"It was all thanks to him, that young boy who changed both of our worlds. Saving me from my despair as I regain my consciousness and my memories at the same time, It was thanks to him that my blonde haired friend and her sister cat was saved from that man."

"The man that you'll call soon as 'Father' " giving a warm smile that could even melt the coldest of ice.

He was outside, standing on a hill as the breeze of wind hits him in the face causing his golden hair to wave beautifully. Deep in his thought the hero wondered, does any other person experienced or what's worst that some may be even still experiencing it now. The pain, suffering , sadness , despair , loneliness, And the ability to hide it behind a smile. It was eating him, what the Ice Queen had been experiencing and still hides it with a simple smile.

'Was it the same for the Ice King?' the boy mused, as he begin to wonder the feeling of being the Ice King 'Was he also being force and use as a toy?'

The thought of a girl raping the Ice King hit him, causing him to chuckle a little bit and lighten up the heavy load his heart was bearing.

"That's got to be impossible" musing some more dirty and incredibly disturbing thoughts he began to laugh.

"That's good" a voice coming from behind him said "Yeah" another one said, looking beside him, he saw the two most important women in his life right now.

"Huh?" the boy replied.

"Well you were down since morning and it was a good thing that you're now laughing before dinner" Fionna said, sitting beside him which was quickly followed by the silver haired girl but at the opposite side.

"Cake's not with you?" Finn said.

"No, she went to the grocery kingdom and bought some food for the rest of the week" Fionna replied

"Plus, she said not to disturb you, and since she just left this is the only time we got to talk to you" Ice Queen explained.

"Cake said that you were thinking something very important..." the blonde girl started to said it in a sad tone

"Missing your world, huh?" Ice Queen interjects

"Yeah" he lied, it wasn't a good time to talk about what had happened since it's still so fresh in their mind. Plus he doesn't wanna get them worried over something that may not happen... Marshall Lee's return

Since the cat had explained everything to him, t'was clear for the both of them that he'll be back but Finn had another theory of him, being humiliated of what he has done, he might haved leaved Ooo while he still had some dignity left. The cat agreed but they both knew that the chances of that happening is 1 of 100 but still, they've hoped to resolve this peacefully and who wants to fight a thousand year old vampire?

"Let's go inside it's getting dark in here"Fionna asked, as the sun had simply set but still leaves a little orange light that surrounded the entire land before a cold night comes.

"Yep.. Oka-" the boy was suddenly cut off as he felt as car hit him but the force was only concentrated on his stomach.

"GAH!" the boy yelled in pain, as his body rolled over the hill. The two girls quickly rushed to his side but was stopped by a wall of fire. And before the Ice Queen could use her powers it was already way too hot to manipulate ice, stranded with Fionna, the two were left hopeless but only to watched Finn and the guy who slowly started to appear... Marshall Lee.

"This is so messed up, Marshal Lee!" Fionna, furiously yelled in a desperate attempt to get his attention and give Finn some chance to stand up.

"Don't worry, dear Fionna, I'll be right by your side in just a minute... just a minute" the repeated words gave Finn and the two girls his killing intent, the boy tried desperately to stand up while at the same time gasping for air.

-pant- -pant- "No fair, You gotta give me a swo-" again cut off, this time a kick to his ribs sending him flying once more like a ragdoll that was caught in an explosion.

'This guy! He's already immortal and he's still cheating!' he thought, chuckling with little despair hinted on it. His hair was grabbed by Marshall Lee as they both floated into the air.

"Bastard! Le-let me go!" the boy groaned, as he was carried by pulling his hair.

"Gladly." said the immortal one with a cold, diminishing voice. The vampire threw the hero towards the treehouse that was near in sight.

Like a meteor, the young man crashed into the treehouse with great force, for a mere human it would be a instant death or if still lucky, all of that person's bones would be broken, but for Finn, the young man who defeated the Lich, the man who had saved countless of lives, defeating giant monsters that was 30 times his size, t'was still so much for Finn that all of his body is feeling the pain and his left arm was gone, bones were broken and continuing to fight Marshall Lee was more futile that it was the beginning.

