Hey! So I'm going to be starting two new works (and hope to keep up with them this time). This is the first one I'm posting. The premise is that this is a collection of poems that I have "liberated" from the book (a.k.a. scenes and situations that are (maybe?) better explained than in the book). Here's the basis for the first poem, Trapped.

I was doing this for English and thought, what was going on for someone who was in the simulations, but not divergent? Hmmm. Well, I personally think that they could think, hear, and see what was going on around them, but the simulation wouldn't let them comprehend it enough to break out of the trance. This is inside of the head of one of the non-divergent, so please, constructive criticism is welcome!

This is the scene at the end of Divergent when the Dauntless are injected with a serum that makes them kill the Abnegation.

Without further ado, Trapped. Enjoy!


Don't think, don't move, just do.

All morals thrown out the door,

guns poised and ready to shoot,

You can't afford to be selfless,

not if you'll pick up the loot.

They give you no room to think,

with orders they bark and shout,

And if you can't comply,

they'll surely throw you out.

Don't think, don't move, just do.

It's a matter of life or death,

every situation is a test,

If you can't harm the other person,

you certainly aren't the best.

I'm desperate, feeling restless,

they refuses to give me control,

My mind is rotting, Im thinking about,

all the lives I stole.

Don't think, don't move, just do.

My feet move from underneath me,

what happened to my body?

Yesterday it was all festive,

now everything just looks gaudy.

Innocent people kneel,

all lined up on the street,

Crying from the brute force applied,

just staring at my feet.

Don't think, don't move, just do.

My eyes wake up, insightful,

my body can be controlled.

Is the madness all over?

the gun in my hand goes cold.

Death and destruction surrounds me,

did I really partake in this incident?

Don't think, don't move, just do,

those words now seem distant.


Well… what did you think? Please let me know with a review. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, I just ask that you aren't mean about it. Thanks! And as you've probably already figured out, the chapters are going to be pretty short. My next fic might be out tomorrow if you're lucky. I'm doing basically the thing where the war in Abnegation never happened and she is training new initiates. I will try to change it up and I know the plot is over-used. Note that I said 'try'. I think I'm changing it up but I don't know if you would've already read a fic like the way I want to do it, so yeah.

Alright, I got to go! But I hope you enjoyed. Review for more!

~The Writing Fedora

P.S. For those of you that read "Maximum Hunger Plus Seven" do you want me to continue? I will if you want! I know that it's been a while, sorry.