Chapter 5: The Outcome

The crowd stood there, stunned. Moments flew by, and all eyes were on Levi. He stood there, not one ounce of fear on his face, the look in his eyes menacing. His presence stood louder, bigger than anyone's in the gray court room, and no one dared to even move a muscle until the judge spoke up.

"Lance Corporal Rivaille. You have disrespected court rules and shall return to the section you were assigned. You will wait your turn civilly." The Judge said calmly. His old man appearances radiated wisdom, his eyes beckoning Levi to obey, and hardening when he did not.

Levi stood his ground, crossing his arms to show he would not fight and pull out the dual swords. He covered Eren's crumpled up body with his own, hiding him from the citizen's view. He would not let them see a poor boy this way, because that's exactly what Eren was no matter what anyone said. He was a boy, and Levi would never forgive the pain they brought to someone who couldn't even fight back, let alone talk for his sake. He would protect someone like Eren, even if he wasn't sure if he could trust him.

"I believe it doesn't matter whose turn it is now. We all have eyes, Sir. The cause of this court hearing looks like he is about to lose consciousness." Levi said smoothly, his calm demeanor was deceiving. One can say he even looked bored, but only a skillful eye could see the silent, blood craving aura. His fury vibrated in the air, making the room uneasy.

"What is your suggestion?" The Judge challenge. Erwin interjected at that point.

"Your honor, given the circumstances, we the prosecution, think this court hearing requires special rules to go about." Erwin paused, waiting for the Judge to comment before explaining anything.

"Before we continue, allow me to read the charges." A hint of annoyance was laced in every word the Judge said.

"Of course."

"Survey Corp. In your last mission, **, it went unreported that you found something, or someone, in the outer walls. The excuse given was that the risk of loosing the boy was too great, therefore you took initiative to care for him before an urgent report was filed. Military Police stepped in quickly once the information was overlooked, but here you are calming custody of the boy, stating the Military Police was out of line." The judge paused, glancing at both sides for any inaccurate information. When he received no complaint, he continued.

"The Military Police work under the direct orders of the monarchies, and they state they had permission. But when Commander Erwin Smith researched the matter, there was no written order nor a confirmed vocal order. The charges state the Military Police acted out of their own will and have stolen the boy found. Now, Commander Erwin Smith, what are your 'special' requirements for this court battle?" The judge asked coldly. He read the information given, which was not much. Details about the conditions of the boy went unsaid, and Erwin suspected that the higher ups wanted to keep the public blind.

"Since the boy, who has been named, Eren Jaeger, has no memories, can only communicate limitedly, and is critically injured, we ask permission for the removal of Eren Jaeger from this court. He looks in no condition to be here, your honor, as we can all see." Erwin finished his request by making eye contact with Levi.

Levi inwardly thanked Erwin for the request. It meant he wouldn't have to stand here, and worry about Eren the whole remainder of the time.

"Any objections?" Levi tensed, he was glad the judge had nothing against the idea, but the Military Police was bound to have a condition. But anyone could see the boy was useless here.

"No objections but one condition. The Survey Corps must have someone in mind to treat him, s-so we say that one of our scientist accompany yours." The commander of the Military Police, Nile Dok, stated shakily. His eyes flickered to the spot where Levi was, covering Eren's body from sight.

Erwin looked to Hanji for any objections, for she would be the one handling the Eren. Hanji smiled happily. "That's fine! As long as you don't get in the way we accept the condition!" Hanji screamed, too delighted that Eren was one step closer to being in their care once more.

She beamed down at Levi, and motioned which direction he would follow her out of the room.

"Alright. That's settled. Permission granted to remove the boy presumably named Eren Jaeger from the court room." The gavel was hit, signaling the now conscious guards to hand the keys over.

Levi held out his hand for the keys. He wouldn't accept them coming an inch within Eren. One guard approached fearfully, and handed them to the branching hand, walking away briskly after. Levi turned to Eren, and got down to his level. The whole court had their eyes glued to the interaction.

"Eren...can you hear me? It's me. We're taking you now, so don't fight." Levi didn't exactly have a comforting voice, but Eren's drooping head heard it all, and he understood that he could relax. He was still fearful, but he recognized Levi, and wanted nothing more than to believe in someone.

Levi quickly unlocked the stands holding the cuffs in place, then the cuffs themselves. Eren was about to fall forward, until Levi gently caught him. Everyone saw this, and even people in the stands were doubtful that the boy could be of any harm to humanity when he looked so human, and so broken.

Levi worriedly wondered if it was alright to even move him, but noting the urgency he gently cradle Eren in his arms prince style with no hesitation. He stopped moving when he heard a small cry of pain come from Eren. "Your safe." Levi whispered. He directed Eren's head and tucked it in the juncture of his shoulder and neck, keeping his face hidden from view. He didn't care if the kid was dirty, had blood splattered every where, or was still bleeding in some places, he walked away, out of the court room, with Hanji leading him, and a Military Police bastard tailing behind him.

