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Ivan was a snow man, well to be more correct a snow child of about 12 years; he doesn't know how he came to be. He knows he's not normal though, Ivan watched the people who came into the forever snowy forest, he knows he's different. He always freezes, so to speak, when people come, because he noticed it scares people when he moves.

Everyday he wanders the forest, meeting with animals, and sometimes people, but today was special. Because it was Ivan's birthday, Ivan woke up and laughed, he was so excited. The animals always gave him nice things this day, last year at his 11th birthday some squirrels gave him acorns, and he got to play with the baby bear cubs. Some squirrels came down the trees and greeted Ivan, chattering happily.

"Happy birthday Ivan!" the gray mother squirrel said cheerily as she climbed up his coat to sit on his shoulder, the other squirrels followed her example and soon Ivan was covered with many squirming, furry bodies, all wishing him good birthday wishes.

"Thank you squirrels! I hope you are having a good day so far, Da?" he replied in a heavily accented voice, he petted the squirrels, and when all the greeting was aside, everyone sat down, and waited. Talking happily while they waited for the other animals to arrive, Ivan smiled held a brown baby squirrel with white markings, he petted her as he listened to the happy voices of the squirrels.

"Ivan! Guess what happened yesterday!?" a big black squirrel squealed gleefully, "I saw people! And they had a big bag and set up a big triangle thing!" he said excitedly, almost jumping up and down, "we should go see them!" by now the other animals have arrived, the deer, the rabbits, a lynx, the bears, moles, and many many birds. They all turned to the child of snow and he looked at their hopeful eyes, he opened his mouth.

"No." all the animals looked surprised then upset, he giggled, "I am just kidding, Da? I want to see too." All the animals looked at him in slight irritation, but they couldn't stay mad at him for long and they began to laugh with him.

After a looooong bit of giggles, snorting and laughing, everyone collected themselves and followed big black squirrel toward the triangular… err… uh… thing… yea… when they got there, there was two humans outside the tent. They all stopped moving and watched in fascination, as they two humans interacted, for many hadn't seen a human up close. Ivan watched, sad that he could not go over there, he wished too so badly, but they would be scared he was sure.

One had some gray thing on his face, in front of his sky blue eyes, he had blond hair and a strange bit that stuck up, he wore a heavy coat that hung open, and some red pants that matched, he also had heavy duty boots, he was holding a mug and laughing at something the other male had said. Said other male was strange looking to say the least, he had pure white hair, that matched the snow and of course Ivan, his skin was almost white, and his eyes were a glittering ruby red. They sparkled with mirth, as he laughed at his story, he wore a blue coat, and green cargo pants, also with heavy duty boots.

"And then Arthur was l-like, ahahahahahahaha, o-oh I'm sorry and he walked of awkwardly while Yao, glared after him" the white haired man also had an accent, but different from Ivan's.

"Are you se-serious!? Ohmygod! Ahahahahahahaha Arthur… he… ahahahaha!" the blond haired man couldn't even finish what he was trying to say he was laughing so hard, in turn this caused Ivan to smile, it was nice to see people so happy. After a while they calmed down and got straight to business, they looked at their mugs, then looked back up at each other.

"So we're out here because their have been reports of a ghost? Right?" Blond haired man asked, the white haired one sighed.

"Alfred did you even read the report? Apparently it's a walking talking snowman" he replied irritably but there was a sparkle in his red eyes. Alfred blinked, and then blinked again; it took several blinks before he understood.

"Gilbert… your not serious are you?" he asked the man that was apparently named Gilbert, Gilbert nodded, "Dude! How does that even happen!?" Gilbert shrugged. Ivan himself was frozen, with shock, what…? They were here for… him? Suddenly Ivan was afraid, what if they killed him? He'd seen animals kill each other and it had been scary, the animals promised to not ever kill in front of him again, because the poor snow child had gotten nightmares for weeks.

He backed up and stepped on a mole, it gave a loud squeal, everything exploded into action, the animals all bolted everywhere, the two men jumped up and headed towards the sound. They pulled back the branches and twigs to reveal, a terrified child made of snow, Alfred and Gilbert couldn't believe their eyes, the child backed up slowly, tears of snow rolled down his face and joined the powder below his feet. He whipped them away, still backing up, the two men where staring at him, they were… scared of him…

Ivan turned and ran through the trees, his feet pounding against the snowy forest floor, he could hear them pursuing him. Calling to him, telling him to stop running, that they weren't going to hurt him but Ivan wasn't listening he was scared. He felt something grab his arm and pull him to a halt, he was whipped around and forced to face the blond haired man… Alfred if he remembered correctly.

Ivan struggled to get out of his grip, his tears of snow flowing freely now, the man tried to calm him, but Ivan would have none of it.

"Kid calm down! It's alright we're not going to hurt you, its ok," a continuous stream of comforting words poured out of Alfred's mouth, until eventually Ivan gave up, tears still rolling down his face and breath coming heavily.