The boy thank himself, as some parts of his body was now numb, specifically his left arm which was useless right now. It would be truly hard for him to fight while his arm wiggles and waves of pain course through his body. Noticing his sword he quickly holds it with his right hand and jump out of the treehouse, all covered in blood, his clothes torn up, his left arm clearly broken and healing it back to the way it was will be a feat.

"Round 2?" he said, smirking, it was clear for all of them who was watching him that it was just a man's pride left inside him, not going down without a fight.
Still, Marshall Lee gave him some respect after seeing that, a normal human going up against the Vampire King it was truly a rare sight for him, especially since his friend, the one who has the power to turned the world into ashes is a coward man.

'I really wished Flameboy would grow up some balls like this one right here' the vampire mused, he was left wide open and letting his guard down the next thing he saw was Finn so close to him, wait too close not enough for even the fastest warrior to dodge the incoming attack.

"You fool! as if that would affect me, I never thought you were so stupid that you- ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!"

The prince of flames, queen of ice, and the adventurer of Ooo all widened their eyes as they saw that the chest of Marshall Lee started to boil, his skin bubbling as he continued to scream in agony.

'I hate to put them in danger but with them helping me we could truly win this.' the blonde haired boy thought, rushing towards Flame Prince without a hint of fear. The prince of flames threw a fireball at the boy.

Suddenly feeling his legs shake, he was unable to dodge the ball of fire that was hurdling right at him.


The boy was left in a nearly unconscious state, it was now their lost for he cannot move his body no more. Failure of saving the both of them was the greatest regret of his life. Even if the Lich won against when they battled, this feeling that his feeling right now cannot be compared even if he lose the whole world.
Just not the two of them.

The next thing that had happen was a miracle, it was as if the gods are watching, rain poured heavily on the entire land of Ooo, Flame Prince was now running for his life and suddenly in a blink of an eye, he was inside building that was made of ice.

'Ice? ... ICE!?' Flameboy suddenly realized what situation he was in, and the next thing he knew he was shackled by cuffs that was made of ice, enough not to kill him yet enough to disable his powers. He started crying and weeping, telling them that Marshall Lee forced him to do this.

The two girls sweat drop 'This guy... is a total coward..' they thought in unison, still it was better that he stayed that way rather than a power hungry prince ready to eat the whole world.

Popping a vein, both of them started to get annoyed in a span of few seconds, as the prince continued his pointless rambling of how he is not to be punished and blames Marshall Lee all for it..

"All right we got it... sheesh, just keep quite okay?" Fionna said, annoyed once more as another ranting of thank you's hit the both of them. Without waiting another second they rushed to the man that they've both come to loved.

"Noooo!" the two girls yelled, as they ran towards Finn, who was barely moving, Marshall Lee grabs him by his collar or what's left of his shirt.

Ice Queen quickly froze his entire body, only leaving his arms.

Finn saw his chance, 'I don't care if I die, but I'll be sure as hell that I'm taking you with me!' he thought as his mouth could no longer speak for the moment.

In an instant, Marshall Lee broke the ice that covered him with effortlessness. He felt like he saw Finn swinging his sword right at him trying to block it he released his hand that was grabbing the blonde boy.

Finn puts his bloodied hands right onto the Vampire King's face.

Then he started to scream in agony, turning into a bat he flew aimlessly towards the horizon.

"I cannot wait anymore~" Ice Queen said, seductively whispering into Finn's ear. It's been a week since the fight between them, Cake stared at Finn and simply smiles and nods, however that smile felt like a million thank you for him. No it was truly a million thank you from the cat.

