Title: Seven Years

Type: drabbles, Time travel, non-massacre

Words: 139

Song: Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a couple of teddy bears and this plot (of land?of story?).

Pairings: ItaSaku, rest to be decided later

Author's Notes: So, just started this (obviously), and am so happy to have finally gotten off my butt and actually (gasp) posted a story! I have like thirty different ideas, but I think I'll be sticking with this one for now :) And have I mentioned (outside of my head, that is) that I just looooove time-travel and AU's? Probably not. I also love ItaSaku (hello, OTP) so most of my stories are probably going to be like that... But this won't have any ItaSaku romance in it for a looong time. :( Anyways, read, relax and review! Pretty please?

incipient: adj; beginning to exist or appear

When the old crone offers me a chance to change the past, I laugh to her face. (it is a bitter, broken sound, but it's not like anybody is left to care)

Something like that was (of course) impossible, too good to be true. (because, really, there is no room for hope in this world already filled with the rotting stench of corpses)

But there is a strange look in her eyes (pity for a dead girl) and I shiver (someone walking over my already-filled grave, no doubt) and suddenly I am mad.

So I take that (god-forsaken) chance with a sneer, just to prove those hateful eyes wrong (but there is a small, always-present place that whispers of long-ago glory days)

I take it because, really, even if it worked, ( and I left this place of nothing ) there is nothing left to keep me here.