I, some know me as Alan, ran. All around me there was mass chaos, people running and screaming, sirens blaring, cops trying to get everyone to calm down and head to the evacuation site near City Hall. Kind of hard to tell people to calm down when there are massive green pods falling from space, I thought to myself, running and pushing my way through the crowd. Oh, another alien/monster invasion in Downtown Townsville? No problem! The Powerpuff Girls will come to rescue! But, they didn't. This invasion seemed to be happening worldwide, and nobody had any idea where it came from or where our heroes were at.

While running down the main streets I saw an older man laying on the ground, seeming unable to move. Military instincts flooded my body and mind and I ran over to him, scooping him up and slinging him over my shoulder. I ran to the nearest ambulance and yelled for a medic, now just noticing the man had a serious gut wound. Blood seeped through my hand as I tried to apply pressure to the wound, but to no avail. His eyes soon lost it's light and his body went limp. I hung my head in shame, staring at the man that had died in my hands. I should have been able to save him! I thought to myself, tears running down my cheeks. There was nothing you could do, Alan. You were only taught how to treat minor injuries, Said the other voice in my head.

Soon the burnt Omega symbol on the back of my forearm burned. It only seemed to burn when something bad was about to happen to me or the people around me. Quickly I backed away until my back had hit the brick wall of the apartment building behind me. I stared in horror as a green fluid seeped out of the man's injury, slowly spreading itself over the man's entire body. The man rose from the stretcher and looked around at his surroundings. Soon his eyes laid on me and he gave me a twisted grin, something that belonged to an insane person. I could never forget those blood red eyes, the green skin that seemed to move across his body, making swirls and different shades of green. He roared and lunged at me, hands outstretched to grab my neck. Thankfully, the roar woke me up out of my stupor and I rolled to my left as the man/beast crashed into the wall where I was just standing at. My body felt like it was being charged with electricity but quickly died down.

What if I hurt all these people around me? I asked myself, looking at all the people who were paralyzed in fear.

Then the monster will hurt them for you. You must use your powers, you were destined. Said the other voice in my head.

I nodded and took a deep breath, feeling the energy surge into my veins, making my hands spark with electricity. "You messed with the wrong EVO," I told the beast, raising my hands that were shooting small arcs of lightning into the air. I let out a burst of electricity at the beast, which took out his leg, causing him to kneel down. He roared in agony and pounded the ground, creating small tiny craters in the concrete where his hands had hit it. I hesitated, thinking about the man that was inside of it. The man is dead, Alan, you must defeat this beast. There goes that little voice in my head again. Sometimes it can be quite helpful, other times, not so much. I charged up the electricity in my hands and sent one final blast to the monster, causing it to seemingly melt, leaving no signs of its presence or the man's. I bent over and put my hands on my knees, breathing heavily. Man, it's been so long since I've used my powers.. Ever since what happened at Providence… I took a deep breath, regaining my wits and turned around, looking at everybody's look of horror or awe. A few moments later cops surrounded me, holding their pistols up at me.

"Put your hands in the air where we can see them and slowly get to your knees! Do not attempt to run or fight." Shouted one cop with a megaphone.

I slowly raised my hands and went down on my knees, not objecting when they put these handcuffs on me that covered my whole hands and seemed to sap my energy. I soon felt drousy and slumped over. I would've smashed my face into the concrete if the two cops that handcuffed me hadn't caught me.

And so the war begins. The voice said in my head, not saying anything else. I was took to a police car and shoved in. Soon we were driving our way to City Hall, waiting for evacuation.