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Alright, this is the plan. Mr. and Mrs. Romanoff were going out for a Halloween Party and Mr. Romanoff's office building and Natasha was having Peggy, Jane, Carol

, and Darcy over for a slumber party. And of course Steve wanted to be there for that. NOT…

Dude, I need your help- Rogers

okay, with what? -Thor

Um, so Im taking this girl out on a date tonight and I don't want Nat or the girls knowing why I'm going out. They'll be annoying about it. If they call and ask, I'm at

your house playing video games -Rogers

Alright, who's the girl? -Thor

She's from Brooklyn. In NYC for the night -Rogers

Cool, she hot? -Thor

Yup. Meeting up now. Gotta go thx dude -Rogers

Okay, the plan was in motion. Steve grabbed his Mets cap from the top of his dresser, slipped on his brown leather jacket, and headed out, stopping by Nat's room.

Inside, Nat, Peggy, and Carol were already watching horror movies while they waited for Jane and Darcy to get there.

"Uh, hey," Steve knocked on the door frame and the girls turned to look at him. "I'm going to Thor's to play video games. Probably staying for the night, I already

texted your mom and dad about it and they said sure. Just wanted you to know."

"Is Clint gonna be there?" Nat asked.

"I don't think so," Steve answered. "Why?"

"He left his brain to die in the garbage outside, thought he'd want it back," Nat responded, straight faced.

"Oh, well if I see him, I'll let him know," Steve told her.

"Thanks, bro," Nat told him.

"No problem," Steve answered. It wasn't until he was outside and halfway down the street that he realized that Natasha had called him her bro.

Steve, never having a family of his own, felt warm at the thought of Nat thinking about him as her brother. And the worst part? It made it harder to betray her like

this. As he neared Tony's house, he grew more and more concerned that someone would spot him and that he'd get in trouble with his friends. As that would be a

problem, Steve popped his collar, slumped forward, and slid his cap to wear his eyes were barely visible on his way up the driveway up to Tony's mansion.

J.A.R.V.I.S. let him in and he was greeted by a friendly hug by Pepper, a handshake from Bruce and a 'hey there captain' from Tony.

"So, Nat's parents think I'm staying over at Thor's tonight so what're the plans?" Steve asked.

"Woah, woah, woah, are you telling me that Mr. Steve Rogers actually snuck out! Bruce, I believe you owe me twenty bucks!" Tony called over to his friend. Bruce

rolled his eyes and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and placed it in Tony's hands.

"Did you seriously take bets on weather I'd show up?!" a frazzled Steve asked. Tony gave him his signature smirk and then spoke to the group.

"Okay, I got movies down stairs and they're gonna be horror cause it's halloween and none of you are backing out!" Tony stated pointedly before turning on his heels

and leading Pepper, Bruce, and Steve to the basement.

One thing Steve could never understand is why some people find so much need in a home theater. He wasn't talking about a flat screen TV and some comfy seats but

an actual movie theater screen with large theater seats spread out around the room.

After grabbing several bags of popcorn, some candy, and large sodas from the bar area, the group settled in to watch the first of many horror movies to come. Steve

couldn't help but get nervous in a room with the exact people he was told to avoid. He felt as though, even though he knew it was only in his head, just being in their

perimeter would have him disbanded from the Avengers. But how could he help it? I wanted to stay away, but the more he saw Tony, the more funny he was, the

more kind, the more fun. So why should he ignore them for popularity?

Steve found himself enthralled in the movie within forty-five minutes of it's beginning and was not phased when Tony, growing bored of the movie, began to slip his

calloused hand onto the thigh of the larger boy.

"Tony stop feeling Steve up," Pepper demanded and Tony immediately removed his hand. It seemed as though the only person with the ability to control Tony was

Pepper Potts. Of course no one would be surprised at this due to the fact that Pepper scared the living shit out of everyone at Avengers Academy, one of the reasons

why she was outcasted.

When Pepper ordered Tony to stop, Steve became conscious of what was happening and jumped off of the couch. "Tony! I told you no! What is wrong with you?!"

Steve snapped. The only thing making a sound was the movie that continued to play in background.

"Steve," Pepper began before being cut off.

"Jesus, Steve! Stop being so dramatic!" Tony hollered back, springing up from his spot on the couch.

"Dramatic! Please, you don't have a guy feeling you up during a movie, do you?" Steve retorted. "We agreed on being friends and you can't even do that! I'm

leaving." Steve grabbed his cap from the coffee table and let himself out while Pepper and Tony went at it, arguing about who over-reacted and who was being over

dramatic, etc.,etc.,etc.

Great! Steve thought. Perfect beginning to my night. I guess I'll just go over to Thor's I guess.

Steve shuffled down the darkened streets of the upper class suburb while little children and their parents roamed to each and every house collecting candy and sugary


As Steve walked on, he noticed a familiar figure perched on the top of flat topped fence. "Woah, never expected to see you outdoors in the middle of night, Loki,"

Steve stated.

"Really?" Loki answered sarcastically. "You never expected the quiet kid who dresses in like all black to be sitting outside in the dark on the 'supposedly' most scary

night of the year?"

"Point taken," Steve answered. "What're you doing, anyways?"

Loki smirked. "Being alone. God I miss it. I'm not really supposed to be alone anymore and its so nice having it back!"

"Why aren't you allowed to be alone?" Steve asked, raising his eyebrow.

Loki shrugged. "My parents are concerned about the amount of time I spend alone. They want me to make friends. For me, thats just following Thor and his friends


"Well, why don't you make friends with people you like?" Steve asked him.

"How many people do you think will want to be my friend. The quiet freshmen don't usually make friends," Loki explained.

"Well, you won't know if you don't try," Steve answered. Loki looked as though he was seriously contemplating this.

"Yeah you're probably right," Loki answered. "Thanks Steve, you aren't like the rest of Thor's friends."

"Uh, thanks I guess," Steve responded with a chuckle. He fist bumped Loki and walked on to Thor's house. When Steve rung the doorbell to his house, Thor

immediately opened it and pulled Steve in by the collar of his shirt.

"Oh my god, thank god you're here!" Thor sighed. "Nat's and the girls are coming over to 'check up on you'," he sighed.

"Oh, okay," Steve answered as the doorbell rang again and then came Nat and the other girls, opening the door and walking in regardless of permission.

"Alright, what's going on?" Nat asked, arms crossed while the other girls stood behind her.

"What are you talking about, Nat?" Thor asked, obviously nervous to be lying to her.

"You know what I'm talking about, Thor," Nat answered. Then a large fight broke out. Thor and Nat were yelling at each other and then the other girls joined in. And,

well, Steve couldn't handle it.

"I WAS AT STARK'S!" Steve yelled over the argument. Everyone grew silent before a loud, simultaneous WHAT?! echoed through the room.

Steve sighed and came clean about EVERYTHING, while the others just stared at him in shock.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna kill Stark," Nat fumed.

"I'm so sorry guys," Steve sighed.

"It's not your fault Steve. Tony Stark is, well, an asshole. He did this cause he knows it would make you mad," Jane explained.

"Alright, guys, we're gonna call everyone for a group meeting. We're gonna make Tony Stark pay for everything he's done." Thor grinned.

All Steve could think was What have I done?!

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