And With One Kiss

Chapter Seven

Silence is many things. Suffocating, violent, miserable, beautiful, but never had it been so torturous.

"You're what?" Hikaru replied slowly. The confusion was dripping from his every pore as he started to retrace what Kaoru had told him earlier. Everything started to make sense with just two simple words, Emori's denial of alcohol, her weird eating habits, even her constant disappearance to go use the restroom. He could feel his grip on Emori's hand's tightening without him even trying and the pleading look in her eyes was almost killing him.

"I'm pregnant." She repeated, opening up her purse and pulling out a paper and handing it to Hikaru. He looked over the white parchment, it was a doctor's note of the sort with plenty of information on it that Hikaru couldn't really understand but as his eyes trailed to the bottom, there was one thing on there that he understood clearly enough.

Diagnosis: Pregnant.

"I..." Hikaru started. This was so much to take in at one time that he didn't know what to say to truly convey his feelings to Emori. She, in the meanwhile, smiled slightly at Hikaru, taking her hands out of his and wrapping her arms around his neck instead in a tight hug, pulling him closer than he was before. She could hear his surprisingly steady breathing and his hands weren't trembling like she thought they would, he seemed... calm.

"I'm so... happy." Hikaru finally answered, causing Emori to pull herself out of his grip. He sat there with a giant grin on his face and locked eyes with his significant other for a moment, seeing every emotion she could possibly muster fill them.

"You are?" She asked, slightly confused at Hikaru's reaction. It wasn't that she wasn't ecstatic that he was happy but in her mind, this wasn't what she was expecting. This was Hikaru she was talking about after all, the stubborn man child who never knew what he wanted. Where was the vast confusion? The stuttering over his words as he tried to make a coherent sentence? The verification that she wasn't making a joke and about to pop some confetti and yell 'April fools!' in his face?

"Of course I am! We're having a child!" Hikaru exclaimed with glee, grabbing Emori by the shoulders and pulling her into a tight hug, not giving her the room to breathe that she needed before she pushed herself out of his grip.

"Well yea, I understand that and all but..." Emori started to trail off, standing up and pulling Hikaru up with her as she started to finally regain her breath.

"But what?" Hikaru asked, not understanding the sudden cause of Emori's reaction.

"I just didn't expect you to be... happy about it, is all."

"You didn't expect me to be happy?" Hikaru questioned her, slightly offended and even taking a step back to try and evaluate the situation. "I know I can act childish sometimes but give me some credit, I'm a grown man and the least I thought I could expect from you, my girlfriend, is that you would understand that even in an unexpected situation like this, I am willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility."

Emori felt a bit blown away by Hikaru's sudden confession and immediately felt awful. The hurt had spread all throughout Hikaru's face and she couldn't believe that she hadn't taken him seriously, not to mention that she had actually told him that to his face.

"Oh God, Hikaru, I now realize how bad that must sound," Emori realized, putting her face in her palm and groaning loudly as she turned around, not wanting Hikaru to see the dark red blush building in her cheeks from how embarrassed she felt.

"Hey, yea it was kind of bad, and if I'm being completely honest it actually hurt, but you were just concerned, right?" Hikaru asked, slowly walking up to her and wrapping his arms around her waist, laying his head in the crook of her neck and letting his lips gently touch her skin a bit, which he knew that she liked from personal experience.

"Yes, but you're right, you're a grown man and it was wrong of me to assume that you weren't going to understand the situation. I'm sorry, Hikaru." Emori moaned a bit, feeling him nip at her neck ever so slightly. She knew that it was all over when Hikaru started doing that, she was just putty in his hands and there was no stopping it.

"I accept your apology," Hikaru mumbled into her skin, slowly starting to spin her around, making brief eye contact before she pulled him down by the tie and kissed him hard.

"C'mon, we have business to get to," She whispered in between kisses, dragging him across the bridge and to their bedroom.

"Tamaki, nothing annoys me more than how often you expect all of us to get together." Hikaru groaned as he passed Tamaki on the way into his house. It was New Years Eve and if he was being honest, this wasn't exactly the place he wanted to be at especially when he still had business to take care of concerning his new found father hood. For the past week, him and Emori had been trying to plan out how they were going to inform everyone of their soon to be child, and so far, it wasn't going well. Hikaru wanted to make a grand gesture of it, blowing as much money as he possibly could into a giant party where he waited until the last possible second to tell everyone that Emori was pregnant, but when Emori pointed out that that was the exact type of extreme that Tamaki would go to, he immediately trashed the idea.

