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Chapter 33


Steve and Danny woke the early next morning to the alarms in the house going off. Steve rushed to his feet, grabbing his gun and a crutch from beside the bed as Danny also got his gun out of the draw. Steve was on his way to the door when Danny grabbed his arm.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Where do you think?"

"Steve you are injured. Check on Grace for me while I check downstairs."




Danny walked out first and slowly made his way downstairs while Steve made his way to Grace's room to check on her. He opened the door and saw her sitting up in bed with her blanket clutch in her hands.

"Uncle Steve?"

"Yeah Grace, I'm here. Can you wait here for me and Danno?"


"Good. Don't come out till one of us comes and gets you."

Grace nodded and Steve shut the door and headed towards the stairs when he heard a loud curse. Steve quickly made his way downstairs as fast as he could.


Danny slowly made his way down the stairs and cleared the front room and headed towards the kitchen and found that empty. He was about to enter the dining room when someone walked out and right into his face. The person gave a strangle yell of shock.

"Shit!" Danny swore before lowering his gun. "Erik what the hell are you doing? I could have shot you!"

"Why are you walking around the house with a gun." Erik shot back as Danny walked to the front door and punched in the code to turn the alarm off

"Oh let's see? I don't know because the alarms are going off." Danny shot back as Steve rushed down the stairs. "Careful Steve. Everything's ok."

"What if it was Grace? You would scar your daughter." Erik said.

"She knows not to open the doors. Something I would expect you to know."

"Well, I was wanting to go check out the beach again."

"Well now you don't. Get back upstairs. It's too early for this shit."

"I'm not a kid, Uncle Danny."

"Well, you could have fooled me. Get upstairs now." Danny said.

Erik grumbled to himself as he marched passed Steve and went upstairs. Steve sighed and shook his head and looked at Danny.

"I thought I asked you to stay upstairs." Danny said.

"You did and everything was ok so I thought I would check what happened down here."

"Stupid idiot decided to try and go outside."

"Well, you can't blame him."

"Yes, yes I can."

"Come on Danny, let's go back upstairs." Steve said with a shake of his head and started back upstairs.

Danny caught up with him and followed Steve to Grace's room making Danny frown. Steve knocked on the door and opened it to show Grace still sitting up on her bed looking a little worried. She saw Steve at the door and launched herself off the bed and towards Steve and Danny. She wrapped her arms around Steve's leg carefully, so she didn't hurt him.

"It's ok Grace. It was just Erik who tripped the alarm."

"I was scared I heard Danno swear then yelling."

"Sorry to scare you Monkey. Everything is fine now."

"Can I come lay with you?"


Danny picked up Grace into his arms and carried her back to the bedroom. When he was on his side at the edge of the bed, he carefully tossed Grace a very short distance onto the bed. She was only had a 30cm drop onto the bed. Grace gave a squealed as she was dropped onto the bed and glared at Danny in annoyance.



"You did that on purpose!"

"Maybe." Danny said with a chuckle before sliding onto the bed.

Steve chuckled as he laid down on his side as Grace got comfortable under the covers. Grace giggled and squirmed against Danny who pulled her in close to tickle her.


Danny chuckled at the whine and stopped. Danny checked the time and found it was 6am and internally cursed Erik for waking them all. He could tell Steve was still tired and so was Grace. Danny knew they could all use some more sleep.

"Danno, what are we doing today?"

"Well first we are all going to get some more sleep."


"I thought we could go around the yard, see what needs tidying up and make a list of what we need to do. Then we will need to go stock up on a couple of things."

"Ok. When do I have to go home to mum and Step-Stan?"

"Later today."

"Okay. When do I spend time with you and Uncle Steve again?"

"I am still picking you up after school but I think your mum will want you with her for a few weeks."

"But Danno that's not fair."

"What do you mean, Monkey?"

Danny knew exactly what she was getting at. Each time Rachel took Grace on holidays his time wasn't made up and she expected that her missed time with Grace would be.

"Because when I go away with mum and Step-Stan I lose my time with you and we don't get to make that up. Why do I have to now miss out time with you again?"

"I don't know Grace. I can talk to your mum and see if we can work something out."

Grace smiled but knew the likelihood of that happening was very low. She wanted to spend more time with her father and Steve but it never seemed to happen. Her mother was always trying to cut her time down with her father just to spite him.

"Get some more sleep Monkey. We don't have to be anywhere in a hurry today."

"Ok Danno."

Grace fell back to sleep and Steve and Danny followed not too long after.


It had been a week after they all got back from New Jersey. Danny was back at work and Steve was at home keeping an eye of Erik and putting him to work. They had him cleaning, gardening and tidying up around the place since Steve really couldn't do all too much or more along the lines of it needs to seem like he can't do much. His body was healing and he would push the limits of what he could do when Erik wasn't around.

