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Naruto was stretching up as he felt some pain leaving his body, "Done?" He asked, looking over at Phi who was going over something on a clipboard.

"Yeah, now put your shirt on," She said, passing Naruto his article of clothing, as he was currently shirtless, exposing his well-toned body that was very similar to that of a swimmer.

As he put on his shirt, he saw Phi and Nero looking over the screen with looks of concern, "So?"

"Dude, it's like… nothing I've seen before," He said as he moved over to allow Naruto to see the screen, "This is what your old cells looked like," Showing Naruto his cells with a small aura.

"And these are your cells today," Now replacing the slide with a different one, this slide showed more cells, but unlike before, the cells didn't have an aura, "They look completely normal, however…" Removing the slide, out a small glass petri dish of the blood before using a lighter underneath it and then sliding it back under the microscope to show nothing had happened, "Your body is now far stronger than it was before."

"So what are you trying to say?" The white haired girl asked, getting the three of them soda cans, before cracking her's open as she sarcastically asked, "That the whole incident with Alaska made him stronger?"

While Phi and Nero were discussing everything, Naruto ignored them in favor of thinking about everything that had happened. Ever since the whole thing within his mindscape and his new Limit Break ability, he'd felt far stronger than before. However, it was also very unnerving as it wasn't like he had grown, but more that he'd adapted to what he wanted and wished for. His NOVA eye had gone back to normal. He wasn't exuding any aura that could give him away. It was like every little secret he was trying to keep hidden was now impossible to find and he would have been happy about it if not for the circumstances.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm just trying to figure out how," Nero said, as he opened up his can of soda.

"Ditto," Naruto mumbled, knowing full well that the origin of his powers was still a complete mystery to the three of them, especially in regards to his connection to the NOVA, "Phi, you mind keeping tabs on any updates?"

"As if you need to ask," Phi replied as she raised an eyebrow at him, "After everything that happened, we're not taking any chances."

Naruto chuckled at Phi's hostile nature as she said, "Well, luckily, things have calmed down a bit since Mark Spencer was sent to jail and Doctor O'hara has been helping to fix everything that was done under his orders."

At the mentioning of the names, the boys felt disgusted at the horrors that the girls were subjected to such horrible experiments due the E-Pandora project. However, at the mention of Scarlett's name, only Nero really shuddered in disgust as the woman had not only been fully aware of what she was doing to the girls, but had also tried to get his friend involved in her experiments, and even tried to steal his research!

However, to Naruto, he could only see Scarlett as someone who simply wanted to prove herself. Someone who wanted to get out of an arrogant man's shadow by proving she could do something on the same level as him. It didn't help that Nero filled him in on how Aoi Gengo was a complete asshole who cared about nobody but himself. Not only that, but after looking up articles about Aoi Gengo himself, Naruto even found that the man would belittle people who he saw as beneath him.

"I still don't think it's fair that she got a lesser sentence for being a witness against Mark and for taking care of the girls this entire time. Nobody should get away scot free after doing something illegal simply because they were taking care of someone," Nero said, making his feelings about O'hara's punishment known.

"But they needed help," Naruto said, reminding Nero that the girls from the E-Pandora project didn't know any other place except the base, "And technically, they're still owned by the government, so it's not like they could be set free at the drop of a hat. Also personally? I'd rather have O'hara there with them since not only does she know them, but she'd do a better job providing and protecting those girls from anyone who would use them for monetary gain like another Mark Spencer."

At this, Nero sighed as he realized Naruto had a point before Naruto continued, "Plus, while we did have a rough start, she seemed better after everything that's happened. She actually promised me that she would do her very best to take care of the girls, especially since she's the one who knows them best and I doubt anyone else could do as good a job as her. Speaking of, how are they doing?"

Nero looked at the screen as the screen went black showing hundreds of codes passing by, "They're stable… for the most part. It seems Gina's made a full recovery… which brings me to my next topic… next time you lead a possible NOVA-lized girl into Shadow Moses… leave back up!" Nero shouted at the blonde, "Do you understand how close to a heart attack I was when we saw her!? Asking ourselves how the hell she was alive when we saw her all…NOVA-y?"

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I didn't think she was going to come back to life after all that had happened to her," Naruto sighed, trying to placate the man.

"Not to mention, asking me to forge fake documents in three different hospitals, literally on the fly, so that no one would find out Gina isn't dead or has a new identity," Phi also chipped in with her eyes glaring at the blonde at his insane request.

Naruto clapped his hands together for a prayer gesture, "I get it. It won't happen again."

"Hmph, it better not," Phi huffed with a cross of her arms.

"Well, aside from Gina losing her Pandora abilities and Amelia's hair now being completely red… the girls are all okay," Nero said as he continued looking at the screen, " It also looks like Ohara is being forced to move them to this city." Now he had a frown, "Most likely it's…"

"The Amelia-Nova Type," Naruto said, remembering how both he and Scarlett had to explain the situation on how she became a NOVA. Once again, landing her in hot water, which Naruto managed to escape due to his friend's skill in hacking to make it seem like Amelia was single-handedly tearing apart the Pandoras while he used a Freezing field to give back up.