"Geez… he's a tough kid." Gilbert said quietly, he went up to Ivan, who whined and tried to pull from the Americans grip again, "Hey hey it's alright, we're not going to hurt you… my name is Gilbert, who are you." He patted the snow child on the head, to try and comfort him.

"I am Ivan…" he said, looking at the snow, his hair tilted to cover his eyes as he looked down, a few more tears fell but they stopped soon, Gilbert reached out to him but he flinched away. Gilbert lowered his hand, oh yea… he remembered from the report that the 'victims' said that the snow man had attacked them but they were able to get it away with a few kicks, or punches or whatever, poor kid must not have good experience with people.

"Well Ivan, how about you tell us about yourself?" Ivan looked up at Gilbert then, his eyes white and wide with surprise, "how about you start with your hobbies?" the snow boy tilted his head in confusion, he chuckled "I mean, what do you like to do?" The kid brightened up a bit.

"Well I like to play with the animals; they are nice, they tell me stories and play with me. Last year on my birthday they gave me acorns! And I got to play with the bear cubs! They were so fluffy and warm, they called me Vanya because they could not say my name properly, I also like to watch the people that come in here but they are scared of me so I try really hard not to move. But it's hard and sometimes they hit me. I also like to sing to the little baby animals at night to help them sleep, the parents always ask me too and I like it." The kid had brightened up considerably during his talk about the things he did in the day.

"The baby bears called you Vanya..? Bears can't talk!" The startled American exclaimed, his grip tightening without his meaning to.

"Yes they can! They talk to me all the time!" Ivan teared up again, "stop it! That hurts!" When the American didn't let go, Ivan started to cry again, he tried to pull his arm away.

"Let go of me!" Ivan gripped Alfred's arm in both hands and twisted sharply, the American screamed when the bone snapped, he let go of the snow child and gripped his arm. Gilbert watched his mouth hanging open, the kid had snapped Alfred's arm no issue, and he looked at Ivan who was sobbing now. He didn't think the kid meant to, so he reached out to him but the boy flinched from him again, and ran away, kicking up snow as he dashed through the woods, his tears dripping down his face.

He didn't mean too, but now they were mad at him, they didn't like him. Ivan cried and fell against a tree, he had hoped to make new friends but now he couldn't anymore. They probably hated him, Ivan punched the tree in frustration, and it shattered when he hit it.

Ivan looked at his glittering white hands, why was he so strong? Why did he hurt people? When Alfred screamed it reminded him of the time he accidently broke, the leg of a man with longish brown hair and blue eyes. He didn't mean too, he was giving him a hug, but he squeezed too hard and snapped his leg. His friend with a weird thing on his face like Alfred's hit him with a fallen tree branch, to make him go away, his shoulder had fallen apart but enough of it had remained so that his arm stayed on.

It had taken a bit over a month for his shoulder to reform, and it hurt so much. Ivan cried, as he walked to his cave. Now he would never have friends, Alfred and Gilbert probably hated him; he laid down on his bed of leaves and slept fitfully. The animals curling around him to try and comfort him, they decided to give him his presents when he woke.

Gilbert watched the kid run off, he felt bad for him but Alfred needed a hand. He pulled out his phone and dialled a number.

"Arthur, we need you to come here. Something to do with magic is going on." He paused as Arthur on the other side talked, "Yea the snow man is real except he's just a kid. Alfred accidently squeezed his arm too hard and the kid broke Alfred's arm." He was interrupted by some angry yelling, "Look I don't think the kid meant to, he's only 11 or 12 by the looks of it, and you could see that he was scared."

He paused again as the voice said something in a calmer manner, "Yea yea, we need you here; we should have taken you with us in the first place, blah blah blah, I get it. Just come now? I got some pictures of the kid and I want you to see them, ok? Ok bye see you soon" he turned off the phone and hauled Alfred to his feet.

"Don't worry; eyebrows will be here in a few days, meanwhile let's get you set up! Lucky you that I'm a doctor, eh?" Gilbert smirked, as he hit Alfred on the back, Alfred glared at him and mumbled angrily about snow and how much he hated it. Gilbert sighed, he hoped Alfred wouldn't be too angry with the kid, he didn't think it was the kid's fault. They trudged through the snow back to their camp, the forest silent and the two men made their way to the tent. It was as if the forest was holding their breath, laying in wait for something. The German male, couldn't even begin to fathom what, but he hoped that they would be able to handle it.

author's note:

well I dunno it just came to me! don't worry I wont neglect my other stories ok!? so no panicking. yes Ivan's tears are also snow, and yes he is able to take off his scarf and coat. he does have a shirt, pants and underwear. he's just never thought to try it. he also has all the proper anatomy except he doesn't have to eat, it's more of a I'll eat for fun. and lets seeeeeee... ah yes! I figured that I should share this with you guys since A) it's adorable and B) its REALLY adorable and C) there are so many Russia is a terrible person fanfictions out there that I should show you that he's not terrible really just confused or scared. well! be seeing you around!