Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR, with this based of a scene from a fic by Silently Watches. Only things that's mine is this bad joke!

"Luciusssss", whispered The Dark Lord from beneath his dark hood, his face obscured apart from his glowing Blood Red eyes. "What do you have to report?"

"Everything is going as planned My Lord, additionally...erm.." Lucius nervously looked down at the wrapped package within his hands, beads of sweat clear on his brow.

"Yesssss...?" spoke Lord Voldemort, red eyes narrowed.

"We got you this" said Lucius holding up the package to his Lord. The Dark Lord negligently waved his hand, sending the package soaring into his grasp. He then careful ripped the package open, before staring down at the contents in bafflement (a very weird expression on the Snake-like face). He then proceeded to pick the contents up, displaying...a green...beanie...with the Slytherin crest on the front.

The Dark Lord's voice shook with a cold rage. "And what, pray tell, isss thisss?"

"Well..." said a quivering Lucius. "several of the other men and I...heard that during these winter months...er...your head gets cold...so we...er..brought you...that, to keep our Lord warm?"

"HOW DARE YOU!" shouted Lord Voldemort. "Crucio!"

Lucius Malfoy shook under the power of his Lords cruciatus, screaming out his platitudes and his apologies. "My...Lord...ARGGGHH...I'm...sorry..ARGGGHHH" While writhing in agony.

"Leave...Now!" He commanded as his stopped the cruciatus. Lucius hastened to obey, running as fast as he good from the room.

After his servant left (scampered), Lord Voldemort returned to his throne and contemplated what he was holding in his hand, before slowly removing his hood and placing the beanie snugly upon his head.

"Well...damn...it does keep my head warm..." spoke Voldemort irritably. "I might have to disillusion it under my hood..."

"Oh Merlin I miss my hair"

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Bit of randomness inspired by a scene in Chapter 9 of Silently Watches' 'Black Princess Ascendant'

Absolutely Amazing Fic, definitely one to check out

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