Chap 3

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The Past part 2: The Letter.
Everyone's P.O.V:
Sakuazuki : "Ok, do you wan't me to read it out loud?" I asked them?
Everyone: "Sure we want to know who the kid is."
*The Letter*
"Dear, Akainu.
I know that is not your real name, but for the short while I knew you, I knew you by that name. Any way now is not the time to dusciss this. I wanted to see you again, but that is not possabile.
You see the Island is going to explode tonight and there is not enough time to get everyone off the Island. I have enough power to send... Your daughter to you. Yes she is your daughter and the last suvior of her home Island, as well as the last royal from the Island. Her name is Princess Saphira.
I am going to tell you about the stuff She likes, dislikes, and the stuff I tought her. And before you or your friends start haveing doughts that a 3 year old can do anything. well your in for one hell of a suprised.
Here is the list of things she Likes:
1: Her family. She may be only 3 years old but if her family is in danger, her powers kick in and will sheild them from attacks. There are risks but you will learn that later.
2: Animals doesn't matter if they are harmless kittens to deadly sea-kings. She loves them and they love her infact there should be 2 Sea-kings on their way to where you are please don't attack them. You won't be able to hurt them. Saphira's force feild will stop any attacks.
3: The color's Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, white, Purple, and Green
4: She likes water and swimming, but to warn you the sea life love her and will try to keep her in the sea with them. Oh and she can breath underwater.
5: Your going to hate this but she love's pirate's because they tell stories. but she doesn't realy like them but she doesn't hate them eather. You might want to be careful...
There is more but I am feeling you might need to find out for yourself..
On to the stuff she Dislikes.
1: She hates the color Pink on her at least.
2: She hate's unfairness. That includes twords pirates!
3: She hates vilonce but she will fight for her family and friends.
And again theres more but you must figure it out.
Now on to her powers and no she didn't get them from a Devil Fruit.
Super-speed, Super-Strength, inhuman Durability, Inhuman Senses, Healing any wound, Giving Energy, Taking Energy, Inhuman healing abilities, able to create force fields, and able to teleport about 500 people at a time (But she can teleport over 2,000 people and their ships, but at a price). Breathing underwater (People including devil fruit users that she has a hold of can breath underwater too.), Able to sing to heal people, create gemstones, control and create both the weather & the Elements (ALL Elements). But when she gets upset she can't control her ability over the weather. (She has to be knocked out),She is telepathic, She can use Telekensis, able to absorb both Power and the Pain of others. and she can do more but please don't let her reliea on her powers.
She can use other stuff like weapons but still not very good she is still after all only 3 years old I have showed her 25 different fighting styles at hand to hand combat. She even tryed to do them. It was so cute. any way.
I tought or read to her every history book, Math,and other learning books on the Island.
You might want to get a chocker made of the purest Moon Stone mixed with the Purest Blue Sea-stone. That will help with her powers. Don't make her choise for her, and don't cage her in one spot. Just a head's up. Her stuff is in her bags good Luck.
I will alway Love You. Goodbye my love. "
*End of letter*
We were slient for a while. Until "Well s*** You have a daughter." Garp said then we turned around to find Saphira Gone!