"Though luckily, since Amelia was confirmed to have been a victim, if Chevalier ever tries anything, they'd basically be giving themselves a death sentence," Naruto said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Indeed, as not only would the UN tear them apart, but the world as well," Phi chimed in, "As, while the NOVA are a threat, the world still holds its morals. If it gets revealed that everyone has been supporting a group who have no issue making people disappear for no reason other than to hide their own sinister, inhumane schemes, then all the governments would have egg on their face. The reason is because the last thing they need is a shadow organization to have been revealed, making everything worse for them after this whole issue with Mark Spencer and his upcoming trial," She explained as she took out a phone and began doing something on it.

With that, the three stayed silent as they thought about Chevalier and how, even if there is the threat of the government taking action against them, they still pose a tremendous threat by simply taking further precautions to hide their actions.

"So… what do we do?" Naruto asked, breaking the silence that made it feel like an eternity had passed when it had only been a minute.

"Honestly?" Nero asked, "There's nothing we can do. I mean, while the invasion of the NOVA gives the world a reason to work together, the government is now under an extremely watchful eye by both the UN and the general human populace. Any evidence regarding your secret is covered and people who know about you that aren't Pandoras have made deals to stay silent. So, I'd say we're totally in the clear, nothing else to do aside from some check ups."

Phi also gave a rare smile, "I have to admit, while I doubt any future invasions will compare to what happened to Alaska, you gained quite the badass form. Plus, no Pandora's were killed during this attack, which is a first since the NOVA first began invading. So, like Nero said, I doubt there's anything else that needs to be done for now."

"In other words, now might be a good time to get some R&R," Nero suggested, "It's not like you have anything else planned, right?"

"Should I though?" Naruto raised an eyebrow, earning the other two surprised looks. "It's not that I don't want to relax, but with everything that's happened recently, I don't think I can afford to relax," Nero and Phi looked at each other, then back at Naruto.

Nero sighed as he said, "Look, Naruto, I get that with everything that's happened, it's hard to relax. But it's because of how crazy everything has been and will be that you need to take the victories when you get 'em and relax when you can."

Phi then chimed in as she said, "Besides, you have the two of us to keep an eye on things and let you know if anything happens. After all, what's the point in having a team if you can't rely on each other?"

Knowing he wouldn't be winning this argument and that they had a point, Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his head while saying, "Okay, okay, you two win. I'll try to relax. I guess it's just hard with everything that's happened in such a short time. The incident at East Genetics, the whole thing with Louis and Holly at the hotel, and then the recent incident in Alaska? I guess I'm just trying to stay on guard so that I can maybe anticipate anything like that happening in the future."

Nero and Phi nodded their heads, remembering everything that's happened as Nero replied, "Don't worry, we'll let you know if anything happens. Now, I was going through West Genetics' backlogs and it seems that some pretty interesting Pandoras are going to be transferring there," Nero said as he looked over a section on his usually overcrowded screen, '' Know anything about that?"

Naruto shrugged, "No, I haven't heard about any transfers, but if anything, it might have something to do with the recent attacks on East and West Genetics and the base in Alaska."

At this, Nero and Phi stared at Naruto, wanting him to continue, "Now, I barely know anything, but what I do know is that both East Genetics and the E-Pandora Project were connected to Maria Lancelot in a way. The attack on East Genetics was so that the NOVA could learn where Maria Lancelot's body was being kept, which just happened to be under West Genetics. Meanwhile, the E-Pandora girls were actually being made as a sort of stepping stone for the Maria Lancelot clones that Scarlet was creating. So if anything, this transfer might have to do with everyone realizing this and they are now mobilizing all these Pandoras so that there is a greater force to defend her body."

"Well…" Nero began after a moment of silence, "Look like I've got a lot of work ahead of me," Nero complained, "For now, we should continue like everything is normal in case the Chevalier becomes suspicious of our movements."

"Alright/Okay," Naruto and Phi replied as all three of them left the building that Phi had rented and refurbished so that they could perform their debriefing and Naruto's check up.

As they left, the three of them decided to split up and go their separate ways since they each had different things to do. As he walked through the street, Naruto couldn't help but think back to Nero and Phi's words about him needing to relax. He knew that he'd been very busy recently and he hadn't really relaxed or had fun recently. He hadn't even been able to spend time with Stella aside from the very beginning of their time at her family's hotel.

But then that kind of went to shit when everything with her brother happened.

Letting out a deep sigh, Naruto's head hung down as he walked through the street with his hands in his pockets.


Hearing his name broke Naruto from his thoughts as he turned around and was surprised to see Ticy and Chiffon as he hadn't expected to meet them here. Chiffon was wearing a pair of tight, navy blue jeans that showed off her luscious legs with a pair of white sneakers and a thin, black belt with a silver buckle. For a top, she wore a loose, light blue, short-sleeved blouse with a thin, gold necklace around her neck and some lapis lazuli earrings.

