There were no true dark rituals.

The burning incense, virgin sacrifices, chanting faceless men, these were superfluous details added in for the razzle dazzle. Power was contained in the simplest and most basic of actions, a wish that rises above all others until it was all but screaming, in the end it was not the wand waving or the written runes that would make the difference.

Harry James Potter summoned the monster that would massacre his relatives without a conscious thought when he was only seven years old.

There'd been no real build up to the event, he'd been unhappy anyone could see that, but he hadn't been filled with hatred. His life had been too monotonous for any anger to fester and if he felt any strong emotions at all it was the pang of loneliness for his dead parents and a wish that maybe one day his family would come to love him.

Still it happened all the same.

He'd been in his cupboard, thrown in after some unimportant event featuring the dreaded funny business, gripping his knees with white knuckles wishing that he could just get out and go. Oh, the places you'll go, if only he could get out. It was perhaps the most genuine prayer to an unresponsive God that he had ever made in his life. Please, let me out.

As a seven year old, a child, he could not really be held accountable for the bargain he made. The specifics over time became lost and almost unnecessary. It was known that there was a raven under the stairs that day that it peered at him with eyes the color of mulberries, and together they made a covenant whose nebulous wish was as unclear as it was desperate. Years later it would become difficult to even remember if there was a wish at all only that there was a seal etched in purple on his left hand in the shape of a pentagram and that it bound him to the other tie surer than any leash ever could.

He did remember his first order.

"I want to go home."

He had not yet started wearing glasses but even so his vision was blurred by tears as he addressed the tall, dark haired, red eyed man who stared down at him with that leering inhuman expression. His clothes itched against his skin and the thin mattress he was sitting on creaked when he shifted and somehow even though he had always lived in Number 4 Privet Drive he knew it wasn't really home for him.

The man with the red eyes had smiled, taken both of Harry's hands into his, folding his own black nailed fingers over them and said, "Of course, young master, all you had to do was ask."

The demon had not been summoned for his comfort or his mental wellbeing it had been summoned to fulfill a contract. In that first moment the boy hadn't realized that his new friend was not a he but an it, the demon's first action was to remedy that misjudgment.

It was over before the boy had even made it out of the unlocked door so that when he stepped into the living room it was like stepping into the fires of Guernica where the walls were dripping with blood.

He stood there, blankly, his soul erased as he took in the dull horror of severed limbs and pumping arteries of fresh corpses. His fingers twitched and his jaw clicked as words and lifeless screams failed to pass through his dry throat.

"I couldn't very well leave them alive, young master; it would be negligent to overlook the injustices done to you. It was why I was summoned after all."

(It was not why he was summoned, they both knew that, but the boy could hardly say anything at that point and the demon was hardly willing to contradict himself.)

The demon in the guise of a bird in the guise of a man walked over to him and once again took the boy's hand with that same smile, "Now then, I believe you wanted to go home?"

One day, years later, an old man told him that he would accomplish great things with the brother wand of a dark lord. He thought of himself, sitting alone in the cupboard, when outside the walls were painted in blood.

Great things were also in some way terrible.

Author's Note: Spawned from the challenge given to me by Lee Anna Kindred. A prologue so that I can time skip past childhood while still capturing some audience interest. I'll be honest while I'm interested in this idea I have many fics already in the works so update time on this might be a while. Thank you for reading feel free to review, please, I like reviews.

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