Tittle: You Make Me So MAD

Description: A set of cut séances between Emma and others that takes place between when everyone gets their memories back and Emma confronts Hook about Zelenas comment about Hook and what he failed to do for her, and when we see Henry at his father's grave.

Author's thoughts: For the sake of this story I am going to have the two previously mentioned séance take place as if the second is taking place then next day.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story idea, all of the characters and the worlds that they come from belong to much better writers then me.

Rating: T

Emma was mad, NO make that furious.

She could not believe that Hook would try to do something like send her son away from Storybrook without her consent, even if it was to protect Henry from everything that was going on in this town right now. She thought that she could trust Hook and that they had been forming some sort of a relationship. To what extent that was she had thought that friendship with some level of trust had been a part of that. But to not only find out that he had tried to send away her son but that he had also been keeping things from her as well was almost too much for her to bare right now.

If not for the fact that she and the others were more than likely going to need him in the upcoming fight with Zelena she felt like telling him to leave town and not come back.

Emma was not sure if she should believe Hook over why it was that he felt that he had to protect Henry from Zelenas threat on his life. A curse that was placed on his lips so that when he kissed her it would take away all of her magic sounded rather ambitious on Zelenas part that it would have even had the chance of coming to pass. As it was now that Emma knew of the danger there would be no chance at all of that magical possibility coming to pass. Heck a snowball had a better chance of surviving hell then Hook had of ever getting the opportunity of kissing her again.

Grumbling under her breath at everything that she was feeling, Emma didn't notice Henry come back into the hotel room that she had he had been sharing since they had come back to Storybrook. When she had finished packing the overnight bag that Henry would need while he was over at Regina's tonight, she turned to place the bag by the door and noticed Henry standing there leaning against the wall.

"You want to talk about it?"

"It wouldn't do much good kid. Talking is libel to only make me madder then I already am." Henry just nodded at his mother. If anything from this last year of living with her had taught him, and all of the fake but nice memories that he had from the ten years before that, was that if he said nothing at all that he was more libel to get her to say what was bothering her anyway then if her were to press the issue.

"It's just I thought I could trust him. I thought that he understood how much I need you with me. You would think that after everything that we when threw in Neverland that he would have seen that and would know that I would never forgive someone taking you from me ever again. But instead no, he tries to ship you off on a boat to New York. Like I would ever let that happen."

"So I am correct in assuming that this is about Hook and the fact that he was going to have Smee take me by boat out of Storybrook." When Emma nodded in return Henry felt that he should intercede on his friends' behalf. "Well then I guess that you need to get mad at me too cause I was the one that was going to take your car to the nearest bus station so that I could go back to New York by myself and Hook was the one that stopped me from doing that."

"WHAT?! Why would you even try to do something that dangerous? You of all people know how crazy some of the people out there can be what with all of the cases that you've seen me work on in the past."

"Well at the time I was mad at you cause you promised me that you would tell me what was going on with this 'case'" Henry said using his fingers to quote around the last word. "And then you broke that promise and refused to tell me what was going on because you thought that it was for my own good." Henry held up his hand to stop Emma when she opened her mouth to retort back at him. "Look I understand now what you were trying to do and I get it but just think of how much trouble I could have gotten in if Hook had not stopped me from taking your car."

"That still doesn't excuse the fact that he was willing to send you off in the first place or the fact that he felt it was the only way to keep you safe. Hook should have told me what was going on between him and Zelena. Friends don't keep the kind of secrets from each other that he was about this curse that she had placed on him." Emma told her son while throwing herself down onto the couch that was in their hotel room.

"And the real reason that your mad comes threw at last." Henry told his mother with a knowing smile. "You and I both know that Hook trying to send me out of Storybrook by boat would not have worked. Don't you think that he was just trying to give you the chance to stop me? And even if it had worked and I had gotten out of Storybrook I think that he really was trying to keep me safe. After all Zelena did send flying monkeys to kill me and Hook did try to protect me even if all he had was some seriously out dated hardware. I mean did you see his guns?"

Emma had to chuckle at the thought of Hook using the guns that he had. "I believe that they are called pistols and yes they are out dated. I think they only carried one shot each."

"Well when this is all done I think that it is time that you introduced him to something more this century." Henry sat beside his mother on the couch and let her draw him into a hug. "So did Hook tell you what this curse that Zelena put on him was all about?"

"Ya Hook said that Zelena placed a curse on his lips so that if we ever kissed that it would take away all my magic."

"Heck, no wonder he has been so moody the last few days. It's a good thing that nothing more serious happened to you since Hook had that thing put on him."

"Why do you say that?" Emma was curious as to why Henry would think that Hook not being able to kiss her ever again was such a bad thing.

"Well cause then he could not try True Loves Kiss on you."


"Come on mom, I may only be twelve but I'm not blind. Hook likes you. I mean like likes you. And now that I have my real memories back as well I know that he has for a long time." Emma had to look away from the pointed look that she was getting from her son. "And the fact that you're not saying anything makes me think that you like like him as well."

"I do NOT," Emma protested but when Henry just raised his eyebrow at her she could only role her eyes at him. "Even if I did this is not the time to be talking about this. You're going to have an aunt or uncle any time now and we still have Zelena to deal with and right now you're supposed to be on your way over to Regina's house."

"Okay but I think that you should go talk to Hook, I mean if you reacted to him anything like you were when I came in then you probably made him think that you want nothing to do with him ever again and if we are going to win this thing then we are going to need everyone working together as a team." Emma just shook her head at how well her son knew her and instead of commenting she shuffled him out the door.

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