"My body is still in pain right now.." he said, while doing his signature chuckle. The boy was eighteen and was no longer dumb about the adult ways. He knew exactly what Ice Queen will do to him, he's just scared. Can you believe it? defeating the Lich and the Vampire King and he was scared of the promised Ice Queen said to him, that it was a reward for him that will make him feel really good.

"Fionna is also waiting..." she whispered once more, but it did not go unnoticed to the cat, Cake simply sighed and left the room Finn and Ice Queen was in.

"All right.. that's it!" Ice Queen suddenly snaps, and started carrying Finn towards the last room in the hallway.

"Wait! what are you doing!?" the boy started to sweat nervously.

"Like I told you... It'll heal every injuries you've got, plus it's gonna change your world" she said

The boy gulped as he was left with no other choice but to let her carry him towards the mysterious, yet knowingly room.

Moans of pleasure was heard all over the treehouse as Cake was playing with BMO and started sighing and slapping her face.

"Can you guys be a little quieter..I can hear you, you know" she mumbled to herself, then the moans and groans started to go louder and louder and when the Ice Queen started to yelled 'Faster' she knew she has to get out of there.

"I got to start living with Monochromicorn.." she said, carrying BMO and leaving the house.

[Three months later]

It was confirmed two months ago that both the Ice Queen and Fionna were pregnant, and the hero, the champion, slayer of Lich, the one who beat the Vampire King, and the father of the coming children, fainted.

Another beautiful day, and Finn and his soon to be wives was sitting with Cake and Monochromicorn just outside the treehouse, eating snacks.

"Oh yeah... how did you defeat Marshall Lee?" Cake asked a question, as all of them except the black unicorn started to wonder.

"Well... I simply cut my hand with my sword" Cake started to smile while the two girls were left more confused.

"The sword was coated with garlic.. and when I cut myself, the essence of the garlic was mixed in my blood, and when I put it on his face, well specifically his eyes, what do you think will happen?" the boy started to smile, as the rest of them followed by a burst of laughter.

The earth suddenly shook, alarming everyone of them, but it was so short that they've had no time to go to a much safer place.

"What's that?" Fionna ask, all of them were looking in what looks like a portal.

"That seems familiar.." Finn said, as he started approaching it.

"FINN!" he was greeted by two pink arms on his neck and a very tight hug from a paled skin woman.

The boy looked back to his wives, but was greeted by a cold and deadly glare.

'Oh glob..' he thought.

"We've come to get you back." Bubblegum said, after Finn explained everything that has happened well he left the part of him, impregnating two women and was about to make them his wives.

"I'm good princess" the boy smiled but was countered as the pink princess hold his hand tightly, their fingers tangled against each other, Causing one cold freezing aura behind him and the sound of a sword being sharpened.

"But... you're my hero.." Wow! that words hit him with a baseball bat, it's what he has been waiting for all this time, The princess saying stuffs like that to him. But it was too late, as they both neared the portal, Finn stopped and offered his two hand to Ice Queen and Fionna

"You guys are gonna come with me" he said, with a warm smile "Sorry Cake, but I'm taking both of them with me" the cat smiled and waved of her hands, for a moment Fionna hesitated leaving her only family like that, but Finn whispered something in her ears.

"Princess Bubblegum already made the portal through here, she can make it again" with a wink, the girl felt reassured that she'll see her sister once more, hopefully with her baby at that time.

with a yell of "I'll see you soon" they vanished.

Monochromicorn smirk wickedly, as Cake got what's on his mind "Aren't you a naughty one?" she said, and then one thing leads to another.

"Well here we ar- ... umm Finn, why'd you bring them here?" Marceline asked

"Um... well.." looking for a reasonable explanation he was intervene by the Ice Queen

"We're his wives, what about it?" she said, somehow stating that Finn was both her and Fionna's property.

Marceline and Bonnibel were taken aback, but a hint of annoyance was seen on the pink princess and a challenging smirk for the raven haired girl.

"Welcome to Ooo..." Marceline said in a different tone, but for a girl's language "Challenge Accepted, Ladies"

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