncing in place. "Ooh, ooh, me, me!"

Yang chuckled at her sister's childish acts- she was still a child, after all. "Go on, tell Blake what happened."

"We kicked their sorry butts!" the red-hooded Junior Huntress excitedly told Blake. "Yang and I were chasing them down and pow! Pow! Boom! and then they hit a dead end and we were so cooool, pointing our weapons at them. And then two seconds later the police are behind us, pointing their guns at those no-good criminals! It was so awesome, Blake!"

"That sounds great," Blake commented, a wide grin gracing her still tired features. "Congratulations, you two."

Yang and Ruby beamed at the Faunus' comment, but the older of the two had more to say. "You did an even more awesome thing, Blake," she said. "That swing was really cool!"

Confusion showed on the ninja's face, so Yang explained further. "You probably forgot that anything fancy as Schnee might as well have surveillance somewhere, right?"

Oh, that one, Blake thought as she recalled the ridiculous plan she came up with. I didn't think it would work...

"Sure did work," Ruby commented, seeming to read Blake's thoughts. "That was so genius, Blake! I want to be just like you!"

"You have your older sister," she told Ruby. "She's pretty cool, too."

"Yeah, you've got me!" Yang exclaimed, ruffling her sister's hair fondly but a bit roughly. "I'm cool, too!"

"Quit it, sis!" the scythe wielder cried, swatting away Yang's hand. The blonde laughed, but she stopped what she was doing with her sister's short hair.

Blake smiled at the sisters as they did this, but immediately turned serious at the thought of her room-mate. "How's Weiss?"

"She's totally fine," Yang replied. "You guys landed pretty hard on the ground, that's why your head's hurting. You hit it there, I think, but Weiss' landing was pretty safe."

"We're going to die!" she exclaimed as she hung on to the Faunus for dear life. "Blake, I don't want to diiiieeeeeee!"

"You won't die, Weiss!" Blake assured her as they soared through the air, away from the explosion. "We escaped that bomb!"


"OH, DUST!" Blake exclaimed as her, Weiss, and her weapon were falling.

"But we're falling!"

Yes, they were falling, and from a great height, too. There wasn't much time left before they hit the ground hard.

You have to think fast, Blake! A voice screamed in the Faunus' mind. Or all this would have been for nothing!

Blake did the more sensible thing to do and wrapped her arms around the heiress. She adjusted her position so her back was facing the ground and Weiss was on top of her.

"Whatareyoudoing!" Weiss quickly asked, as if there wasn't enough time to wait for a reply. "You're gonna get hurt!"

The duo fell into the large smoky area before Blake replied, "Trust me, Weiss! I'm a Faunus."

They hit the ground hard. A loud thud was heard from under the snow-haired girl.

All the while, Weiss' sky-blue eyes were shut. She opened them now to see a very still Faunus lie under her, her eyes shut, her breathing shallow.

She gasped loudly, and tears filled those eyes. Words failed to come out of her lips at the sight of her fallen companion.

"Blake?" she softly called as she struggled to get to her knees, only to collapse again. They were weak and bruised from the impact. "Blake, can you hear me?"

A red liquid started to make its way from her head to the ground, and panic immediately seized Weiss. She was so helpless, after Blake saved her life like that…

"Help!" she called out loudly, loud sobs making their way to her voice. "Someone, please help!"

"She landed on top of me," the Faunus grumbled, soothing the pain in her head that was coming back as she recalled how the heiress landed.

"It'd be hard for you to get injured," Yang said, a grin forming on her face. "That's because you're a kitty cat and they're pretty agile! They aren't hurt easily. And they have nine lives."

Blake took a second to comprehend this until she groaned. "That's not even remotely true! I hit my head and it hurts!"

"Not entirely true," the blonde fighter said with a wink. "Well, Ruby and I have to get to Junior Huntressing business. Catch ya later, get well soon!"

"Good luck out there," Blake said. "Take care, you two."

"You, too!" Ruby exclaimed, giggling at her word play. Was that even word play?

Both girls waved as they made their way out. Blake waved back at them until they were out of sight. She was alone with Weiss again for a while.

The snow-haired girl had still not woken from her slumber. Last night took a lot of energy out of all of them; it's a wonder Ruby and Yang managed to visit at this hour. Blake could not stop worrying about this girl sleeping beside her, even if she knows she's already safe from the bad guys here.

It took a couple of minutes before Weiss woke from her sleep. The ninja could not help but sigh in relief at the sight- Weiss is alive!

"Weiss!" she called out in a whisper. "Weiss!"

It took a few seconds for the heiress to take in her surroundings as well before turning to Blake. Both girls had relief painted all over their faces when they saw that the other was alive and well.

"Hi, Blake," Weiss greeted, smiling widely. "Are you alright? Y-you hit your head pretty hard last night…"

The other girl nodded slowly so that she wouldn't feel so much pain. "My head hurts, I feel sore from all that fighting, but I'll be fine. It's you I'm concerned about."

Weiss kept her smile on. "I don't know what happened to my knees, but I'm alive, thanks to you. I owe you so much, Blake. You have no idea! You saved me back there!"

As Blake continued to lie there, not moving, Weiss continued to cry and regret everything from the beginning. She should have listened to her father. She should have stayed the girl she was for the past years. She should never have had this little adventure around the house, fighting men she never knew.

But without those moments, she would never have met Blake, who had watched over her family as it went about its business, had been making sure that it was safe, had even given up her life because of her stupidity.

Still, Blake didn't have to do all that for her today – cover up for her ignorance, show her around the house and its hiding places, fight the men one by one. She didn't have to do this.

"Blake," Weiss called out again softly to the Faunus. "I didn't even get to thank you for this…"A sudden change in her mind took place, her blue eyes opened with a newfound determination, as she struggled to get on her knees. She wasn't going to just lie there – she had to call for help to the best of her ability. If she wasn't going to use weapons made of steel to fight for someone else's life, she was going to use her voice.

That she did.

Blake couldn't help but smile at the heiress' words. This was turning out to be a good morning so far. "It's alright, Weiss," she said. "You don't owe me anything."

Blake thought of their first meeting immediately after she said those words. She didn't care if she was offered money, or material things. She only cared about protecting the Schnees like her parents did, and that made her happy. One thing held her back, though.

If she remembered correctly, Mr. Schnee disliked the Faunus to a great extent. That had yet to be seen today when he would come flying back to Vale by airship, probably all panicked and such. To find out that a Faunus had saved his daughter might change his mind, though, so there was still hope in her acceptance.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Weiss' voice.

"Blake?" she asked. "Blake, are you okay?"

The Faunus put a smile back on her face to decrease Weiss' worry. "It's all good," she assured the heiress. "You gave me acceptance, friendship, and a purpose-that's all you ever have to give to me."

Humans tended to look down on the Faunus more often than not, but despite her heritage, Weiss accepted Blake for who she is. After years of being oppressed by racist people, Blake thought she would never find peace with a human. All it took was one encounter in a large library's bookshelf, and a day to prove that she was an ally, not the opposite.

She was pleased to find Weiss smiling back at her with the same energy as she was putting into her own. She didn't care if anyone walked in on that little moment between the people of opposite races. Weiss Schnee was her savior, she was the heiress', and that's all that mattered.

The End

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