For Ticy, she wore a cream-colored sundress that ended at her thighs and had two thin straps that went over her shoulders. She wore some light brown, high-lace sandals and a silver chain bracelet on her left wrist.

However, something Naruto noticed was all the bags they were holding from various clothing stores around the area.

"Chiffon, Ticy," Naruto said as he looked at them both with a friendly smile before motioning to their bags, "Doing some shopping, I see. Anything special going on?"

Chiffon smiled as she lightly shrugged and said, "Kinda, we were planning on going out tonight to relax and have some fun since we still have a bit of time before everything goes back to a relative normal and we need to go back to Genetics."

Naruto nodded as he scratched the back of his head and said, "Makes sense, with everything that's happened recently, none of us have really gotten the chance to relax."

Ticy and Chiffon nodded with Naruto as they had completely agreed, which was why they were currently on their little shopping trip.

Suddenly, Ticy had a thought and said, "Well, are you doing anything later tonight?"

Naruto was surprised at the question and hummed as he cupped his chin and thought for a second, trying to remember if he had anything to do and shook his head as he said, "No, I don't think so. Probably the only thing I was going to do was try and figure something out to do or just go to sleep if I couldn't."

Seeing where she was going with this, Chiffon's smile grew as she quickly appeared at Naruto's side, arm wrapped around his own as she said, "Perfect! Then that means you're free to join us tonight!"

At this, Naruto looked at Chiffon, shocked that she just suddenly made his plans for the night and was about to say something until he noticed that because of how loose her blouse was, he could see her bra-clad breast being held by her light blue, lace bra. Seeing this, Naruto's face turned crimson as he quickly looked away with Chiffon noticing, her wide smile not disappearing and instead growing, as she also gained a light blush.

Meanwhile, Ticy, who remembered just how much of a perv Chiffon could be from when they were first years as she recalled the many moments when she'd fall prey to Chiffon's gaze and lust. Not wanting to become the target for Chiffon's lust, Ticy merely sent Naruto a pitying look until she suggested, "Since you'll be coming with us, Naruto, I think it'd be best if we get you an outfit as well."

At this, both Naruto and Chiffon looked at Ticy as Chiffon's smile turned into a teeth-showing grin as she began rapidly nodding her head. Naruto, however, grew pale as he shook his head and replied, "No, no, no! I-It's okay! I have the outfit I wore during the Pandora Queen and Limiter King contest! I can just wear that!"

At this, Chiffon shook her head as she chirped, "Nope!" while popping the "P" as she let go of Naruto's arm and moved in front of him with her hands on hips, "We're getting you some clothes and that's final! Besides, I've always wanted someone to be a personal model for me. So this is a win-win in my book."

Knowing there was no way to get out of this, Naruto let out a deep sigh as he smiled and said, "Fine, but if I'm joining you two, then I should at least carry the bags."

With that, Naruto gently took the bags from Ticy and Chiffon, surprising them, before they smiled and nodded to each other as they then took an arm for themselves as the three of them walked through the streets, completely ignoring the jealous looks from both men and women alike.


After the three had gone shopping for clothes for Naruto, they'd stopped by their rooms so that each of them could get ready and change as Chiffon offered to take them to a place she and Ticy knew well. Realizing where Chiffon was talking about, Ticy had blushed brightly but couldn't say anything as she was dragged away by Chiffon to their room to get ready.

Later on, after the three met back up, Chiffon, wearing a sleeveless, yellow, satin sundress, led Naruto and Ticy to the place they were going, and when they arrived, Chiffon grinned as she said, "Welcome to Club Sunrise!"

Seeing the club and the long line, Naruto couldn't help but whistle in appreciation as he wore a pair of black slacks, matching dress shoes, with a black button-up shirt that had a burnt orange skull and crossbones on the ends of the collar.

Ticy, on the other hand, was burning red as she realized that it was the same damn club where she'd met her Limiter and had almost gotten caught by the teachers. Even her outfit was the same short, black evening dress with string straps over her shoulders and across her chest to draw attention to her breasts!

Even Chiffon's was the same!

"Wow," Naruto said, "This place looks incredible."

"Yup!" Chiffon exclaimed with a grin, "It's a really amazing place that even lets us students drink so long as we show we are Pandoras and Limiters through our IDs."

Naruto was surprised by that as he looked at the club with interest while Ticy pulled Chiffon aside and whispered, "What are you doing!?"

Chiffon, acting cute, tilted her head as she asked with an innocent smile, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, why did you bring us to the same club where we met our limiters!?" Ticy angrily whispered, "Even our outfits are the same! So tell me, what. Are. You. Scheming!?"

At this, Chiffon realized that she'd gotten caught and sighed as she said, "Alright, alright, you caught me. I've noticed recently how you and Naruto have been spending more time together, even when you're not training, even how he's made you happier compared to your limiter. So~, I thought it would be best if maybe I could set the mood so that you and Naruto could get closer to each other."

