Ok so I'm still mourning the finale (aren't we all?) so I started this fic. I don't really have major plans for it so any suggestions would be great! Sorry it's short, like I said I havn't gotten a lot planned out. Anyways, please enjoy and review!

"Do you want my olives? I hate Olives." Robin said, pushing the plate of olives towards Ted before he had the chance to answer.

"Sure." He smiled.

Barney sat across the bar watching his two friends drink and flirt but hoped that's all their evening would consist of. Thankfully, Ted was the first to leave, mumbling some excuse for exiting the bar and giving Barney the perfect opportunity to slide into the booth beside Robin.

"How'd it go?" He asked eagerly.

"It was fine." Robin replied, picking up some of the olives on the plate in front her and popping them into her mouth.

"I see you used the 'Olive Theory.'" Barney remarked.

"Saying I hate olives was one of the worst things I've ever said on a date."

"What's the worst?"

"I'm not giving you anything more to hold against me."

The two laughed and sat in a comfortable silence for a few moments before one of them spoke up.

"It's getting late, I should probably get going." Robin said in an unconvincing tone.

"We're still on for tomorrow night, right?" Barney asked, getting up from his seat so Robin could do the same.

"Have I ever missed a game of laser tag?" She was almost offended.

"Wasn't sure if you and Ted were going for round two or not."

"Why, would that make you jealous?" Robin question in a flirtatious tone, stepping a little closer to Barney.

"Barney Stinson is not the jealous type. Plus, Ted needs to bang a hot chick and you are one hot chick." He winked. "Besides, you're my best bro."

The words echoed in her head during the cab ride home. Best bro. Was that all she was? Her and Barney's relationship had never been black and white but she always felt there was something there, didn't he? Over the years they had known each other there had been so many 'almosts'. They had almost kissed on more occasions than Robin had fingers to count them on, what was stopping them? They both feared commitment, Robin often thought she feared it more than Barney did.

Best bro.

Robin lay awake unable to sleep. She didn't know why this was bothering her so much. Barney had called her this so many times before she couldn't figure out why this time was differnet. Was Ted's personality rubbing off on her already?

She looked over at her clock. Just after 2am. She pulled out her phone and sent a text.

Dinner tomorrow? My treat.

She waited anxiously for a response, the though he might be sleeping didn't occur to her."

Sounds great! Text me when and where, looking forward to it – Ted.