Unexpected Miracle

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Chapter 1:


"Oh. My. God." The words that fell from my lips echoed in the empty bathroom, seemingly bouncing off of the empty white walls, as I stared down at the tiny stick I held in my shanking hand that was now sporting a bright pink plus sign. A mixture of emotions surged through my brain as I picked up the box on the counter, praying the plus sign didn't mean what I knew for a fact that it did. Positive, the word seemed like a foreign language, and I just couldn't believe it. How had this happened?! Memories I had carefully tucked away into the crevices of my brain began to seep through my mind, despite my internal battle to keep them at bay, memories washed over me.

It was cool out. The sky was dark, and stars filled the black blanket that hung above. The temperature of the night was steadily dropping as the milky moon rose higher and higher into the sky, splattering everything in sight in a pale white light. The sweet scent of flowers flooded my nostrils as I walked through the pretty garden, listening to the quiet hum of music that floated out the open doors of the house behind me. People were dancing, enjoying a fun night of festivities, and all I could think about was being outside to get some air and the drink I carried in my hand.

I walked along the pathway, my eyes following the tops of the trees along the sky. The stars spackled the darkness, more seeming to appear every second. My shoes clicked on the cobblestones, and I looked back at the house to see lights spilling out onto the green grass. Laughter flitted out the doors with the music, the mixture making a chill of envy travel up my spine. This night had been a disaster. I had come to Marius' house in hopes of winning him back, despite the fact that we were supposed to be celebrating his engagement to Cosette.

Even as I walked along, my heart was breaking into a thousand tiny pieces. I had dressed up, managed myself into a silver dress I had been saving for a special occasion for years, and still he didn't notice me. I had washed and done my hair, twisted it up into an elegant French twist. I had put on a string of pearls that I had managed to keep hidden from my father for years; the off white contrasted against my mocha skin and the silver fabric of the dress. The soft material flowed down around my knees, exposing—for the first time in a long time—my legs. Still, even as I looked the part of a noblewoman, Marius had not even given me a passing glance.

I sighed and continued to walk, my eyes scanning the garden before me. It didn't take long for my eyes to fall on a bench on the far end of the property. I made my way over, for my feet were killing me and I ached to sit down. I sauntered over to the bench, letting out a breath of relief as I let myself sink down onto the wooden bench. I sat and stared back at the house from which I'd just come. People danced past the window, swirling and breaking the light that dappled the grass.

"Hey, Eponine." A familiar voice said off to my right. Instinctively, I flinched away from the voice, but turned to look at the male speaking to me. My brow furrowed as I looked at the fearless revolutionary that was now staggering across the walk towards where I was sitting.

"Hello, Monsieur." I said curiously as he approached the bench. I analyzed him, my eyes skimming from the wild dirty-blonde curls atop his head to his polished shoes covering his toes. I stopped to analyze his infamous revolution pin, loyally pinned to the collar of his suit jacket. I moved my eyes back up his body to his ocean blue eyes. "You're staggering. Are you drunk?" I asked, recognizing the stench of alcohol on him.

He chuckled, a sound I had never heard before. "Grantaire kind of poured something down my throat, sh-said that I needed to loo-shen up." He hiccupped and excused himself for his less than perfect manners. I smiled as his consideration, and motioned for him to join me on the bench. Though I had rarely shared conversations with him that weren't arguments, I figured drunk-Enjolras would be a bit more entertaining than regular Enjolras.

"That's quite alright." I answered, my voice quiet, and finishing off the drink I still held. "So why'd you leave the party?" I asked trying to make conversation so the atmosphere that hung above us wouldn't be too horribly awkward.

"It wasn't really my thing. I was only here to sh-support Marius." He paused, his bright blue eyes scanning my face, judging my reaction to hearing Marius' name. Everyone, included Enjolras with whom I always fought, knew of my feelings for Marius, and knew exactly how hard being here was for me. The fact that Enjolras, the stone-hearted Apollo planning on leading us to our deaths, was worried about my feelings was unnerving.

I forced a nervous chuckle, hoping to break a little bit of the tension that had been created when he decided to sit there and stare at me. "I can hear his name." I said quietly. "I'm doing better," I insisted, not really sure if I was trying more to convince him or myself. "I've come to terms with the fact that Marius and I are just friends. That's all we'll ever be." Even as I said the words, my heart was breaking. I felt the tears well up behind my eyelids, and I fought to keep them at bay, refusing to let anyone—least of all Enjolras—see me cry.

