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Full Summary: It was a shame, it truly was. She had finally brought Sasuke back home, and she was needed elsewhere. She dimly wondered how they were doing. Those two little brothers of hers. Ah well, she'd know soon enough.

Main Pairing: Sasuke x FemNaruto

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"Nee-chan!" a young voice cried, "Do you really have to go!"

The 'nee-chan' smiled down at the sobbing boy clutching at her shirt.

"Gomen ne, Al, but I really do have to leave," The little boy sobbed loudly upon hearing that "but don't worry. I promise to come back someday."

"Don't even bother!" a different furious voice suddenly rang out, "We don't need you! You're abandoning us just like dad did!"


"No! Just leave already and never come back!"

"Nii-san!" the crying boy exclaimed to his older brother.

The young girl merely smiled at the stubborn boy. She then walked over and pat him on the head, receiving a vicious glare for her efforts.

"I'll miss you Ed, Al. I'm sorry, but…good bye."

She took a moment to look deep into their eyes. Their eyes were so beautiful, so gold and warm. It made her chest clench and tears to swim in her own cerulean eyes.

Suddenly, she found herself hugging them both as close as possible before abruptly letting go and grabbing her bag. She painstakingly headed to the door and left the place she came to see as her precious home, ignoring the sobbing and crying for her not to leave

As she shut the door a lone tear slid down her scarred cheek.

With a start one Uzumaki Naruto sat up in her bed very swiftly. Unfortunately she sat up a bit too swiftly and her face ended up on an interesting collision course with the harsh wood of her floor.

Groaning Naruto sat up rubbing her head and cursing the heavens for the injustice of it all.

"Damn it…fucking floor boards…" her muttering went unheeded by the offender.

As she began to pull herself up and into her bed she began to wonder why exactly she had awoken in the first place. Leaning back on her hands and staring up at the ceiling she felt it.

It was slight, very small, but it was there none the less. She knew no one else in this country would feel it. Only her.

Upon feeling it she immediately tensed up and threw the covers off of her bed to rush to her open window and stare out at the disturbingly silent night. After a few moments of searching her gaze dropped to her hands that were clenched on the windowsill.

"It's time huh…" her eyes closed, fighting off the onslaught of memories.

It'd be better to leave tonight; she decided silently, it'd be easier to slip out of the village now, when all of her friends were either sleeping or away on a mission. She also didn't want to foolishly change her mind.

She had to leave.

Leave her friends.

Her teammates.

Her life.

Her family.

She could already feel the tears wanting to fall but she determinedly held them back. It wouldn't do to get emotional. This was important and held top priority over anything else.

With a fierce gaze she set upon preparing to leave her home.

Looking one last time around her beloved apartment - which was a really nothing but a tornado of clothes, empty ramen cups, comic books, and trash – she felt another wave of emotion hit her.

She had basically grown up in this little apartment. She had eaten, read, slept, and grew here. To leave it behind made her feel…empty.

Shaking her head she clutched her dark merchant cloak around her, swinging a dark bag over shoulder.

Leaving the village was rather easy with the way she was dressed. The ninja's guarding the gate merely nodded at her, thinking she was a traveling merchant as she had suppressed her chakra as much as physically possible to match that of a civilian. It was not an easy task.

She had been jumping through the trees for several hours now, slowly making progress toward her set destination. She paused in a tall tree, looking back at the distant light of Konohagakure.

She knew leaving now was dangerous. The Akatsuki were still at large and on her tail, making her slightly uneasy as well as nervous. She didn't know what would happen from here on. She knew it would be difficult, almost everything she did was, but she knew she'll make it through somehow.

It was a shame, it truly was. She had just brought Sasuke home and she was needed elsewhere. Turning her gaze away from the place she saw as home, she continued through the trees, ignoring the single tear that slipped down her tan cheek.

Haruno Sakura was having a relatively good morning. First she had had a lovely breakfast consisting of Okayu, miso soup, broiled fish and tamagoyaki. She had then cleaned her small home while listening to some of her favorite music.

Now the pinket was on the way to Naruto's apartment to awaken the blonde and meet with Kakashi-sensei for some training. She hummed a little tune as she headed up the flight of stairs that would lead her to the blonde's rather filthy abode. Her nose wrinkled just thinking about it.

Knocking on the door in the hope Naruto was already awake she sighed when she received no answer. Slipping the spare key from the potted plant situated next the front door she swiftly slid it in, turning the lock.

The room was a danger zone, she thought taking off her shoes and stepping inside. With grace only a kunoichi would possess she slipped around the piles of trash to Naruto's small room.

She blinked in surprise when she found the blonde nowhere to be seen.

"What the..?" she mumbled walking into the kitchen, but a blonde head of spiky hair remained to be seen.

"Naruto!" She called out in impatience. She didn't have time for this! They needed to meet with the rest of the team!

At that thought her expression lightened. It had been around 6 months since the Jinchuuriki had brought back the last Uchiha. It had been awkward at first with Sasuke ignoring them and Naruto ignoring him right back.

It had taken over a month for them to start talking and that was only snide remarks coupled with heated glares. Sasuke had been placed under house arrest and was to be watched over by at least 3 Anbu at all times. This had, naturally, made him moody and distraught. Despite this, Naruto would visit him every day, just sitting in the same room together never speaking.

Slowly, Sasuke began to filter back into their lives, and Sakura had never been happier. She had gotten over her childhood crush for him and had started dating other boys. She had yet to find someone that she felt seriously for, but she was trying to distance herself with the weak Sakura of the past.

Something in the corner of her eye distracted her thoughts. Turning toward it she found that it was a bright piece of orange paper sticking out brilliantly against the pale tile of the island counter. She reached out her hand and saw that the letter was addressed to her.

Blinking she delicately broke the seal and let her green eyes fly swiftly across the page.

They then widened in shock.

Naruto yawned loudly as she walked along the path leading to the next town. She had gotten a restless night's sleep at a small motel and was tired and irritable not to mention hungry. Her stomach groaned in agreement.

She had been walking for about 3 hours and knew that Sakura would have found her note by now. Sighing she decided to pick up her pace, knowing Konoha was very likely to send Ninja's after her. Feeling a tingle run down her spine she hoped they didn't choose anyone from the Rookie 12.

Somehow that hope felt to be in vain.

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