At this, Ticy was surprised as she thought back and realized that Chiffon was right. While she did still have fun and was happy with her limiter, she hadn't spent as much time with them recently ever since Naruto made his appearance. After that, she'd spent more time with Naruto, both training and just spending time relaxing, and she could easily say that she'd never been happier.

Realizing this and how Chiffon was simply looking out for her, Ticy smiled as she gave Chiffon a hug while saying, "Thank you for always looking out for me. However, I think you're forgetting something important."

At this, Chiffon tilted her head as she asked, "What am I forgetting?"

Ticy then smiled as she said, "Your feelings."

At this, Chiffon was surprised but couldn't say anything as Ticy continued, "Don't think I haven't noticed when you give Naruto those lingering gazes of yours," Ticy teased with a smirk.

At Ticy's claim, Chiffon couldn't help the bright blush that appeared on her cheeks, not being used to being on the receiving end, "W-What!? No~! You must be mistaken! Hehehe," she stuttered out with a nervous chuckle at the end as she rubbed one of her arms.

Smiling softly, Ticy hugged Chiffon, surprising her as she said, "Chiffon, there's nothing wrong with being honest with your feelings. You deserve to be happy just like anyone else and this is your opportunity."

At this, Chiffon couldn't help but glance back at Naruto as she remembered the kiss they'd shared at the base in Alaska. She knew that he'd done that in order to get her to listen, however, she also couldn't help but feel like he'd chosen to do that instead of something else, like simply covering her mouth with his hand.

As she thought about it more, she couldn't help the soft blush and smile that appeared on her face as she lightly rubbed her lips, still remembering how his lips felt on hers. She remembered how his lips seemed to meld perfectly with hers, her heart racing with adrenaline like never before when she'd been with her limiter, and the smell of his sweat from all the fighting he'd done that day sending shivers down her spine.

Looking back at Ticy, Chiffon nodded as she gave a smile and said, "I guess I have been suppressing my feelings for a while. I just didn't want to make you feel like I was trying to take him from you since I know you feel the same as I do about him."

Ticy smiled as she said, "I don't think you're the only one who has those feelings, but for now, let's just enjoy our time with Naruto."

At that, Chiffon nodded her head as they both smiled before collecting Naruto by looping an arm with each of his and then leading him inside the club.

After the three had gone inside, they had gotten a booth and decided to have a good time relaxing and having a good time. They had ordered some drinks, nothing too strong, while Ticy and Chiffon would sometimes have Naruto dance with one or both of them. They would laugh, smile, and have a good time, with Chiffon and Ticy sometimes pushing their bodies against Naruto to see if they could get a reaction, only to be pleasantly surprised when he would grind back.

Eventually, the three decided to take a break as they enjoyed some glasses of scotch on the rocks in order to have something cool as they took a break. Seeing the opportunity, Naruto decided to ask something that had been on his mind.

"Hey, what's this I hear about there being a transfer soon?" Naruto asked, wanting to find out more about what Nero had told him.

"Hm? Transfer?" Chiffon tilted her head, pondering Naruto's question.

Naruto nodded his head, putting his drink down as he said, "Yeah, I heard that there was supposedly this big transfer happening soon and I wanted to know if anyone would be leaving and why."

At this, a light bulb lit in Chiffon's head as she giggled and said, "Oh! That. Well, you don't have to worry, nobody from West Genetics is going anywhere. The higher ups are apparently making a Task Force of the best Pandora from, not only the World Rankings, but also from West Genetics," She explained as the information made both Naruto's and Ticy's eyes widen.

"Geez," Naruto said leaning back a bit, "Is the situation really that serious?"

Realizing where this was going, Chiffon lost her smile as she nodded and said, " Unfortunately. With all the recent events from the NOVA attack on our school using NOVA-lized girls from East Genetics to the attack in Alaska, they deemed it necessary to put a group together that can stand up to these attacks. They will hold small exams to make sure only the best enter. I was given an automatic pass and was told that I would be a part of the Task Force… as you two probably know why," Chiffon sadly murmured as Ticy placed a hand on her lap while Naruto remembered her own unique abilities.

"Right," Naruto said as he rested his elbows on his knees while placing his hands in front of his face as he had a pensive look on his face, "They'd have to be insane to not automatically place the Pandora, who's held the number one spot for three consecutive years, on the Task Force, and that's before we consider your other abilities."

"Yeah…," Chiffon murmured before she turned to Naruto, feeling horrible for what she was going to say next, "They're probably going to enlist you as well, but not as Satellizer's Limiter, but as an official member."

"What?!" Naruto exclaimed, shocked at the news.

The Smiling Monster lifted her hands as she said, "Wait! It's not because they know about your abilities, but it's because of the testimonies from other Pandora's that made this happen. Both Charles and Cathy agreed that with your strong dedication to your comrades, that you should be placed as a sort of trainer, like how you were with the E-Pandora girls as they were able to get better before the Rebellion happened… or at least that's what's officially on the paper."

