The first in a series of OUAT vignettes based upon one word.



Rated K

She always talks about leaving. She never does. Nobody ever ventures beyond the city limits into wider Maine.

Everyone stays for one reason or another; it's built into the curse. In her wildest imaginings, Regina Mills had not foreseen Ruby Lucas stealing furtive glances at Mary Margret Blanchard from across the diner.

Should the curse break (or rather when, Gold had already promised as much) someone would be left crying, and Snow would inevitably be unhappy. Regina's momentary frown spread out into a broad smile.

Coffee? Ruby asked.

To go, Miss Lucas. I'll have a piece of cake today as well.

Author's notes:

1. Furtive—attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive . (Source: Google 2014)

2. Today was the first time I had heard of Red/Snow.

3. I may or may not expand upon these vignettes in the future.

4. Kitsis/Horowitz, ABC Studios own the rights to Once Upon and Time and its characters. I'm just borrowing to improve the storyline for fun and not for profit. (Not that I have any talent for writing. But hey, potential was good enough for ABC...)