"No one said you had to accept the invitation, I guess that means that you want to be here!" Tamaki exclaimed with glee, about to wrap his arm around his old friend but missing when Hikaru ducked underneath and kept walking straight to where Haruhi had laid out a plate of cookies.

"Hi, Tamaki." Emori greeted as she walked in right behind Hikaru, "Excuse him, he's just not in a very good mood lately."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"I told him that he reminded me of you." Emori replied, laughing a bit to herself when she remembered their conversation from the day before go down.

"Me? Like that doppelganger?" Tamaki gasped, a bit offended at the comparison, but before he could even respond he was beat to it by his lovely Haruhi.

"I can see the connection," Haruhi nodded her head, walking up to the two and smiling brightly at Emori. She was very well aware of the situation between her and Hikaru and completely understood the reason behind her comparison, even getting behind it a bit herself.

"Haru-honey! Why would you do this to me!" Tamaki cried, trying to hug his girlfriend but missing once again as she took a step backward, letting Tamaki almost fall to the ground, and then led Emori to the couch where Hikaru had launched himself over it instead of just walking around and sitting down instead. His back was leaning on the cushion usually reserved for seating and his head was leaning off of the side with Kaoru sitting on the ground next to him. They had seemed to be having a type of competition similar to beer kegging, except less extreme and with cookies instead of actual beer.

"Uh, Hikaru, I don't think that's good for you, honey," Emori insisted, taking a seat on the couch beside his legs and crossing hers while she watched her boyfriend stuff three cookies into his mouth, chewing them and successfully swallowing them.

"You're probably right," Kaoru said, watching as his brother took another cookie and repeated the process, clapping when he once again succeeded.

It only took a few more minutes for the rests of the guests to arrive and for Hikaru to start to feel sick.

"Shit, I feel terrible." Hikaru whined as he laid his head on Emori's lap, only to immediately feel her push him off of her.

"Please don't."

"What? It's not like this is the first time I've been that close to your-"

"Not the time for that, and it's because I've been having to use the bathroom a lot lately and you'll only make it worse by partially laying on my stomach." Emori explained, lowering her voice a bit and casting Hikaru a look so he could understand exactly the situation she was in.

"Alright alright, I'll just sit here and feel like shit by myself," Hikaru replied, sitting up straight and feeling all of the cookies cause havoc in his stomach.

Kathleen stared apologetically at Emori, feeling sorry for her, but her thoughts were quickly distracted when she felt Kaoru slip his fingers in between hers.

"Can you imagine? That guy right there as a father?" Kaoru whispered to her, watching as Hikaru complained some more to Emori and she rolled her eyes at him, but still let a smile form with her lips.

"He's older by what? Eight minutes? Yet mentally I don't understand him sometimes," Kathleen admitted, turning her head and looking at the side of Kaoru's face. Ever since their engagement he seemed visibly happier, almost like he was glowing every moment he was around her, and she loved every second of it.

"It's sort of incredible though. If you had known Hikaru in high school, the idea of him getting a girlfriend would have already been crazy enough but that he's also going to be a father in less than a year? I'm his brother and I can't even wrap my head around it." Kaoru continued, starting to tap his fingers on Kathleen's leg while watching as Hikaru and Emori bickered on the couch in front of them.

"I'm sure something similar could be said about many people in this circle of friends, but look at us now." Kathleen agreed, leaning her head onto Kaoru's shoulder and feeling his warm, steady breathing lifting her up and down.

"Hey Kathleen, did you get a new ring?" Yuri asked as she took a cookie and dipped it into her tea for a moment, while everyone turned their attention to the brunette on the couch who had one hand intertwined with Kaoru's, and the other sitting on her lap with a rather shiny looking ring admiring it.

Kathleen's cheeks felt like they were starting to cramp from how much she was smiling, the moment that her and Kaoru had been trying to figure out over the past few days had finally arrived, and she felt like they were as well prepared as ever.

"Actually, it is." She answered, lifting her hand up and allowing all of her friends to stare at it in silence while Haruhi actually came up to her and examined it closer, forming a hint as to what was significant about the ring before Hikaru started to speak.

"You could probably blind someone with that engagement ring." Hikaru added, taking a sip of his wine and looking away from the scene that was about to unfold.

"Engagement ring?" Haruhi asked from the couch across the room, but was beaten to inspecting the situation as Tamaki arose from his spot beside her and made a bee line for the couple.