"So… unofficially?" Ticy asked worriedly for her friend as Chiffon shrugged.

"Currently only Gengo Aoi knows that truth. I can't talk to him so there's no chance of confirming at this point," She declared silently begging for Naruto to forgive her… as she knows why he's going to be assigned to the Task Force, "But other than that, it's going to take a few months to finish, so they are sending the girls early to hopefully build bonds and camaraderie before the members are completely and officially chosen."

"Well, that day will be interesting, considering at least half of us fought the other half, it was almost like a Pandora Civil War," Naruto jokingly admitted as Chiffon and Ticy couldn't help but ruefully agree, knowing that despite it not being their fault, the girls of East Genetics still technically went to war with everyone at West.

"Okay, no more sad moods! Let's go da-!" Chiffon stood up proudly, ready to go dance some more until she noticed the pale looks from her friends.

"Yu-Mi-sensei is behind me… isn't she?" She said using her thumb to point behind herself.

Naruto and Ticy nodded in fear as Chiffon slowly turned around, seeing the busty Korean woman.

"Ho~? What have we here?"


"Oww… that really hurts!" Naruto whined while holding the top of his head as he was given a chop to the head while being berated by his teacher. Using another one of his 'hahaha' notes, he barely managed to escape.

"Chiffon… Ticy… your deaths shall not be in vain," He promised in a manly voice holding a shaky fist at their loss… and possibly his own as well, considering he heard Yu-Mi yelling at the note she most likely just found in his place.

Suddenly, Naruto looked into one of his hands as he focused and watched it begin glowing blue. Focusing a bit more, Naruto watched as the blue glow began to get a little brighter as particles began floating from his hand until it fizzled out as the glow disappeared while Naruto clenched his fist in frustration as he muttered, "Seriously? Why is this happening? I don't get it."

As he continued walking, hopefully to enjoy the rest of his night, he couldn't help but think of what Chiffon had told him and about other things. Other Pandoras had spoken highly of his character, showing the effects his personality and character had on others while the school wanted to keep an eye on him, even considering giving him Scarlett's weird cloth that could, "produce a Volt weapon."

That is, they would have, if he hadn't blatantly refused it, saying that it could have side effects like the Mark IV. Remembering what had happened to Amelia and the other E-Pandora girls, the issue regarding him being given the cloth was put to rest as they agreed to run further tests without risking him. Also, because of the Alaska incident, Pandora's of every year have been asking him to be their limiter with some even promising to drop their old Limiters to have him.

Apparently, news had gotten around of him facing off and winning against the E-Pandoras and this had drawn a lot of attention towards him. It didn't even matter that the E-Pandoras were considerably weaker than normal Pandoras. They were still stronger than the average human so for him to have beat, and later trained, those girls drew all the attention towards his person.

Luckily, everyone finally took the hint that he wasn't looking for a partner once he said that he was already partnering up with Stella. This had definitely pushed away a majority of girls since they all knew about Stella's reputation. However, while there were others who still tried, they would have to deal with his overprotective sister. Now, the only ones who still go after him are those who were really interested in him or Miyabi…sadly enough.

As Naruto aimlessly walked into a building, he continued thinking about everything he'd learned tonight and what was to come, and not liking that he couldn't think of any solutions.

"I really hope everything will work out…" He sighed, wishing he was back home. Military politics weren't so annoying in his old world. Even being Hokage for a day after winning that tournament wasn't bad… It was just so much paperwork, "At least I know why Baa-chan and the old man hated being stuck in the office."

With that last thought, Naruto went inside the dorm as he decided he just wanted the day to be over and he needed some shut eye.


After waking up and having breakfast, Naruto changed into some black shorts with a white stripe down the sides and a dark gray muscle shirt before he made his way towards the student training center as he had been told by Chiffon at one point when they were at the club. Once he arrived, he was surprised when he saw, not only Ticy, but also Chiffon waiting for him.

"Chiffon, are you going to tell me why we're coming here instead of the forest?" Naruto asked, not noticing that either girl was blushing at his appearance.

"Well, since you told me about how you've needed a place to practice your use of High-End Skills, I thought it best if we used the combat systems here," She explained as Naruto nodded to her reasoning.

"But doesn't the combat system record everything and everyone inside when in use?" Ticy asked, bringing Naruto and Chiffon's attention onto her, "Even when in use off school hours, you'd need a student ID to activate it which activates the camera's recording function because of previous generations that would cause problems which caused the school to enforce this," She explained as Naruto looked conflicted, as while the idea is good, it runs the risk of exposing his secret.

"Actually," Chiffon began with a cute smirk as Naruto and Ticy looked to her, "We don't have to worry about that."

With that, Chiffon walked up to the ID scanner as she began speaking softly, with Naruto and Ticy needing to strain their ears a bit to hear as she said, "Aureriel…"

With that, the doors opened as Chiffon looked to the two and said, "Please hurry, and we can talk inside."

