Mates for Life

Summary: Steve is a werewolf and after going on a training mission in the jungle, he is caught by hunters, and isn't the only person caught. Detective Danny Williams is investigating some missing people and finally get a lead. With the help of his two partners Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, they go to the rescue the people or who they think are people. What happens after they get free? What will follow? How will their life follow? And what about the hunters that are after all werewolves?


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Talking in wolf form


Chapter 1


Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett hated that he was left defenceless and weak. He had never felt this weak before in his life and he'd been through hell being a Navy SEAL. He was chained up in a small cell with others around him in the same condition. He had been beaten and cut up and then left hanging in the cell. He knew that as soon as he didn't report in his location that the base would send a team out to his last known location in search of him. Steve thought back to what happened before.

Steve had been on a week's worth of survival training in the mountains as part of his work. He was a Navy SEAL and had transferred back to his home in Hawaii and to work out through there. He'd been out two of the seven days that he was meant to do. What he didn't account for were other people in the jungle even though it was military land for training purposes so it was fenced off to civilians.

Steve was jumped by people who knew what he was and before he could get the better of them he was shot in his side and knocked over the head. Steve was a werewolf and while normal bullets did still hurt him, anything that was silver hurt a lot more.

When Steve woke he found himself stripped of most of his clothes other than his singlet and pants. He was chained in silver chains which burned into his skin every time he moved making more of the silver enter his system. It was wrapped around his wrists holding his hands to the wall and also around his ankles which were stripped of his shoes and the chains placed so they touched skin. With the silver running though his veins and being chained with it, meant he couldn't phase to get himself out.

His side where the bullet went through was still seeping slowly but for the most part had stopped bleeding but with the silver he couldn't heal himself so he had a higher chance of it getting infected. While his side was still seeping, small amounts of silver were being pushed out at the same time.

He knew that if he wanted to survive he had to escape and while he couldn't get the chains removed he knew he would have to wait till they came for him and hope they would walk through the cell doors instead of shooting him through the bars. Steve laid his head back against the wall and tried to calm himself down in the hopes of preserving some of his strength so that if and when he could, he could try to escape.

Steve hung there for hours, pain throbbing through his whole body when the doors down the end opened and he saw all the others around him start to whimper and try to back away as much as they could. Steve saw them drag another figure in and place them in a cell as well. A man walked in not much later and stood back and watched them chain up the unconscious figure before turning to him.

"Well isn't it the famous Steve McGarrett, it took a while trying to find you, always off on some mission somewhere. You are a very hard man to find."

"Glad I could disappoint you."

"Yes well you made it easy for me when you returned home. Lots of werewolves were happy you returned weren't they. I'm still trying to locate your pack but it will have to wait a few days till they realise that you are missing when the Navy starts their search outside of the forest. By then you'll be far from recovery or dead. Your pack will be easier to capture and destroy then."

"You're wrong about that. My pack survived without me for years when I was away on missions."

"Yes but you still left directions. After this they will have no directions and will be in a state of disarray till they find a new alpha."

Steve growled low, his body wanting to phase so he could rip the man's throat out but couldn't. Steve knew that his pack would be lost without him but knew that someone would either step up or they would go join one of the other packs on the island that they had an alliance with.

"You are dead once I get out of here."

"Boys teach this Navy SEAL some lessons. I'll be back later."

The man turned and left and Steve turned his attention to the men opening his cell and four of them walked in. One walked forward with a silver collar and snapped it around his neck causing Steve to let out a scream of pain as the silver burned and worked its way into his system making him weaker than before. Another stepped forward and the two men unchained his wrists and lifted him up off the ground, having fallen when unchained, and chained him to the shackles on the ceiling leaving him hanging with the tips of his feet just touching the ground. Steve let out a low groan as the silver burned his wrists even more making him feel sick.

"This will be fun. There aren't too many alphas that were born left. You real alphas are weak, just look at you, at our mercy and going to be dead by the time boss is ready to kill you." One sneered.

Real alphas were ones that were born from a previous alpha and were considered royalty to all other werewolves. Real alphas were called royalty among their kind but hunters didn't consider them that they just called them real alphas, not wanting to put such a high standing on them by calling them royalty.

"You best hope I'm dead before I get out of here because I will kill each and every one of you." Steve hissed out as he tried to keep his head clear.