Erwin sighed. "We are now waiting for Corporal Levi, a key witness, to return. At ease." The judge announced. No one relaxed though, as some were slightly disturbed by the appearance of the one they called "Eren." The citizens were expecting a grotesque monster, not a mere young adolescent boy. But some in the Military Police and Survey Corps were not fazed by the physical features of the "monster." To them, a threat was a threat. They wouldn't hesitate to shoot him down. Just like they didn't hesitate to cut him up.

Levi cradle Eren closely as he left the main court room. His steps were slower than Hanji's since he tried not to jostle Eren in his arms. He felt Eren's poor pathetic attempts to breathe. Every passing second Levi noticed more wounds, raging building up quickly. This was wrong. The pain. The agony. The bruises. It was gruesome. He was like a rat, only a test subject to poke and prob all they wanted. The only difference being Eren was much harder to kill, and by the looks of it, they used that fact to their advantage.

"Rivaaiiillle! Come on! In here. Hurry!" Hanji yelled. Her hands were practically flying already, over ecstatic to get her hands on Eren. She had good intentions though, they only reason why Levi cooperated enough to lay Eren down on a bed.

As he retracted his arms from the boys battered body, a warm shaking hand grab the cuff of his jacket. It was a weak grip. Levi grab Eren's hand, in his own. Eren opened his eyes slightly, looking up at Levi. He his chest rose slowly with each breath, and Levi brushed his dirt crusted bangs aside, but then he froze. Eren's other eye was cloudy, not the brilliant shade of deep emerald, but a milky gray blue.

Levi stared, horrified. It was so wrong. He didn't want to see anymore. But he didn't take his eyes off Eren's.

"Levi? Can you move? I have to strip him now! Hey, Military Police solider, can you tell me anything about the experiments conducted? It'll help me treat him." Hanji asked with no care even if he didn't answer.

"Even if it is classified information, you'll see soon enough. Reports were filed and they will likely be disclosed to the select few, like yourselves, in the Survey Corps. I don't have permission at this time to say anything, so sorry." The military solider said smoothly. His words came out like a recording, pushing Levi over the teetering edge.

The corporal whipped his body around, intensely glaring at the man. He couldn't hold it back, not after seeing this happening. He thought once he left the underground he wouldn't see such mutilation happening. Yet here he was, seeing it happen right before his eyes once again, and his anger could not be contained.

"Oh? So tell me something. Were you there, as they dove their knives down this "monsters" chest? As they took his eyesight?" Levi said in a deep, low, calm voice. He never took his eyes off of the man as he stalked closer. The man widen his eyes and backed away.

"I-I can't say, Sir." He answered, eyebrows pulled together, as he was trying to show no fear.

"You fucking dirt." Was the last thing the guy heard from Levi as he swung his arm directly in the mans gut, causing him to dry heave on the ground, spit flying from his mouth.

Levi didn't want to stop there. He harshly grabbed the collar of the soldier's shirt, who was cowering in pain and fear. "Maybe I should do what you solider a have done for him." Levi threatened, completely serious. His face was blank, emotionless as ever, but one could see the hatred and disgust swimming in his eyes.

"Rivaille enough! We'll get in more trouble! You have to leave now, anyways. I bet they expect you back so go! Rivaille!" Hanji screamed. Levi didn't reply, instead he pulled his curled fist back, fling in forward with immense momentum a tooth went flying. Levi could not forgive anyone who intentionally hurt someone so helpless. Even if he was used to no emotions, even if he was being a little rash, he couldn't help but threaten who ever had a part in hurting Eren.

Levi knew he needed to leave the room before something bad really did happen. But he drew his fist back once again, vaguely hearing the rustling of sheets and Hanji steaming 'No' to something.

As he pulled back to uppercut the soldiers chin, something warm warped around his torso, tugging him away slightly. His hand froze mid air, right directly in the man's face. He looked behind him, only to find Hanji scrambling to lay Eren back down, as Eren was wrapped on his body, sliding a little on the floor.

Levi loosened his tense position. Hanji was able to pull Eren back into bed, but Eren whinnied a little.

"Tch. Your just a stupid brat, aren't you?" Levi looked down at the solider, watching as he clutched his stomach and head for the door.

"Damn it. Lance Corporal Rivaille. This won't go unreported." He gasped, and slammed the door. Levi didn't feel any better for the release of some pent up anger. He walked up to Eren, and laid his hand down across his eyes, closing them.

"I'll be back. My name is Corporal Levi. Hopefully you understand at least this."

"I...kno'..." Eren whispered. His ears picked up the words, and slowly, the more he heard the language the more he felt his brain rewire until he could even speak it. He wasn't as helpless as they thought he was, and he was ready to prove it. But he knew he was in no condition to reveal anything just yet.

Levi said nothing more as he existed the room, leaving Hanji to do the rest.

"Eren Jaeger. That's what you've been named. Just to tell you. So, now, just so you don't get scared, I'm going to treat your wounds. So relax." Hanji informed with a smile. She already laid down her tools, and picked up the scissors to cut Eren's shirt off. He closed his eyes, finding it to difficult to stay awake, and fell into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.

Levi arrived down into the court room. Tension rolled off the walls. He sourly made his way to where the Survey Corps were waiting.