Once all three entered, they looked around in awe as the room was practically an indoor stadium with its size as Naruto stared and said, "This is awesome! I didn't know we had something like this!"

Chiffon and Ticy smiled as they watched Naruto's child-like expression, knowing that since he's had to keep his abilities a secret, he's never been able to see or make use of the school's facilities that are primarily for Pandoras to use.

"Yes," Chiffon said as she nodded her head, "It is impressive. This is one of the best facilities out of any Genetics Academy that we have to offer in regards to training facilities. The materials are made with a Pandora's strength in mind so we don't have to worry about massive destruction, or even large repair bills."

"This is too cool," Naruto said as he finally placed his bag containing his uniform down and began stretching, "And you're sure we don't have to worry about cameras or anything here?"

Chiffon nodded as she replied, "That's right, thanks to me, we don't have to worry about any cameras."

"Right, why exactly are you able to turn off the cameras?" Naruto asked as he looked at Chiffon with Ticy.

Chiffon took a breath as she said, "You two know I'm… different… from other Pandora."

Naruto nodded as he said, "Yeah, you said something about being a 'True Pandora.' What exactly did you mean by that?"

"I'm not allowed to say everything both because I was ordered not to and for personal reasons. However, I can tell you that my current abilities, even when I hold back, are so much higher than standard Pandoras, and it's not just because I'm naturally strong. It's because of what I am that I was given permission to turn off the cameras as not only must my real abilities be kept secret, but my DNA as well," Chiffon explained, getting both Ticy and Naruto to look at her in surprise, "Because of this, I am allowed to use the training facility at my discretion, the password I used can only be used with my voice and only mine. It makes the systems tell other Pandora maintenance is happening or outright tell them to come another time."

"So, it's the perfect way to train without any secrets spilling?" He said as Chiffon nodded before she moved her arm out a bit as she summoned her Volt weapon.

"That's right, now, before I can teach you, I need to understand what I'm working with so we'll start with some sparring," Chiffon said before motioning to Ticy, "Ticy already let me know about your many weapons, so start with which one you think is best."

Naruto nodded before he looked at his hand and concentrated as light began to shine from his hand as he said, "Come on…Vanguard!"

In a flash of light, his greatsword appeared as Naruto exclaimed, "Finally!"


However, Naruto's excitement was cut short when not even a second later, a massive crack appeared in the greatsword before it burst into light particles. At this, Naruto exclaimed, "Oh come on!"

"Is everything okay, Naruto?" Chiffon asked, rather surprised that his weapon broke on its own.

Naruto shook his head as he sighed, "I'm fine, but my weapons…" Naruto stared at his hand as he concentrated and only light would shine but nothing would happen, "For the last few days, I've been having trouble bringing out some of my Volt Weapons."

At this, both Ticy and Chiffon moved closer to Naruto with worried looks, neither having ever heard about there being issues summoning Volt Weapons as Chiffon asked, "Could it be that your powers are fading?"

"No," Naruto replied as he shook his head, "I just recently had a check-up with some people I trust and they said nothing's wrong, but that my powers seem to be maturing or something," At this, Naruto summoned Yamato, the sword appearing like normal and staying in his hand as it gleamed in the light, "Luckily, I don't the same problem with all of my weapons as Yamato, Judgement, and Fangs."

"So it's only with your other weapons?" Ticy asked, getting Naruto to nod.

"Yeah, but hey, at least now I don't have to worry too much about overthinking my choices when it comes to fighting," Naruto said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"A sword, a polearm, and kunai," Ticy muttered as even after the loss of his other weapons, it's not like his fighting ability took a hit, "You have a crushing weapon in the polearm, a piercing in the sword, and your kunai are great for long distance support. Not to mention, your polearm can increase in length so that can help cover your mid-range while your sword covers close range. I think this might have been for the best since now, like you said, you don't need to overthink what weapon to use, wasting less time when you're in a fight."

Thinking about it, Naruto realized that Ticy was right as he chuckled and said, "I guess you're right. Besides, it's not like losing my weapons is the end of the world. Is it annoying? Sure, but it's fine since I can still fight."

Chiffon nodded before placing her arms in a cross position, "And your Pandora Mode?"

"I actually call it, 'Limit Break,'" Naruto replied as he clenched both his hands and looked at them with a frustrated look, "Still nothing. I haven't been able to access it since that invasion. I've tried everything I can think of, but I just don't understand how to use it," He explained, leaving out that he had entered his own mindscape to try and access the power directly but he'd had no luck in finding the room again.

"Well, for now, it might be best that you train with the weapons that you can still use properly so that you can increase your experience with them," Ticy offered, summoning her own weapon, "And it might be best that I help with that, considering you could send him to the hospital if you accidentally went all out, Chiffon."

