So I've read many AT fanfic and I only saw less than 10 stories about Ice Queen and Finn so here I am gonna try to make one, I hope you guys will love it leave a review and I'll see if I'll continue writing this one.

It's been three years since Finn had a relationship so during that three years he's done nothing except his
hero stuffs, saving princesses, doing errands for Princess Bubblegum , hanging out with Marceline and
from time to time he'd visit Flame Princess

"I'm sorry Finn duty calls" Flame Princess smiles at Finn after he tried to ask her to go out.
before leaving the throne room Finn looks at her one more time only to see Cinnamon Bun making her laugh.
"Man..." he sighs as he leave the Fire Kingdom.

Three days have passed since Finn last visited the Fire Kingdom and this time he's hanging out with Marceline.
"Come on Finny!" as Marceline strums her ax bass "Ah.. yeah.." "Alright what's wrong?" Finn scratches his head
"Let's go have some fun.." Finn said while blushing, Marceline already knew his intentions at that time.
"Finn I don't like you that way okay?" There was a awkward moment "Great! now it's awkward..." Marceline said

"Finn... Finn..." Princess Bubblegum calls to the daydreaming hero at her balcony "Finn!" she yells as that caught his attention "Umm.. yeah Peebs?" Bubblegum sighs at finally getting his attention "I have a job for you"
"Yeah what is it?" she hands him a vial it was a glowing blue liquid "Let the Ice King drink this" Finn grabs the vial and takes a look with it "What does it do?" "It's supposed to cure him from the craziness of his crown" Finn had his eyes widened from the amazement that Princess Bubblegum has found the cure. "I still have two vials left"
Bubblegum showed Finn the two extra vials "But it doesn't mean you should take this lightly if the Ice King is cured and he would still remained the Ice King then Ooo would be in a much better condition" She said "According to Marceline, Simon Petrikov is a smart man having Ice King's sanity return would greatly help all of Ooo plus he's known so many things before the Mushroom War." Finn didn't care about what Bubblegum was saying all he's thinking about is his relationships having failed but that didn't stop him from asking Bubblegum
"Yeah yeah Okay.. so after this.. would you um.. like to hang out?" Bubblegum laughs "Silly" was all she said as she left the room. "Come on! I'm 18 and she's still treats me like a child" Finn thought.

Finn POV

"This sucks.." I walk back towards the treehouse carrying the vial the Bubblegum gave me "Is something wrong with me? I mean don't they like me at all?" I'm beginning to wonder why I keep on failing at my relationships
"Is it me? or is it them?" I was getting more and more confused as I enter the treehouse to grab my golden sword, my backpack and a cloak to protect myself against the extreme coldness of the Ice Kingdom.
I'm wearing a blue shirt with my bear hat now a hood and a blue skinny jean and black snickers.
"Man.. I wish Jake is with me he'd just turn big and travel and I'll just ride him." Without Jake to help me travelling to the Ice Kingdom would take hours so while it's still early I decided that I should just finish this and get some rest. I got tired when I reach the Ice King's front door "Ice King..! Ice King?" weird that the Ice King was not home then the door opened and it was Gunther who greeted me "What's up Gunther, Um.. Where's IK?"
He lead me in a hall then he points out a room with some strange lights flashing inside. "What the..."
I said as I enter the room, My eyes widened it was a huge room full of books and scrolls and things that are beyond my understanding "Come on WORK!" I hear IK's voice just behind this mountains of books I circle around it seeing two large statues a face of a girl and a cat. "You're messed up Ice King!" as a portal opens between the two statues then Ice King noticed my presence "Finn! You'll not stop my true love!" IK was yelling hysterically and started talking about his pecks being better than mine then he take off his clothes revealing his old , disgusting body "Just drink this will you.." "huh? what's that?" "Princess Bubblegum said you need this"
then he starts dancing with joy his smile stretches to the very end of his face "Finally!" he said I began to wonder if he even knew what it was "A love potion from Bubblegum hihihihihi" I face palmed myself from what IK said , I was about to hand it to the Ice King when Gunther jumps on my back and tries to steal the vial, I lost my balance and fall towards the portal that was opened "Help!" the Ice King tries to grab me but the portal closes before he could even put his hand on it, then everything went black.
I opened my eyes and groaned from the pain that I'm feeling "Did I fall? Ow..." I tried my best to stand up
and I was just outside the Ice Kingdom.

"*sighs* I better go back there before the Princess personally comes here" a chill was sent to his spine
imagining a steaming Bubblegum as Finn walk towards the Ice Kingdom but he's got a feeling that something was off then shouts can be heard "How many times do I tell you that you can't marry someone you kidnapped!" Finn hears a girl voice as another one counters "He's my Gumball! I only need someone to love me!" Finn got hit there
hearing another person who's feeling is just like his though he did not know any of this voices or much more this Gumball guy he rush towards those voices, Finn sees a girl wearing a bunny hat blue shirt and skirt and the other one was a girl with white hair with a blue skin wearing a puffy blue dress, the girl with a bunny hat is pointing a sword towards the white haired girl who has a crown "Gotta save that princess!" just when the girl with a bunny hat charges towards the princess Finn interrupts by blocking her sword with his "Sorry lady I can't let you hurt her" Ice queen's eyes widened and somehow a drop of tear fell from her eyes. Never did anyone saves her from danger or even showed kindness Ice Queen suddenly stands up and held Finn a hostage "What the!?" Finn yells
"I'm making him my husband!" Ice Queen laughs as sees Finn holding a vial "Oh.. What's that?" she grabs it out
of Finn's hand and opens it "You're crazy lady!" Finn yells "Heck yeah!" the girl with a sword replies.
Ice Queen drinks the potion and started to feel massive headache she lets go if Finn and starts to lose her balance and soon she fell unconsious, Finn release a sigh of relief as the girl approaches her
"What's you name?" She ask "Finn... and yours?" as Finn removes his hood revealing his golden hair
"Fionna" she blushes "What about her?" Fionna glares at the unconscious lady "She's the Ice Queen"

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