Danny was back at work and catching Steve up in the afternoon on what had been happening but that was all he would do. Give Steve just enough so that he didn't feel the need to rush in and overwork himself. It was a two sided decision, it also made Steve want to go back to work the next day to protect his team. But Danny told him that he either told Steve what he did, and he would relax about what was happening or he could tell him nothing and he would just have to wonder till he was allowed back in the office. Steve took the first option and got the information he could from Danny.

Steve had even tried to get around Governor Denning but failed. Turns out that the pack doctor had already contacted the Governor to let him know when he thought Steve would be able to return to work, so Steve got caught out when he tried to let the Governor know he was ready to return to work. Danny had found it funny when he overheard Steve curse when he got off the phone and that Steve was in such a bad mood after for about an hour. He was like a kid who didn't get to have a second ice-cream.

Steve was due to get his stitches out any day now. They were just waiting for the Doc to have a free moment to come and take them out. He was really wanting the brace to come off as well but knew that Danny and the Doc wouldn't let him. He was starting to bug him and he could put more of his weight back on it now, but was still careful with how much weight he put on it and not letting anyone see him do it as well.

Steve looked up where Erik suddenly dropped a box he was taking out to the garage for him full of some of his fathers old things from the study.

"Erik please, be careful with those. They were my fathers."

"Sorry. Why don't you just toss them out?"

"Did you not hear me? I said they were my fathers."

"Yeah, I get it. But really what are you going to ever do with all this stuff?"

"I may want them later in life."

"Still makes no sense." Erik mumbled to himself as he walked off.

Steve sighed and shook his head. Danny had a lot of work to do to sort Erik out. He knew Danny would be able too but how long it took and what it would take to shock Erik out of his behaviour was the question. Steve went back to packing up some of his father's things. Some he was packing up completely till he decided what to do with them, these were going in the garage, others he was packing up so they could tidy and re-organise and he would place these out where he wanted them in the house once that was done, but for now they were going in the spare room in the cupboard out of the way.

Steve looked up when he heard a car pull up and stood up slowly and made his way over to the door as the car door was shut. Steve pulled the door open to see the Doc walking over. Steve gave a nod and listened in for were Erik was in the house, he was still in the garage now just looking though things for the sound of items getting picked up and put down.

"Hey Doc, how are you?"

"Good Steve how are you?"

"Good, trying to not get annoyed with Erik."

"Ah how is that going?"

"Ok, still here, so…"

The Doc laughed and they walked into the living room and sat on the couch. The Doc sat his bag on the floor and opened it up and pulled out some gloves.

"Ready to remove those stitches?"

"More than ready."

"Alright. Happy to do it out here?"

"Yeah it's fine."

"Take off your shirt and we will get started."

Steve lifted his singlet up and removed it and laid it over the back of the couch. Steve rolled his pants up so they could get to one of the higher cuts. Doc pulled out a pair of small scissors and alcohol swab in case any blood came out of where the stiches were. The Doc started at the top of Steve's chest where there was a gash, as Erik came through the doors from the garage.

"Oh, you're here again?"

"Erik! There are a few more boxes in the study, they need to go in the garage as well. Don't drop them."

"Alright, alright! Geez!"

Steve sighed and the Doc looked at Steve in sympathy.

"You guys certainly have your hands full with that one."

"Tell me about it."

"Let's get started."

The Doc continued cutting and removing the stitches over Steve's body, cleaning up any little amounts of blood that came out in the process till they got to the ones on his legs. These were still slightly sore for Steve when he or Danny would clean them up. The Doc helped him remove the boot and first cleaned up around the site before he started to remove the stitches. Steve jumped involuntarily at a couple of pulls of the stitches as they got caught and hurt a little to remove. Once they were all removed the Doc cleaned up the site again and put a bandage over it.

"You will need to keep this covered till we forgo the boot. We don't want this getting infected."

"Sounds good. When can I get rid of this thing?" Steve asked at he put the boot back on.

"I would like to leave it on for another few days then we can look at removing the boot as long as you use the crutches still."

"I can do that."

"Alright. Well, I want to get an x-ray done before we remove it so if you and come by the clinic in few days, we can get an x-ray done to make sure it's healed and go from there."

"Sounds good. I'll talk to Danny as to when we can get around there. Still won't let me drive."

"Hahaha well he cares for, so I am not surprised."

"Yeah, he does, and I care for him too."

"That I do know."

Steve chuckled and showed the Doc to the front door and they said their goodbyes before the Doc left. Steve shut the door and sighed. He knew at least he would be able to get out of the stupid boot and then it wouldn't be much longer before he would be able to return to work. He wished it would just happen quicker so life could get back to normal. Steve headed back towards the study when he heard another box get dropped and the sound of glass breaking at the same time making Steve sigh.


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