At this, Chiffon pouted for a second as she dismissed her weapon before smiling once again, "Boo, I can at least keep an eye out for any mistakes he makes and help when needed," She suggested as the young man nodded to it, reactivating his katana glowing brightly in his hands.

"Whatever you think is best," Naruto shrugged as he brandished his blade, "Just don't come crying to me when you get hurt."


"Well, I've gotta say, you're definitely strong. You might not win against any of the top ten Pandoras in the world, but you can definitely make them put in some effort," Chiffon said with a nod after watching the fight, as Naruto and Ticy were now unable to move when their weapons touching each other's necks, "With just Accel-Turn, you're able to use it to catch even Ticy off guard, and she mastered Double and Triple-Accel turns."

The usually meek girl pulled her sword back, a look of surprise now appearing on her face as she calmed down, "I agree, as I wasn't too sure about your experience in battle, but considering how quickly you adapted during battle and would change strategies on the spot, you must have quite a bit of experience."

"Well… you're not too far off the mark," Naruto said, pulling his sword back, "But considering I still need to learn Tempest Turn and increase the level of speed on my Accel," He explained, knowing just using a single level of that speed is not going to be enough.

Cathy was the fastest of the Pandora, Julia had a weapon that was almost as fast as Cathy, Roxanne could supposedly heal almost instantly, Chiffon was like him but had the luck of being able to train without the risk of exposing her identity, and Charles was the one who could make the most clones…for now. Naruto comically made a fist with a flame background behind him at the thought she has the most clones out of everyone… he'd show her who was the cloning master!

"Yes, today's training showed as much," Chiffon nodded as she frowned in thought, pondering on how she could help Naruto achieve that, "But that should be enough for today. Good job, you two."

"What about you?" Naruto said, about to leave as Chiffon shook her head.

"I'll see you later, It's actually about time I start training," She said watching her friends leave until she was alone as she heard ringing coming from behind her, "Answer…" She spoke as the ringing stopped.

"Why are you using the facility on a day I didn't allow?" Asked a gruff voice that held a great deal of authority.

Chiffon didn't turn around as her body started to produce more power, as she summoned both of her gauntlets, "The E-Pandora project showed me that it's time to actually be prepared for an upcoming fight that someone at my level can't win… father. After all, I'm supposed to buy humanity time… right?" She said as she turned to see the image of a stern looking man staring at her with disapproving eyes.

"Very well… also are you going to keep that appearance even when talking to me?" He said his voice almost sounded amused at the sight in front of him.

Chiffon didn't say anything but slowly her brunette colored hair turned into a bright blonde color, "You talk as if it's a problem," She said coldly, her face and voice becoming frosty at the amusing tone her 'creator' gave, "What's the progress of the others?"

The man didn't bat an eye as he'd been given worse looks in his life, "Fine, they will help soon… be sure to watch out for Kazuya…and this Naruto character," He mentioned, missing a small twitch in Chiffon's eye, "I noticed a lot of video editing from the footage taken in Alaska and it all revolved around him, both when he was on camera and when he was off. We can't be too careful with the way Mark Spencer and Scarlet went behind everyone's backs."

"Are you implying that he's a threat?"

"I never said anything of the sort," The man shook his head in denial and disapproval that Chiffon would even consider accusing him of something so trivial, "All I'm saying is that you should keep one eye open while you sleep. Because you never know what might happen if and when the time comes that things may not go the way we want them to."

"Very well," Chiffon said as the call ended, as, for the first time in her life, she felt a sense of burning, scalding anger at the one she called, "Father," as she slammed her fist into a nearby wall, ignoring the incredible amount of cracks that scaled throughout it, "…Bastard."



Taking a deep breath, Naruto stood in front of a punching bag as he took a stance with his fist pulled back that he'd been using for the last hour. He'd been doing his basic hand-to-hand training that most Limiters are required to do so they can protect themselves. Unfortunately, he was the only one who trained using the gym equipment while the other first years did their best to simply look good rather than to actually get stronger. With the next breath, he sent his fist into the punching bag as it exploded, despite being tailor made for First Year Pandora's, "Perfect…" he said as he released his stance and began to relax. With a slow and steady sigh to calm himself, he relaxed his muscles, feeling the after effects of his body becoming slightly heavy. "Alright… time for a break."

Walking out of the gym he greeted the usual people he met in the school, before bumping into someone, "I swear Arnett if you did that on purpose again I'll…!"

He looked up and to his surprise, it was the Untouchable Queen herself. "Oh… Stella-chan… sorry, I thought you were Arnett," He apologized sincerely as he rubbed the back of sweaty head.

"It's ok, I was just trying to find you," She said standing up as Naruto offered his clean hand to help her up.

"Oh? You were looking for me?" Naruto asked, to which she nodded in confirmation, "Well, you found me," he chuckled a bit, "So what's up? Anything wrong?"

"Um… no, not exactly."

"Huh?" Naruto tilted his head in confusion, she pulled up a bag of… the shinobi only chuckled at the sight, "Wanna have lunch together?" He asked his girlfriend who nodded cutely at the question.