"Ha, that will be the day. See all these werewolves in here. They have been here for less than two weeks and will die along with you; none of them have been able to escape."

"There's always a first for something."

"I've had enough of you."

Steve gasped as the first punch was aimed as the gunshot wound to his side causing it to rip and start to bleed again. Steve bit his lip at all four started to beat him silly. When they finally got tired of that, the knives were brought out just as the man from before walked back in. Steve glared at him the best he could through a swollen eye. He smirked inspecting his men's handy work, as they ripped his singlet from his body leaving him in just his pants and his chest bare.

"Ok so now your tongue should be loose. Where is your pack?"

Steve just spat out some blood and it landed on the man's shoes. One of the men slashed him with a silver knife across the chest causing Steve to groan in pain.

"You should just tell me and all your pain will be over."



The men started to cut across Steve's body leaving trails of blood everywhere and Steve was on the edge of unconsciousness by now with the amount of silver in his blood stream, his body not able to remove enough at a time before it was replaced with more. The man held up his hand and they stopped.

"You will eventually tell me where they are. I won't let you die till then."

That was all Steve heard before he lost consciousness.

Steve groaned as he tried to slip his hands through the shackles so he could escape but each time he moved his arms more silver was introduced to his system and the burns got worse. Steve perked up as he heard gun shots sound out through the closed door at the end of the hall of the cells. Steve tried again to get his arms free struggling to use his strength to do so but just made it worse. Steve saw one of the men run through the door and stop at his cell and threw open the door and produced as knife.


Detective Danny Williams was not getting anywhere with the abduction of people from all over the island. They couldn't tie one person to another and they all seemed to have nothing in common. He was getting harassed by reporters and his superiors about no change in the investigation.

He had his two partners out looking for clues and taking witness statements hoping that would get a led. They'd been gone for over two hours ago and Danny was getting restless. He was going over all the evidence and over all the missing people to find a connection.

He rubbed his face with his hands when his partners came back. Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua were cousins and being a police officer was the family business. Danny sighed and stood up when they looked grim.

"What is it? Anything new?"

"Yeah you could say that." Kono said.

"What is it?"

"A Navy Commander has been kidnapped." Chin stated.


"Yeah turns out he was on survival training and didn't check in last night and the tracks lead out of the park. It was more than one person. And we have a witness who gave us the Commanders description and it's confirmed. Lt Commander Steve McGarrett, he's a local as well, grew up on the island." Chin explained. "He returned for leave and to do his training."

"Great now the Navy will come take over the investigation."

"We also have a tip from an anonymous source stating where the people are being held." Kono said.

"Ok. Let's gear up. Do we know how many are guarding them?"

"Only a handful, quiet entry and we should be able to get in without them knowing till it's too late."

They quickly grabbed their vests and headed out. When they reached an old abandoned building they quietly made their way inside disposing of guards at the doors before they could say anything. As they got closer to the centre of the building on the first floor they heard talking and carefully made their way closer. They could also hear pained sounds coming from somewhere past these men.

"He won't talk."

"I'll deal with the Commander."

"Yes sir."

"Go check the perimeter and find out why no one's check in."

"Yes sir."

Four men walked by the room they had ducked into. They knew that when they found the others down they would radio about an intruder and then the people were at risk.

"Go get those four I'll secure the others." Danny said.

"Be careful, brah." Kono said.

Danny nodded and Chin and Kono ducked out of the room and went after the other four. Danny quickly left the room and headed after the other men. As he got closer he heard someone sneaking up behind him and quickly turned and shot at the other man and turned back around and found himself in a fire fight. Danny was able to shot down three out of the five men there as the other two went into a room they were guarding. He quickly followed and as he approached the door he shot one that tried to jump him and walked through the door he saw the man approaching someone who looked a lot like the Commander but obviously he had seen better days.

"Freeze!" Danny yelled and saw the man look to him. "Drop it or I'll shoot!"

Danny realised he had no choice and shot the man in the back and saw him fall forwards and still stabbed the Commander in the side. He heard a small gasp of pain as the Commander was obviously on the edge of consciousness. He quickly moved over and checked on the man he shot before turning to the Commander. Danny had to say from the photo in the Commander's file he was attractive but seeing him in the flesh he was even more attractive, underneath all the bruises and cuts to his body.

~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~∞∞Ω∞∞~~

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