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Title: One Piece: Princess Saphira's Life.

Chapter 1: The Past .
On the Island of Powers in the New World. There was a Prophecy.
A child shall be born on the night of the Goddess moon to The Queen and a Powerful Marine with Lava devil fruit powers.
She will be powerful. The Sea will adore her. And so will every creature in the sea, on land, and in the sky.

After the Marines left The Island of Power. A few months after the Queen Eliza found herself to be Pregent with the child of the man she fell in love with Akainu he was a Marine with the power of Lava. She knew the Prophecy of her Island.
When the Child was born. The doctor smiled. "My Queen it a baby girl. she is so Breathtaking, and by how she didn't cry she is very brave, and she looks like she knows where she is. That means she is very smart." The doctor told her. as he handed her, her newborn daughter.
" My queen what will you name her?" A nurse asked Eliza looked at her daughter with love the newborn baby looked at her with her different colored eyes. ( Her (Left)- Golden amber yellow topaz, and her (right)- electirc Neon purple.) Eliza studyed her newborn daughter and said " Her name will be Saphira." Saphira giggled and smiled. Then Saphira got a troubled look and patted her mothers face.
A vision went through Queen Eliza's mind.
*The Vision*
There was burning and expltions. she saw three year old Saphira. Crying "Mommy I want daddy." then the Island explotied.
*End of Vision*
'Oh dear. I don't wan't my daughter to die so the night she turns 3, I will send her to her father. I will also teach her everything on this world. and how to fight.' Eliza thought.
And so life went on for 3 years life was good... well almost. Saphira had trouble with her powers and it wasn't a good thing she had too much power, and energy, so her mother put a spell on her like a tattoe it was on her Shoulder it was a Silver Creascent moon with a gold heart with rainbow colored wings.
Her mother put it on her when she was 1 and a half when she had her first mega trantram. Lets just say 1/2 the Island was flooded by rain, snow, for 3 months. It stores both her extra power and energy until she needs it.
A day before Saphira turned 3 years old. Eliza gathered up in a bag that was bottomless and started to fill it with every once of money, Jewerly, books, artafacts, anything of upmost immportance, A lot of pictures of the people of her kingdom , Her royal crown, and her Music box.
Then she wrote a note in full deatle to her daughters father. it was about Saphira's Like's and dislikes. Eliza told him everything she tought Saphira and she told him about her powers she told him to get the Purest moon-stone and Purest and bluest Sea-stone in the world and make it into a cool and powerful chocker. because he would need all the help he could get if her spell couldn't contain her power and energy. (You willl find out later in full deatil what the letter said :) ) She also told him a lot more stuff. Then she sealed away the letter in a water proff case. with his name on it.
Then She packed the wapons that were made of pure blue Sea-stone. in a bag that said Warning "Do not touch if You Are a Devil Fruit User) , and the other weapons that weren't in another bag.
In the morning Eliza Feed Saphira. got her dress in her White Pants, pure white top, and a white Hoddied coat.
Then Eliza summoned the anicent beasts. a blue and green Sea dragon, the blue and white Sky Dragon, White as snow Tiger, a Black as night Panther, and 2 Gemstone Phoenix's. They bowed to her.
"All right please turn into your jewerly forms and then attach your souls to hers after I place you on my daughter. Please!" Eliza Said/command, and they did just that
The Sea and Sky dragons turned into Bracelets, She placed the Sea dragon on Saphira's right wrist and The Sky dragon on her Left wrist. Then there was a glow. And it was gone a second later. that ment they bonded their soul to Saphira's
The white as snow tiger, turned into a ancklet as did the black as night Panther, Eliza put the Tiger anklet on her left ankle, and the Panther anklet on her right ankle. and the same thing happend to them as the dragons.
The two gemstone Phoenix's turned into earrings and Eliza put them in Saphira's Pireced ears. and the glow repeted and by the time it was done it was 9:35 at night.
Eliza hurred and wrapped Saphira in a Blanket and put her 3 year old daughter, Saphira. with all her stuff and the leatter to Saphira's Father. She started the spell. Her daughter and the stuff dissapeard. It would take the spell until late afternoon to reach The Man she fell in love with.