Leading her to the rooftop, the two sat and ate their lunch as Naruto chuckled, "I just remembered," He said as his partner looked at his side, "Our first real meeting was on this roof before Miyabi came here…remember?"

At this, Stella nodded to that, remembering the moment with a soft smile, and even how, though she was later sent to the hold, Naruto had visited her, "It was a good memory, although I admit, I thought you were quite odd," She said with a giggle remembering how kind and mature he was, and yet, at the same time, how immature he could be for someone with his past.

"I must have seemed like a very strange girl back then," Satellizer smiled fondly.

Naruto shook his head, as he placed a hand on her own, "No, you had reasons to be like that," He said as he gently held her, Stella not minding that he was a little sweaty, "Besides, you've come a long way since then. You can actually touch my sister without almost hitting her… and that's not from her instigating you!"

"Hehe, yes, I suppose so," Stella giggled, "How have you been lately? Besides training…" She asked, remembering how Naruto had been pushing her to the limits of her little amount of stamina and lack of proper strength. So, while she was slowly getting better, she still had room for improvement, "I haven't really seen you since we got back and for lunch on occasion."

"I'm doing alright," Naruto said as he looked at the sky, "I've had things on my mind, and I'll tell you when I'm ready. I've just been trying to get a handle on things myself, as they aren't something anyone can really help with, so you shouldn't feel bad if you feel like you can't help."

"I understand," Stella nodded, "But… you don't always have to do everything alone."

"Yeah, but-," He stopped when Stella cutely pouted at his words, "Okay, okay~!" he laughed at her attempt to be angry, "I'll be sure to ask for help and rely on you more… promise."

"Good," Satellizer kept her pout as she took out a burger and unwrapped the wrapper revealing half of said sandwich before somewhat shoving the burger in Naruto's mouth, "Now eat."

"You know if you're going to feed me, we should go somewhere romantic," He said as the girl blushed at his words, before Naruto smiled at the idea, "Yeah! Let's go on a date!"

"What?" was her only intelligent reply before turning bright red at the fact her lover had just asked her on a date.

Naruto nodded before cupping his chin in thought, "Yeah, I mean we are dating, but I haven't actually taken you on a date. Not to mention, since tomorrow is a holiday, the timing is perfect! So, I'm gonna take you on a little date, besides, we went on one when we met your sister at the hotel, wasn't it fun?"

She nodded, speaking rapidly, "I mean… yes, but…"

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. No one's gonna mess it up or interrupt us. Promise."

Her limiter's happy look and the fact she was going to go on a date made the Untouchable Queen smile in defeat, the only defeat she would ever admit. "Alright, I would love that…N-Naruto…" She whispered leaning towards him slightly parting her lips to-


"EPP!" Stella squeaked out in surprise when the door behind her slammed open, "Who-" She in turn saw it was Kazuya Aoi who looked at them with an alarmed look.

Naruto looked and stood up, "What's wrong?" he asked as the teen spoke.

"It's… Elizabeth's Limiter…" He gasped out, trying to catch his breath from the amount of running he did while looking for Naruto, "He's dropping out of West Genetics."

"What?" This caught both blondes off guard at the news, "I thought…" Naruto started remembering that Andre was shipped out on the first trips home with Elizabeth with him, due to damage he sustained from the E-Pandora civil war, " But Elizabeth said-!"

"She lied!" Kazuya exclaimed, knowing what Naruto was going to say, "Andre was blinded… and… the damage seemed to have spread," Kazuya explained, "We just heard from him, when Arthur and I went to visit Andre-senpai, that he was going to return home."

Naruto looked down remembering the rules of leaving after gaining a Pandora, when the Pandora officially breaks their partnership, when the Limiter has been accused of a crime or…when the Limiter is not fit for duty and will be sent home.

"I gotta know more," He said looking at his partner, "Stella, I'll talk to you later. Kazuya, is Andre still at the infirmary?"

"Yeah, come on," He said, once again running as he and Naruto went to learn more about this… if he was going to lose an ally, he had to know why.


Esdeath walked into a large conference room looking at dozens of files that were set in front of her, "Is this all we have?" She said looking at the files, before smirking at the information, "And they are what I require?"

A sexy and tall woman nodded, her violet colored hair with pink colored eyes visible in the low light as she replied, "My dear daughter, it took a lot of time and money to find these. All either have financial problems, were kicked out from Chevalier or the Genetics schools that they were in, or they owe us. These ladies will make fine additions to our ranks."

Esdeath laughed, "Sorry mother, but I already have plans for them… I had to pull every trick I had to do this," She started as the woman looked over the blue haired girl's shoulder, "I won't wait any longer. No doubt everyone will want him soon and I have to make my move… all to keep him to myself."

Esdeath would show everyone that nothing would stand between her and her love… not Chevalier, not Gengo and Howards, not even the NOVA if she had a say in it… all for the sake of claiming her love all to herself.


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