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"So, you'll be home around 7, right?" Barney asked as Robin prepared to leave for work.

"I'll phone you if something comes up." Robin replied, quickly kissing Barney before heading to the door.

"Love you." He said nonchalantly. It had become something they said as often as they could, and they meant it more and more each time.

"Love you too." Robin said as she shut the door behind her.

Barney had been planning for Valentine's day since they had gotten back together. He wanted it to be romantic and understated; something new to him. He was so used to going over the top that he wanted to try something new, something different. A simple candlelit dinner, no hidden surprises that could spark a fight between the two. As long as they were together it didn't matter what they did.

Barney hadn't even hired a chef or a caterer, he was going to do this himself. He wanted there to be sentiment behind it. His friends had never seen this side of him. This cheesy, romantic side he loved to show Robin as often as he could.

Robin was the same. Even that day at work Barney was the only thing on her mind. They'd promised not to get each other any gifts but that didn't mean Robin couldn't give him something to unwrap.

She'd bought some lingerie earlier that week when her and Lily had gone shopping. It was sex and understated. Black with red faux fur lining the top of the breast as well as the bottom of the babydoll lingerie itself. The only thing that held the front together was a bow just under the breasts. She was more excited for what would happen after dinner than the dinner itself.

Barney had begun making dinner fairly early in the day. This was yet another side of him his friends had yet to see. He was an amazing cook. He'd sworn Robin to secrecy which she didn't mind; she liked coming home to a nice home cooked meal and didn't want to share.

Just as he was taking the main course out of the oven, his phone rang. He sighed as Robin's name appeared on the screen.

"Hey babe." He answered.

"They're making me work overnight, some conference at City Hall or something." Robin sighed into the phone.

"Can't Sandy do it?" Barney asked hopefully.

"He called in sick earlier today, I'm the only one that can do it. I'm so sorry." Robin said sympathetically.

"It's fine, we can do it another night. Good luck tonight, I'll be watching!"

"I love you."

"Love you too." Barney replied and hung up.

"Did he buy it?" Lily asked as Robin ended the call.

"Oh yeah." Robin said with satisfaction.

"What time do you want me to get him out of the apartment?"

"Just before 7, and thanks again for doing this Lil."

"Oh it's no problem, Marshall won't be home until after 9, I need something to do."

As 7 o'clock neared Robin hid in her and Barney's apartment lobby. Lily waited outside and phoned Barney.

"Go for Barney." He answered.

"Hey Barney it's Lily, can you do me a favor? Unless you and Robin are, you know -"

"Robin has to work overnight tonight, what do you need?"

"Uhhhh," Lily racked her brain, she hadn't thought this part through. "Will you help me get a gift for Marshall?"

"Um, sure?"

"Great, I'm already outside your apartment building, see you soon." Lily said quickly, hanging up and breathing out a sigh of relief.

Robin waited until she saw Barney leave with Lily to head upstairs. She wasted no time, she knew she had an hour at most.

The first thing she did was set out all the candles they had, scattering them from the living room to the bedroom. Next were the rose petals that lead to the bedroom as well. Once everything was in place and all the candles were lit, she texted Lily telling her to send Barney home.

Barney had been dragged through 3 stores before Lily remembered she had already bought something for Marshall. They left the store they were currently in and waited for a cab.

"Sorry Robin had to work tonight, I know that must suck." Lily said sympathetically.

"Yeah, it does a little, but I love her and if this is something she has to do to further her career I'll support her." Barney replied.

"You're such a good guy, you should show this side more."

"And let people think I'm anything but a detached bad boy? Uhm, no thanks Lil."

"I hope your night gets better." Lily said before getting into a cab.

Robin beamed as she read Lily's text saying Barney was on his way home. Now all she had to do was wait.

Barney sighed as he walked down the hall leading to his apartment, as he entered he was taken aback. The entire apartment was dark except for the dull flicker of candlelight. He dropped hhis keys in the bowl by the door and shed his winter coat.

"Robin?" He called.

Barney looked down and saw the rose petal path that led to their bedroom. He smirked as he followed it.

Robin stood in front of the bed, a pool of rose petals at her feet.

"Surprise." Robin grinned.

"I thought you were working late?" He asked.

"I wanted to surprise you, you are surprised, right?"

"Of course, this is the best thing to come home to." He smiled and walked towards her.

"Do you like what I'm wearing?" She whispered in his ear.

"I'd like it better on the ground."

"Mm, is that so?" She sighed as he began kissing her neck.

"Mhmm." He replied between kisses.

"Unwrap me."

Barney stepped back and took a moment to admire just how hot his girlfriend was. His hand slowly crept up towards the bow between her breasts. He tugged at slightly and the whole thing opened.

Robin shed the babydoll lingerie and let it drop to the floor. Barney began unbuttoning his shirt until Robin raised her hand to stop him.

"No, let me." Robin insisted.

She began unbuttoning his shirt, throwing it on the ground as soon as she was done. She stripped him of his pants in record time and before they knew it they were on the bed.

It was hot, passionate and loving. Their bodies became one, moving together as though they were connected. Robin clawed Barney back as he slowly moved up and down. She begged him to go faster. He slowly picked up his pace until they were both moaning in pleasure.

"That was amazing." Robin panted as Barney collapsed beside her.

"I love you."

Robin rolled on top of him and leaned in to kiss him, cupping his face as she did. As she pulled away and sat up, Barney tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I love you too." Robin smiled.