"Engaged! My two closest friends are finally engaged and I couldn't be happier!" Tamaki started yelling as he pulled the two into his arms, slightly strangling them but not releasing his tight grip. The sounds of congratulations chaotically erupting throughout the room as everyone tried to give their best wishes to the happy couple.

Emori and Hikaru, the only two who already knew about the engagement prior to the party, sat there smiling widely at the display of affection. Kaoru and Kathleen were both beaming, if they had to choose the happiest couple there, it would easily have been those two.

Emori turned her head and focused her eyes on Haruhi sitting on the couch opposite from them. Her lips were pulled into a forced smile, almost as if she was happy but she couldn't correctly convey it like everyone else. As Hikaru caught her steady stare, his eyes traced hers and landed directly on Haruhi, noticing the drastic difference in atmosphere around her.

"What's wrong with her?" Hikaru asked, taking a sip of his wine as he sunk farther into his seat, Emori leaning into his chest slightly as she laid against him.

"Well, I think I have a good idea of what might be bothering her." Emori replied as her head gave a slight motion towards Kaoru and Kathleen spilling details of the special moment to Yuri and Mori. Hikaru raised an eyebrow, not quite catching her drift until his eyes landed upon the small stone ring that graciously decorated Kathleen's hand.


"When you've been with someone for three years and you see one of your friends get engaged after only one year, it kind of makes you wonder if the relationship is going anywhere." Emori started mumbling, getting quieter as she saw Kyoya's shadow move behind her and walk towards the grand dining table where more bottles of Riesling had been sitting. Hikaru nodded his head carelessly to the motion of the music in the background, not bothering to stay on beat as his head went from one side to the other.

"Tamaki is such an idiot." He finally answered, shaking his head slowly as he watched the tall blonde prance around the living room whimsically, and make his way towards Haruhi as he attempted to pry her off of the couch so she could celebrate with everyone.

Kyoya passed by the pair in front of him and stopped momentarily. As he had grown older, he started to wonder if his friends were really people he liked, or whether they supported him in his endeavors and his decisions, not that he actually needed it. He often caught his demeanor towards them start to turn malicious, but even then he would mostly catch himself before he said something too harsh, which in turn made him wonder if it was perhaps just him that had become so self loathing that he just didn't understand what real friendship was anymore. As he looked around the room, Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, they all changed for the better while he just sat there, pretending to solely be focused on his family business and not caring for personal affairs anymore. It was just so incredibly lonely being the only one of them who didn't feel fully accomplished, the only one who didn't find someone to share his life with or even a suitable marriage to a wealthy business man's daughter.


Kyoya snapped out of his delusion and looked down at Hunny, starring up at him with his daughter in his arms and his mouth pulled wide into a sweet smile.


"You don't look like you are enjoying yourself very much." Hunny answered, bopping his hip up and down slightly in order to make Risuka bounce, causing her to giggle happily as her grip on her father's neck tightened.

"I will admit that I've had better days." Kyoya replied, watching as Risuka kept giggling as her dad made silly faces at her.

"Have you ever considered perhaps getting a cat or something? You seem to be going through an early midlife crisis and you always seemed like the type of person who only needed an animal companion." Hunny suggested, yelping loudly when Risuka reached out and tugged on his hair.

"A cat?"

"I know you don't like dogs so I'm sure a cat will do the trick, Kyo-chan." Hunny continued, finally placing Risuka back onto the ground, her tiny feet quickly speeding away towards Tamaki before latching on to his leg.

Kyoya shook his head, not because Hunny was wrong, but because he was 100% accurate and it bothered him to even have to admit it.

"Just think about it Kyo-chan." Hunny said one last time as he twirled around on the heel of his right foot and started skipping away in the direction of his wife.

Kyoya stood there for a moment before placing one foot in front of the other as he got closer to the couch that Kaoru and Kathleen were sitting on, and sat on the very end of it, away from them. As he pulled out his phone and opened up an internet browser, he felt the gears in his head grind a little as he heard Kaoru's voice speak up from a few feet away.

"Why are you sitting so far away? It's not as if we don't know that you are probably ruining someone's life over that phone right now." Kaoru joked as he and Kathleen both stared at the raven haired man at the edge of the white sofa. Kyoya used his index finger to push the bridge of his glasses farther up his nose as he ignored Kaoru's comment, and then continued to scroll through the local animal shelter's selection of cats on their web site. He liked to think that he was actually going to make one life better for once, even if it wasn't necessarily a human's.

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