This was a very important day for Steve Rogers. Growing up in his small, cramped apartment in an extremely chaotic part of Brooklyn, Steve didn't see many options for

his future. PS110 wasn't exactly the school for America's next world leaders. Actually, it was more of a holding cell until the kids were old enough to follow in the

footsteps of their delinquent parents. Before his 9th grade year, Steve felt ostracized from the other boys to the fact that he was frail, plagued by numerous allergies and

severe asthma. However, the summer before he began high school, he had undergone a miraculous change and began his school year at the height of six foot and

gained a great amount of muscle and weight. If that wasn't enough to surprise the kids at PS110, his long-term friend, and son of the family who took him in after the

death of his parent, Bucky Barnes pressured him into trying out for the school football team.

Lucky be have it, Steve Rogers, with his new found height and strength, made quarterback for the varsity team at his school. Over night, he had become somewhat of a

celebrity at the inner city school.

Skipping to several months into his freshman year, he had helped his school when the State Championship. Little had he known, that the school he had beat in the

championship had noticed his strength, his stamina, and his morality and good sportsmanship. After packing his uniform into his duffle and slipping his Mets cap onto his

sleek blonde hair. As he exited the school locker room and onto the darkened streets a figure spoke out from the shadows. "Steve Rogers?" the voice, distinguishably a

gruff male one, asked as its owner revealed himself in the glowing light of the street lamps. Steve had jumped at the voice but was able to quickly regain his senses and

turned to face the owner of the voice. A bald, African American man dressed in all black, including and eye patch was facing him.

"Uh, yes?" Steve asked, honestly confused at was happening.

"My name is Nicholas Fury, but you can call me Mr. Fury," He introduced himself. "I saw you play tonight. How'd you like to play for the team you just played tonight?"

Steve, after contemplating the question, answered, "Honestly, not if they play that way again."

Mr. Fury flashed a slight smile. "I'm the Principal of Avengers Academy a little ways out of New York City. I like you Steve, and that's why I'm offering you full scholarship

and a spot as starting quarterback on the football team. It's a good school. Most of our students that graduate end up being rather successful in their careers. Judging

from where you are, this would be quite and opportunity for you."

This hit a rough spot in Steve, which caused him to tense up. "Now you just wait a min- " Fury held up his hand as a signal to silence Steve.

"I will not take 'No' for an answer Rogers," He informed him.

"Look, even if I wanted to, I can't. I can't very well travel from Brooklyn to the other side of NYC everyday for school."

"I'll get you a host family you can stay with," he answered. "I know a guy who owes me a favor."

"But- "

"I won't take no for an answer, Rogers," Fury announced and then walked off into the pitch-black night.

So now, one day separated him from his new life at Avengers Academy. Bags packed into two duffle bags, Steve stood on the bus station platform, saying his goodbyes to

Bucky, and the family that had taken him in. "Take care, Bud," Bucky told Steve as he pulled him into one last hug before he got on the bus.

"Dude, relax. I'll be back for fall break." Steve promised as his bus pulled up to the station and he made his way onto the bus and found a seat in the back. Slipping his

ear buds in, he cranked his IPod up to the tune of Frank Sinatra. As he watched the city he knew so well roll away his eyes grew heavy and he fell off into a distant sleep.

When Steve finally woke from his far off sleep, he nearly had a heart attack. A girl with vibrant red hair and dressed entirely in black, which included a coating of black

eyeliner, hovered inches from his face. "Ah!" Steve screamed as he fell off his seat and onto the dirty path between the seats on the bus. Noticing he was now sitting on

his butt, he quickly pulled himself up and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Are you Steve Rogers?" the girl asked, voice monotone but somehow emanating strength. She walked up closer to him until she had to bend her neck all the way up to

look him in the eyes. She was rather petite compared to Steve.

"Uh, yeah. That's me," he smiled.

"I'm Natasha Romanoff. My parents are looking for you." She notified him as she picked up his duffle bags, placed them in his hands, then grabbed his wrist and dragged

him off the bus.

"Um, why are your parents looking for me?" He asked.

"Cause you're staying with us, duh. You're the new student for Avengers Academy, aren't you?" she asked, more of a rhetorical question than anything else.

"Well, yeah." He answered. Natasha led him over to a man and woman who were waving from afar.

"Hello, you must be Steve," the woman said. "I'm Mrs. Romanoff and this is my husband. It is very nice to meet you."

"Hi," he greeted them, rubbing the back of his neck.

"You've already met her, but this is our daughter, Natasha," she hugged her daughter. Natasha shirked away from her with a frown on her face. "She's a bit fussy." She


"Well," it's getting late and I bet you're pretty hungry, so lets head home," Mr. Romanoff offered.

"Uh, yeah, I guess, "Steve answered.

As the Romanoffs pulled up to their home in their brand new Honda Accord, Steve could tell that he was in for a treat. The Romanoff house was at least twice the size of

his apartment building, complete with a wide-open yard and a large pool.

"Wow," he gasped at the thought of actually living in it.

"It's just a house," Natasha butted in.

"Yeah, sorry," Steve went red. "I just didn't realize it would be so big." He smiled.

Natasha flashed a slight grin, which actually surprised him. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just didn't know you smiled," he answered.

"Well, don't get used to it," she grinned. "Ya'know? You don't seem that bad. I'll let you be my friend."

"Uh, thanks?" Steve answered. Natasha showed him to his room, which, to Steve's surprise, was complete with a king sized bed. This was exciting to Steve who

remembered at one time when money was tight and the apartment's heater was broken so Bucky and him had to find a way for both of them to share.