"Petra. I have a favor. Can you stay with Hanji and Eren during this trial? It's room five" Levi asked.

"Of course Heichou!" Petra said, saluting him and Erwin, before skittering off.

Levi watched her go. He knew Petra was the motherly type in situations like these, so Eren would be comforted and reassured.

"Alright. Now, we shall officially start the trial.

"Good job everyone. They have given us orders and we plan to execute them flawlessly. We have been deemed the responsibility of something important, and perhaps dangerous. I ask all of you to please keep the severity of this situation in mind. Levi and your squad, I assume you are well aware of your roll. That is all. Dismissed." Erwin ended his speech.

The whole Scouting Legion was in deep thought while filing back into the builds. Some where weary about the outcome of the court hearing. All in all, Commander Erwin succeeded in getting his goal, the custody of Eren Jaeger. Of course it came with limits and other restrictions, but they had him in their hands.

Levi was satisfied with the outcome. It had gone smoothly, almost to the point where he suspected something fishy. Those military bastards must be planning something else, which bothered Levi but for now, he must live for today.

"Mikasa. Armin. You guys seem around that brats age, Eren. Go introduce yourselves." Levi order.

"Yes, Sir." They said. They had no reason to object.

"He's with Hanji, room five in the second building."

"Right, we'll go Corporal. Come on, Mikasa." Armin said. Mikasa and him left then, leaving Levi to his duty. He first had to sign papers of the court hearing, and then finalize the orders. He also had to prepare papers declaring Eren a citizen, as well as medical records that needed to be filed soon to stay on the Judge's good side. He'll be busy for the next days, working with various people, so he wanted everyone who'd be around Eren to be acquainted with him, after that starts the battle of figuring out who the hell he was. Maybe he even knew, it was always a possibility. He had to keep that in mind. Eren Jaeger could be monster in human skin. To come out of crystal in an area infected with titans, and survive was unlikely.

He had to keep his guard up, even though he looked like such a harmless kid he got the feeling there was something else inside him. In his eyes lived something he couldn't comprehend. Good or bad, he would eventually find out.

Levi sighed. Taking care of him would be yet another obstacle. He was at his office door then, emptying his mind and getting ready for paper work.

"Mikasa, this is who they call Eren Jaeger." Hanji introduced Eren.

She stopped walking, staring straight at Eren. He was sitting up on a bed, resembling a mummy. His whole torso was covered in white warps of bandages. Even his eye was patched up, but Mikasa still thought he was beautiful.

"My name in Mikasa. I'll definitely protect you." Mikasa declared fiercely but quietly, while rushing and grabbing Eren's hands.

Armin stared at Mikasa, as did Hanji. Eren was a little startled, but stayed quite, unsure of the situation.

"Mikasa...? Okay, well I'm Armin. We've met already, remember? you understand? Maybe he doesn't..."

"No, I think he does. I suspect he can talk to, but I wonder why he doesn't. I have a few theories but I'm still analyzing him." Hanji said lazily.

"Hmm. How strange. Eren, can you say something to me?" Armin asked, Mikasa at the time let go of his hands, and hovered around the edge of the bed. Eren looked towards Armin, his one green eye almost glowing.

"...yes..." Said a quite voice. Words he never heard but knew the meaning of came into his mind. It was scary, he didn't know how he knew these things, but ever since he awoken from the crystal things just started to come to him. He was never taught how to use eating utensils but some how he knew when he was given them.

He froze. He groaned and clutched his head. It felt like his mind was splitting open.

"Eren? Do you have a headache?" Hanji cautiously asked, getting closer to where Eren curled up on the bed. Again, Eren had never experienced this but he knew what a headache was, he knew what those words meant.

He closed his eyes. The pain was a mild throbbing. His chest felt tight though. Some feeling was building up. Almost, like he wanted something. No, like he needed to do something. He was yearning. But for what?

~~~Small Omake~~~

**Levi's Name**


Levi's eyes twitched. He turned his glare to Hanji.

"Why the fuck is he saying that name?"

"Well...he could say 'Levi' correctly, he kept mispronouncing the "I" but he can say Rivaille just fine-" Hanji was cut off as Levi grabbed her face.

"Shut up goddamn four eyes." Levi commanded.


Levi's attention went to Eren, who was looking at him shaking his head from the bed he was sitting in. Levi sighed.

"Say 'Levi'." Levi commanded Eren.

"Levee." Eren said, frowning. He knew he couldn't pronounce Levi's name correctly.

"Say Rivaille." Levi tried.

Eren looked up. "Rivaille."

Levi sighed. "Fine brat. I guess it's okay." Levi gave up. Rivaille was his real name, yet others chose to call him Levi, which didn't bother him but many got used to the 'Levi', say a selected few, HANJI, who called him by his actually name.

Eren smiled. "Thanks."

A moment of silence passed by. Hanji turned around to look at Eren. Levi said nothing as he curiously stared also. For the first time, Eren sounded like a regular human, no weird accents in his pronunciation. He touched his throat, wondering. He didn't even know exactly where the words came from still. He looked up into wondering, grey eyes.

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