One Hour Later

Soon we landed near DexLabs, founded by the genius himself, Dexter McPherson. We all stood up from our seats, lining up to enter the building.

"Okay listen up!" shouted a short guard, "we are now leaving to enter DexLab for safety and to tests on everyone! But, we have now set up a training academy to train against the menace that has invaded our homes. If you choose to, you may stay on the ship and we will take you to the academy for your training." This is my chance, I can finally redeem myself… With that thought I, along with about fifteen others stayed on the ship. The youngest was about thirteen and the oldest looking around twenty five.

"This is a good start. Now, I will bring around a tablet which you will put down information about yourselves," the guard said, passing around tablets the size of about two of my hands together.

"Please place thumb onto scanner," said a female robotic voice. I complied and placed my thumb onto the scanner which glowed bright green as it scanned my thumb print.

"Alan Omega. Six feet and zero inches. Black hair. Electric Blue eyes. Expelled Providence agent," the female voice said, bringing up a document with all of the information about me. I then added my nickname, obviously Omega, just because I hated it when people called me by name given at birth.

My parents were probably on some island, not giving a damn about me or anyone else but themselves. I was given up at birth after they found out I could be a very dangerous and unstable EVO. When I found out that my parents gave me up like that when I first joined Providence I became very angry, causing my Meta- Nanite to trigger, transforming me into a rampaging, almost unstoppable beast. Providence soon calmed me down and they took me in, seeing me as a very powerful ally in helping EVOs.

For a while it was nice. I had a home, friends, people who were like me. That all changed after we were sent on a mission to the Bug Jar to try to stop NoFace and his army of incurable EVOs. Me, Alpha, and my girlfriend at the time, Beta, were sent to escort Rex Salazar to the center of the Bug Jar which held NoFace's lair. Instead of NoFace Van Kleiss was waiting for us along with the Pack and about two dozen of the most powerful EVOs in the world. We were quickly overwhelmed and defeated by Van Kleiss and his miniature army. As always, he had to collect a trophy and decided to choose Beta, making her into one of his minions.

The grief was too much for me and it activated my Meta-Nanite, causing me to go on another rampage as my true EVO force. For one month I rampaged across the world, killing anybody in my way. Eventually Providence found me and brought me down. They brought me to the Petting Zoo and kept me there for around five weeks. I was able to break out and had been on the run ever since.

The short man finally collected the tablets, checking them over. "Okay! Set course to The Academy, Randel," he said into his ear piece. We all sat down near each other and buckled up, preparing for what we thought would be a long journey ahead of us. Instead, when the ship got around an estimated five hundred feet it shot out an orange beam into the air in front of us. The beam then created a large, orange circle that shimmered before opening up, revealing a red sky inside of it. The portal continued to grow larger until it was just a bit taller and wider than the ship. The airship then started moving towards the portal, slowly entering it and exiting out the other side.

I nervously looked around, not used to going into what seemed like a different dimension. Thankfully I wasn't the only person who had a bit of doubt, it seemed like everyone was a bit disgruntled except for one guy who was talking animatedly to the person next to him. Soon recognition dawned on me and I opened my eyes in surprise. Just five seats down my row was one of my partner from Providence, Alpha. His spiky red hair was protruding at odd angles as always and his fire red eyes were bright against the darkness that overcame us as we finally passed through the portal.

Alpha was a fire and teleportation EVO. Usually EVOs only have one power but sometimes you get the oddball like Alpha and they'll have two special powers. Alpha has been my long time friend ever since we met each other at the Providence Academy. He always knew what to say to cheer someone up and could usually make any dire situation seem like a game.

"We are now in the Null Void! One of the only places where Fuse cannot get us," said the short man through the intercom. "The Academy is just past this barrier of rocks. If you're wondering how it got here, I'll tell ya. The Plumbers built the Academy if any emergency, like this one, were to happen. There ya have it!" He shouted, nearly blowing out our ear drums. The guy may be short but man was he loud.

I focused my attention back on Alpha and caught him giving me one of his legendary mischievous grin. So he knows I'm here. Did he follow me here? I had about a bazillion more questions roaring through my mind but I didn't want to walk over there and draw attention to myself.

When I looked out my window I noticed that we have finally made it through the rock barrier and could now see the top of the buildings below.

"Alright! When we finally land you may unbuckle your seat belts and walk single file down the ramp. Wait for me outside of the ship and I'll give you a tour of the Academy," the guy blared through the intercom. Just then the ship shook as we landed and the ramp started lowering down. We all unbuckled and got into a single file line just as the guy asked us to and started walking down the ramp. Not surprisingly, Alpha found his way just behind me.

"Do I even want to know how you found me?" I asked him, keeping my head and eyes forward.

"Did some Kung Fu on the Providence agents and got White to tell me where you were," was his reply.

I turned my head to see him and stared at his innocent looking face. "Not sure that's what really happened," I said, giving him a slight smile.

"Okay, okay. I took a tracking device from White after you left and went after you. You couldn't have all the fun," he said, grinning back at me. I nodded, thinking back to all of the good times we had together and Beta

"So, any idea what's happening right now?" I asked, looking forward again.

"Nope, Providence people are everywhere, killing off any Fusion they can find," Alpha replied, looking at all the buildings that now surrounded us. "So where's shorty at?" He asked, looking around for him.

"Up here, Birdbrain," the short guy said from above. We all looked up to see the guy flying in the air, wings that weren't there before were now flapping. "And that's Admiral Leroy to you," he said, glaring at us. "Now if you would follow me, I'll give you a tour of the place," Leroy said, flying away.

"And he's calling me Birdbrain?" Alpha muttered to me. I stifled a snicker and followed him, looking at my surroundings.

"On our right are the bunkers. This is where you will sleep and shower," Leroy said, pointing at the bunkers. "On our left is the cafeteria. You will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner here," He said, pointing to our left, which stood what looked like a log cabin. "And up here is where you will be training," He said, pointing ahead. There was about everything you could imagine, a shooting range, a arena with what looked like green blobs, rock climbing, track course, forgery, mechanical engineering, everything.

"I think I could get used to this place," Alpha said to me, eyeing the rock wall.

"Same here," I replied, taking in as much as I could. This place is massive.

"Alright! Now that you've had time to drool over everything it's time we hit to bed. Ben Tennyson will meet you at the bunkers and assign you to your rooms. Have a good night," said Leroy as he flew away.

"Best get to it," I said, leading the way to the bunkers.