He smiled sadly, and scooted a fraction of an inch closer to me on the bench. "Pontmercy is an absolute fool, Eponine. You're smart, and beautiful. You're not afraid to speak your mind, and you know how to look out for yourself. You're not some pampered poodle, a pretty little lark who is afraid to think for herself. Eponine, if Marius can't see that you're ten times better than Cosette, he's abosolutely blind."

I knew it was probably the alcohol in his system doing the talking; I knew it was probably him trying to comfort me by telling me things he knew would make me blush and feel a little bit better, but even as my brain fought to convince me of this, I felt my stomach flutter at the words that fell from his lips. Never, in my entire life, had anyone said anything so heartfelt to me, least of all Marius. I felt my hands begin to shake, and realized the alcohol that I had poured into my system earlier that same night had left me vulnerable.

"You're just saying that," I said softly. "Thank you, but please… don't say things you don't mean." I smiled at him patted his knee awkwardly, trying to keep the conversation in a topic area that I felt safe discussing.

"No, Eponine." He said furrowing his brow at me, and I realized that he was concentrating very hard on his words, trying his best not to slur them. "I meant everything that I said. Please, come inside and dance with me. Forget about Marius, enjoy yourself. You owe yourself a bit of happiness."

"You're insanely good handling alcohol," I said trying to switch topics. We were getting into a grey area where I definitely didn't feel comfortable, but before I could successfully change the topic of discussion, Enjolras was leaning forward, brushing his lips over mine. His hands traveled gently up my goosebump-covered arms and rested softly on my shoulder.

I couldn't help but sink into the kiss, pressing my lips more fervently to his. I had been kissed multiple times before, but never like this. Never in this sweet embrace, in a gentle manner. The kisses I had received had been forced, something I had never asked for, nor wanted. However, this kiss felt ten times different than any of those. I felt in control, and I realized that I actually liked the feel of his lips on mine. Again, I realized it was probably the alcohol talking to him, whispering to him to do these things to make me feel better. I also realized, the alcohol was talking to me, telling me to let him do this, let him soothe the broken parts of me, even just for one night.

Before I knew it, we were staggering out of the garden, off of the Pontmercy property, out into the streets of Paris to find Enjolras' one-roomed flat. I hadn't been inclined to disagree when he whispered sweetly against my skin to come home with him. As we stumbled through the door, I met his lips with mine hungrily before he even shut the door behind us. He pulled the door shut and I urged him softly over to the couch, where we fell onto the cushions, our lips still connected, hands running all over one another's body.

The next morning I woke up in his bed with my head on his bare chest, his arm tucked gently around me as he slept soundly. My head pounded, and I longed to move, confused about what had happened the night before. I moved cautiously, concerned that I would wake him, but every second my head kept telling me to get up faster, and get out of there. He began to stir as I peeled myself gently away from him.

"Eponine?!" He said as his eyes fluttered open. He rubbed his eyes sleepily, as though he thought he was dreaming. "What- What are you doing here?!"

"I have no idea," I answered truthfully. "I'll go. Let's never, ever, ever speak of this again. Agreed?" I said before rushing out the door.

Before I sprinted away, I heard him mutter an "Agreed," in a sleepy tone.

Pounding on the wooden bathroom door shook me out of my memories, the very memories that I had tried so hard to keep locked away in the depths of my brain. "Eponine!" My roommate's angry voice matched the pummel of her fists on the door. "You've been in there for a really long time. I have to get ready to go to work!" She pounded harder on the door, making the glass on the mirror in front of me quiver.

"Dawn," I said loudly, waiting for her to stop hitting the wood before continuing. "Calm down. I'm coming out." I sucked a deep breath into my lungs and threw the box on the counter away before unlocking the door to see my roommate with her hands on her hips and a flustered expression on her face. However, the minute her hunter green eyes fell on me, her expression was immediately replaced with concern.

"What's wrong, Ep?" She asked, her eyes falling to the test in my hand. "Are you-?" She gasped when I nodded my head. "Eponine!" She shrieked. "Who's the father? It's not- is it?!"

I shushed her, reading her thoughts, slightly offended that she would even think of such a thing. "No. It's not Marius." I said slowly. "It's Enjolras."


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