Stuffed from a three-course meal, Steve retreated to his new room and fell back onto his bed. Staring at the ceiling, he wondered what Avengers Academy would be like.

He wondered what was in store for him now that he had left Brooklyn. Really, he just wandered about anything that would cross his mind until he finally fell asleep.

Steve woke to the shrill sound of his alarm clock. 6:30A.M. It read. School started in a little over an hour. After getting dressed, just a pair of jeans and a plain white t-

shirt, he walked down the spiral staircase with book bag on his shoulder, into the kitchen.

"Morning, Steve," Natasha groaned as she took a sip from her coffee mug. "Mom left some bacon on the stove for you before she left for work."

"Oh, cool. Are your parents always gone this early in the morning?" he asked her.

"Yeah, work." She answered. There was a honk from outside and Natasha looked at the door. "That's our ride."

'Our ride?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, come on," she gestured for him to follow. Grabbing their backpacks, they exited the front door, and Steve noticed a sleek, new, Chevy Impala in the driveway.

Natasha started strutting towards the car while Steve followed behind. "Who's he?" someone hollered from the driver's seat window. The guy had shoulder length blonde

hair and a bit of a scruff going on. Also, Steve detected a thick accent, even though he couldn't exactly place it.

"This is Steve," She told the guy. "Steve, this is Thor." She said as she jumped into the passenger's seat next to him.

"Thor?" Steve questioned. Well, he was actually wondering what parents name their kid Thor?

"Yeah, my parents are really into mythology." He answered. "Anyways, nice to meet you."

"You too."

"Steve you can take a seat in the back with Loki," Natasha told him.

"Uh, okay," he agreed, opening the back door and taking a seat inside. Sharing the back seat with him was a kid, Loki they called him, with sleeked back black hair and

dressed in all green and black. He had a severe look on his face and, Steve assumed, hadn't seen him cause he continued to look out his window, not even noticing him.

"That's Loki, Thor's brother," Natasha explained. "Don't even bother trying to make conversation with him, he's too busy brooding."

"About what?" Steve asked.

"Who knows, it's Loki we're talking about," Thor answered. "So, you're the knew quarterback, right?"

"Uh, yeah, how'd you know?" Steve asked.

"Everyone knows. No offense to the school, but are team kinda sucks so everyone heard about it when they said we got a new quarterback coming in. Besides, I

assumed it was you, cause we don't usually get many new students."

"Oh, okay."

Natasha and Thor started talking about who knows what and

Steve, well, Steve took Loki's example and stared out the window. He couldn't believe how big the buildings were, how clean everything looked, and how rich everything seemed.

As they approached Avenger's Academy, Steve, again, couldn't believe what he was seeing. It looked like a castle. The entire place was made of stone with sleek glass

windows and towers, and large, wood and metal doors. As Steve, Thor, and Natasha walked through the parking lot towards the building, Loki shuffling his feet behind

them, Steve was knocked to the ground for the second time in less than 24 hours.

"Clint!" Natasha snapped, helping Steve up. "Watch where you're going on that damn skateboard.

"Sorry not sorry, Nat!" the guy said as he pecked her on the cheek. Then he turned to look at Steve. "Actually, yeah, sorry I knocked you over with my skateboard,

newbie." He apologized.

"Uh, don't mention it," Steve brushed his hand through his hair. "I'm Steve," he held out his hand for Clint to shake.

Clint grinned and took his hand. "Natasha's pimp. Good to meet you. And you know what, since you're knew, I'll give you a discount on her!' Clint laughed. Well, he

laughed until Natasha punched him in the arm and he winced.

"It's pretty much only him who can get away with messing with Natasha and not getting killed." Thor whispered to him.

"Why's that?" Steve asked.

"Cause they're in loooove," Thor grinned, batting his eyes and talking in a lovey dovey voice. The two boys snickered at this as Clint tried to put his hand around

Natasha's waist, and when she didn't budge, he moved it to her butt. This was when they said goodbye to Clint in the parking lot cause he was now keeled over in the

grass, laughing, but in pain nonetheless.

"Uh, I'll see you later guys. I'm gonna go pick up my schedule in the office." He told them.


"Later, Steve."

Thor and Natasha walked off to class.

Okay, Steve was gonna admit it. He couldn't find the office anywhere. First period had already started and he still had no idea where he was going. Winding down another

school hallway, he found another dead end. He turned back to scale the hall he had just come from for any other route he could try, but know such luck. He rounded

another bend, and, unintentionally, ran into someone, knocking Steve, and the other guy, down to the floor.

When Steve gained his wits and got to his feet, he noticed the other guy still collecting his books that were scattered around the floor.

"Er, sorry about that," Steve said, bending back down to help him pick up his books. "Engineering?" Steve asked, looking at one of the books.

"Yeah," the other guy said as he stood up and faced Steve. He was much shorter than he was. Brown hair and brown eyes completed the raggedy teen, with his glasses,

and expensive looking clothes. "Wouldn't expect you to get it though sweetheart, this type of thing is for a genius."

"Like you?" Steve asked skeptical.

"Yes, like me, Sasquatch!" he snapped at Steve.

"Er, sorry." he apologized. "I'm Steve. Steve Rogers, sophomore."

"Name's Tony Stark,, Senior" He said. "Now would you mind stepping out of the way? Cause I'm late for Physics."

"Sorry, again." Steve stepped out of the way and as Tony ran down the hall, Steve shouted after him, "Uh, catch you later sometime?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever" Tony hollered as he rounded the corner.